Crochet Bobble Beard pattern – multiple sizes

Yesterday I shared my new striped beanie pattern in 7 sizes from newborn to extra large adult, and today I’m sharing 4 sizes of bobble beards, mix and match to create the fit your looking for.


I love the thinner yarn for more details, but if you’d rather use a thicker yarn try it out first, if it makes the beard too large try either going down a hook size or down a beard size.
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Crochet Striped Beanie Pattern- multiple sizes

So last year I wrote a pattern for a bearded beanie, and the number one request I get is for a child’s size. But what size, there are SO many sizes for children. And do you know how LONG that pattern would be? to incorporate each and every bearded beanie size options? Insane. So I decided to break it into two posts, a beanie post, and a beard post, today is the Beanie, and tomorrow are the bobble beards, mix and match to get the right fit for you child/teen/baby/adult!

(Princess is wearing a Child’s size, The Reader is wearing an Adult)

I actually wanted more pictures to share, but didn’t want to wait any longer now that the patterns were done and tested… I’ll be adding more pictures as I take some!
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stripped skull baby beanie

I started this sweet hat for Baby Boy in December after I came across this cover of Baby Talk! I loved it, but it used two new techniques I hadn’t worked with before. Remember I’m still a really new knitter! But I love learning knew things and I was dying to make my own version of this hat!


Intarsia and Intarsia in the round.  This hat ended up being very VERY difficult, I ended up taking it apart at least a dozen times, starting over, but wanting to get it right, eventually it turned into January and I got super busy, so the hat got moved off to the side for awhile.  Last month when I finally finished all my conferences and cake orders I sat down and finished it!
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Crochet Baby Sandals

I’m so excited about these crochet baby sandals!  I’ve been wanting to make some for awhile, there are lots of cute patterns out there, but they are all so expensive, so I played around and made my own.  I matched them to the ones I BOUGHT the older boys for the summer.


I loved making these and I’m totally going to make a few different styles as well!  Maybe even another size!?!  Any requests?  I love these sweet fat ankles and those cute chubby toes!  Don’t you wish you had these toes kicking you all night long?  I love it.
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Rainbow Chevron Crochet Scarf Pattern

I love this scarf!  I was inspired by this 70′s inspired scarf, that I pinned back in November. I whipped out two the night before my Disco Abba Party and they were a hit! The crochet chevron patter is super simple and easy to adapt! My parents were given a full size chevron crochet blanket for their wedding that I still remember fondly!

What have you made lately that was pinterest inspired? Come link up to our March Point of View Party

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