Oversized Ruffled headband

I made this headband last year for So you think your crafty, it was party of my 7 red items for red week (AKA the week I got voted off). But with the craziness of morning sickness that followed for the few months after that I actually haven’t posted MOST of the crafts I made for the competition! Never too late, right? (some of the ones I DID post were my ruffled quilted stockings and tree skirt, my 6 pillow refashions, my homemade aqua-sand, my ruffled camera strap and my boot-cut to skinny jeans refashion)

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Hair Shaving

Have your kids cut their own hair? Mine have…. A RECORD number of times. The Reader cut a HUGE chunk of her hair in the bang area (no she didn’t have bangs before that) down to the scalp when she was 6. Yup 6… The first time we had a hair cutter. I was so mad and totally overreacted and vowed to not get that upset over something so trivial again! So the NEXT time it happened, Computer Boy cut off huge chunks of Lego Boy’s hair, I stayed calm. Since then the boys have each “trimmed” parts of their own hair. Then The Destroying Angel came along… She’s cut her own hair more times than I can count, seriously, lost track, over 5 times for SURE.


So the other day I was looking at Computer boy and realized that his hair looked ODD. Can you see it? No? Let’s take a closer look
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Dress up wedding veil- guest poster She Wears Flowers

Our amazing quest poster this week is Tammy from She Wears Flowers! You’ll remember her felt cake and cake decorations! What is not to love about that project, AND a great tutorial to boot. Her blog is lovely and she has collected all her tutorials on this amazing page. I’m totally inspired. Maybe I should go back and do this? A great round up of what she’s done. I hope you love her tutorial this week as much as I did!

I want to say thank you to all the guest posters we had. this is our last week with a scheduled poster. I’ll be looking for guest posters again in the fall for my “maternity leave”, but would also love to continue it during the summer if anyone is interested.

Hi I’m  Topsy Turvy Readers! I’m so excited to be here today because this is a blog I love! Ashlee is so incredibly talented! I am Tammy and you can find me at She Wears Flowers where I blog about any craft project I have in the works. I love to sew and fit it in as often as possible, but I am pretty handy with the glue gun, too, and that is mostly what I used for this fun dress-up clothes wedding veil.


Ashlee is the person who inspired this idea several months ago, but I had to wait for the summer wedding season to share it. My grandfather had a very successful wedding cake business that his father started. I have a few precious memories of sitting in his shop watching him decorate wedding cakes when I was very young. Occasionally, he would stop what he was doing and tell me to open my mouth. Then, he would squirt a huge blob of the best buttercream frosting ever into my mouth. Gotta love grandpas!

So, let’s get down to business—making your own dress-up veil!

tulle (amount varies depending on your style)
strips of white fabric (cotton works best)
pearl embellishments
glitter glue
hot glue gun

Instructions Cut and stack tulle to the desired length for the long layers. You can use as many or as few pieces as you would like to make this veil. I was using scraps from another project so just threw caution to the wind and did what I liked.
Sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of the long layers. Do not trim the threads. (If you prefer not to sew, you can gather the tulle by hand as you glue it to the headband, but I think it is easiest to sew it and to keep my fingers out of the hot glue as much as possible. )


Stack the short sections together and sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of the short layers. Do not trim the threads.


Set tulle sections aside and make fabric rosettes.
There are lots of tutorials online, but here’s the way I do it.
Tear fabric into strips from selvedge end to selvedge end. I wanted 4 or 5 flowers, so I tore 3 strips since I knew I wanted a couple of really small flowers.


Tie a loose knot in one end of a fabric strip..


Twist and turn the fabric as you wind it around the knot loosely.
Hot glue as you go to hold it in place.


When you get to the end or your flower is big enough, just hot glue the end of the strip to the bottom of your flower.


I used an old dress-up necklace that had broken to make the pearl embellishments.


Glue a few pearls to the center of each flower.


Here’s one of my favorite tricks…Add a little glitter glue to the center and around the pearls to add sparkle and shine without getting glitter all over everything.


Glue the rosette to the felt. Use plenty of glue so it is secure.


Continue until you have the rosettes arranged the way you would like.
Cut around the felt in the same shape as the line of rosettes.


Cut another piece of felt in the same shape as the rosette felt.
Don’t worry if it isn’t exact. You can trim it up later.


