Baby Boy’s 18 Month Pictures

Baby Boy is actually already 20 months old, but I totally spaced sharing these pictures!  We took them the week before his big 18 month birthday!  I sound like a broken record, but I seriously can’t get over how fast the time has gone!   If anyone finds a “slow down the growth” machine I’d love it.

Thank you again to my AMAZING photographer – Chelsea Peterson Photography – who also happens to be my lovely baby sister, and an incredible aunt to my kids.  Not everyone takes the time to know and love my Aspies, to see the strengths in them, so I appreciate it so much.
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Headshot night with Chelsea Peterson Photography

My sister upgraded her camera last month, the day after she got it she called me and said “your going to wish we’d waited to do your family pictures, this new camera is so amazing…” She’s so cute! But let’s face it, while a nicer camera can get a sharper image it’s really the photographer that captures the magic. A nice camera does not a photographer make…  And my sister is truly an amazing photographer.

So when she asked to redo my headshots I agreed. Let’s face it, I will never say no to getting my pictures taken! So a few weeks ago Becky, Jesseca and I meet up with Chelsea to take some headshots for fun! I am SO in love with how they turned out.
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Baby Boy’s 9 months old pictures!

Baby Boy has now been out longer than he was in!  9 months is always a big milestone for me with my babies!  It’s amazing how much changes in 9 months! (thanks again to my amazing sister, Chelsea Peterson Photography, for these great milestone pictures!)

The first 9 months they go from non-existent to a baby, and another 9 months they go from a helpless baby to a miniature person, complete with personality, preferences, etc..  They’ve gone from a blob to rolling, sitting, crawling, standing and walking!  AMAZING!
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Baby Boy 6 month pictures

He’s actually already 7 months old (CRAZY) but it’s been so busy around here I’m FINALLY getting his 6 month pictures up!  I have to say I have a pretty handsome little man…  He looks like such a great mix of my other kids.  A lot of Computer Boy (who in turn looks like my dad and I) but at the same time some of the other three as well.  And could those suspenders be any more adorable?
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