thread crochet beaded Socks!

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I started making these socks a few years ago for my daughter, nieces and baby shower gifts.  I can usually finish a pair while watching a show or movie.  Most of mine are packed up since my “baby” is turning 3 next month.  But she LOVED these, and so did everyone else.


These were my top 3 favorites: personalized socks.


Red (my favorite color to dress my kids in, easy to find them when we go out)


And Rainbow!  And the reason I still have some out?  My “baby” loves to wear them on her hands!


Ashlee has been cake decorating for 8 year, and blogging for 6+. She has 5 children ages 2-12 that she enjoys throwing parties for. She loves to bake, cook, crochet, knit, do home improvement, graphic design, photography and writing.
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  1. Katie says

    I was wondering what thread you used for the socks . . . I’ve been wanting to try a pair of grown-up socks in a thread-weight, but wondered about the give & resiliency, as well as the wearing comfort. The beaded kids’ socks are so cute!

    • says

      Sure, I use crochet thread, it’s in the crochet isles at joanns, although I’m sure you can find it at any yard craft store. They are great to work with. I use them all the time!!! Good luck!

    • says

      Only once, I made one set with metal bells. The edges that I crochet onto the socks were sharp and kept coming off. I made a trial pair for my daughter and since that happened I never tried to sell those. But I never had any problems with the other beads!

  2. Leanne says

    hello, these socks are the cutest ever!!! I was wondering if you have the instructions posted somewhere and I am just missing them or did you just post pictures? I would love to make my niece some but I am a little confused how you stitched them. I love all your work and thank you for sharing!!!!

    • says

      This was back when I had an etsy store so I wasn’t sharing the pattern, thanks for the reminder, I’ll put together a tutorial and pattern!


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