Adjust the gathers for the veil sections so they are as long as the length of the felt section.
Hot glue the longer veil section to the felt along the gathering. Try to get it right in the center of the length of felt or a little towards the back edge.
Use a plastic knife to help push it in place and hold it down until the glue cools.


Repeat with the short veil, gluing it right on top of the gathering for the long veil.
Trim the gathering threads.


Glue the headband directly on top of the gathering from the veils.


Glue the rosettes to the headband/veil section. Be sure to use tons of glue to really hold it together, especially at the edges.


That’s it! If you are good with the glue gun, you are already an expert for this easy project.

Thanks to the headband, it is easy for young children to slide this on and off themselves (yay!) and it stays on much better than other styles.


So, put on your best clothes and head out with the wedding party!


My little sassy was thrilled to dress up and have her wedding photos taken.


She thinks the short part of the veil, when flipped to the front, is a great way to keep the sun out of her eyes!


I love a beautiful bride! But, I have to admit, I am sure glad this is just dress-up right now!


Thanks, Ashlee, for having me as a guest on your blog today!

I hope all of you will stop by and visit my blog to see what else I have going on

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Pom Pom hair clips

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to attend a cookie exchange at Jen’s house (of Tatertots and Jello fame). There I met the adorable Amy of Ameroonie Designs. She had this AWESOME felt flower on her purse. And she has a great tutorial for it!!!!

small felt pom pom flower headband

I’m not really a purse gal (but I want to be, I’m just not yet) but I AM a hair band, hair clip gal… This is so easy and so fun to make I made three different sizes. The first two are made from the same sheet of felt.

felt ribbon pom pom flower cutting

First I cut the felt page (mine is 9 inches wide) into 3 inch strips.  I first tried making a flower with all three strips, but it was a BIT to big for hair, and too small for a bag.  So I switched to using one strip for the small headband size pom pom flower, and the other two strips for the medium size flower.  ALTHOUGH I did cut the last 3 inches off the second strip of the medium flower first and use that little square for backing both the small and medium flower.

felt ribbon pom pom flower cuts

Once you cut the stips, fold them in half and cut strips every 1/2 inch from the folded side, but don’t cut all the way through. I put my plastic cutting thing over the bottom1/4 inch and then used my rotary cutter, but if you have nice sharp scissors that will be just as fast. It’s all about preference. Make it easy on YOU.

felt ribbon pom pom flower stripes

See??? This is what it should look like when your done.

felt ribbon pom pom flower gluing

To make it easier I tried using a hot glue to glue it closed, or you could just skip to rolling it. I tried it both ways and decided which way I liked it better. Different effects, so you might one better than another.

felt ribbon pom pom flower rolling

Then starting on one end start rolling…  I tried rolling tight and loose.  I prefer it a little loose, but try it and see what you think.  I first tried layering all the strips together and then rolling, but I found that I liked it better rolling one strip at a time.

felt ribbon pom pom flower back

this is what the back looks like (medium)

felt ribbon pom pom flower back hair clip

Out of the extra square (remember to cut 3 inches off the last strip before you cut the strips and roll the flowers to use for backing) cut a circle the size of your back.  Cut a slit and slid you clip of choice through it.  I like these snap clips, they work well in my hair…  add your glue…

felt ribbon pom pom flower medium hair clip back

and add it to the back!

felt ribbon pom pom flower medium front

there you go, medium flower!  (the one above is the three strips rolled tightly.  The one below is the two strips rolled loosely.)  I prefer it, not so TIGHT or bunchy.

medium felt pom pom flower headband

For the Larger flower I used two sheets, this time in two different colors. White and red.

extra large felt ribbon pom pom flower

I started by cutting the sheets in half, 4.5 inches wide each.

felt ribbon pom pom flower rolling

Then I did the strips every 1/2 inch, like before, but of course this time they are longer. Now I glue the two colors together and started rolling.

felt ribbon pom pom flower extra large back

Here is the back, you can see how pretty it is, and I love the two colors together. Of course this would also look great in one color, but I wanted something for my coat for the winter months.

felt ribbon pom pom flower front extra large

And the front! It’s HUGE, like the ones on Amy’s bag’s. Personally I’ve been wearing it on my coat and getting complements everywhere. If you have that perfect bag it would look great on it too, but this flower is about twice the size of my small denim purse! And too much for my zipper purse!

felt ribbon pom pom flower extra large

Here’s computer girl modeling it on her coat. It’s just too hard to take pictures of myself, and I never have anyone around to take pictures of me!   So I know it’s way too big for her coat, but it looks great on mine (at least I think so)  Also… My camera died, died died died!  So now I’m stuck sharing tutorials of things I already have pictures of, and I CAN’T replace it any time soon.

Ruffled flower hair clip

ruffled flower hair clips
Remember my felt flower hair clip from a few weeks ago? I had to have a small gift that represented by blog for a gift exchange at a GNO. I didn’t read the invitation clearly enough so I didn’t realize it until the night before! So I grabbed some extra fabric scraps left from a jelly roll and tried again!
ruffled flower hair clip headband
Instead of the circles I used last time I decided to try with a 4 petal flower shape for each clip. I was working with 2 1/2 inch jelly roll strips so the petals are each only 2 1/inches wide. I’d love to make these with 3 or 3 1/2 inch flowers. I glued them onto a felt circle with slits for a narrow headband and a clip.
ruffled flower hair clip attachment
The nice thing about using cotton instead of felt is I can make the whole blossom on the sewing machine in less than a min! I cut out and made these 6 in one short evening! And since they are on the smaller size you can wear more than one at a time!
ruffled flower hair clip

Mother Daughter Witch Party

On Friday night my girls and I were invited to a Mother Daughter Witch party. I had never been to one before and didn’t know what to expect, but I was so excited to go! It was a last min thing, so I only had half a day to come up with costumes. Lucky for me Char had a costume she had made for her daughter that she let me borrow, Walmart had a super cheap one on sale for my older daughter AND I found some great black items at DI.

The dress we borrowed was a few inches too long so to bring it up quickly I used elastic thread on all the seam lines and it pulled right up! My own skirt was a bit long too, so I used some elastic thread to pull on on leg a bit. But I only was able to do one skirt layer before I ran out of thread. Then I was out of time, so that was that!

Here we are, all ready to go. My Mother in law told us to look scary, but I was the only one who got the message. I think we turned out really great for just half a day’s shopping/sewing/putting it together! Oh, my top/jacket? It was a maternity empire waist blouse and I cut off the bottom! I liked the sleeves and collar, but didn’t need the FULLness below.

The host made these AMAZING felt/cotton bags for each of the daughters. AMAZING! There were like 40 of them. The Naked one (who stayed dressed, BUT she kept lifting her skirt up to her waist to run) picked out the only one with a spider (she knows how SCARED I am of them). Of course it also totally matched her dress, so it looked super cute.

Inside the bags were these great lists. A scavenger hunt for the daughters! I wasn’t sure how she’d pull of some of these items, but they were all there an all SO fun!

The Naked one was OBSESSED with this eyeball (you can also see the cauldron in the top right). I have like 12 pictures of her and this eyeball, not kidding. Yesterday morning she woke me up by asking where it was (she had already eaten it the previous night)

Here is The Reader playing with the Spider, broom, bell and ball. She had a GREAT time playing with those items. Sadly, even though there were a ton of other girls there she spent the whole evening playing by herself. How do you teach someone naturally unsocial how to make friends. I know she wanted to play with the other little girls. It didn’t help that most of the others at the party were related.

After the scavenger hunt we had food. It was a potluck with a Mexican theme. It was so fun. There was a terrific soup, fresh shells and taco salad stuff, dips, etc… Just wonderful. The Naked One ate tons of grated cheese, her favorite thing ever. And the homemade donuts… Mmmm Amazing! Since I spent the morning trying to put the outfits together I didn’t have time to bring anything. Which totally bums me out. I have GREAT Mexican dishes AND great Halloween treat foods. Next year for SURE!

After the meal we all went outside and found seats around the bonfire. My kids are kind of Pyro’s (they get it from me!) and they both loved the fire! It was HUGE and very warm, which was nice because the night was SO cold. Then the witchy stories started!

The naked one started getting tired, pretty soon she was falling asleep on my lap. AND it was getting cold, REALLY cold, so we decided to leave early. It was a totally fun evening. I think next year I’ll not only attend this one again (a neighbor just a few doors down) but maybe throw my own for my husband’s family members who live around here! ORRRR maybe my local blog readers!

One final note: check out this amazing hat hairdo! Yup, all hair. I wish I had a better picture, The Naked One took this one for me!