Gumpaste Ranunculus Tutorial

I’m so excited to share another cake tutorial with you guys.  Gumpaste flowers are SO much fun!  And they really add something special to a cake.  I’ve done Gumpaste Ranunculus a few times recently and I am really happy with how they look!  Such a pretty flower!  I’ve loved the freedom of creating my own wedding cakes recently!

an easy gumpaste ranunculus tutorial
Their are a lot of possibilities as well.  You can do it all one color (like above) or multicolored (like below).  You can make them a little larger when you need to (below) or keep them more realistic and smaller (above).  I can’t show you the full version of the above cake yet, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to share this tutorial with you guys!


I love the darker colors of the ranunculus from this edible sequins cake (see the edible sequins tutorial here) but I think I should have done a few less rows, the smaller one looks more realistic to me.  Next time I’ll do another ombre ranunculus that’s smaller.


Start with your center!  This is a 1 inch styrofoam ball with some 18 gauge covered wire stuck into it.  Get the ball wet, shake off the excess, then wrap it with some of the green fondant (I used avocado for color).

Once it’s wrapped completely I roughed up the top by using another styrofoam ball to create texture.  But you can also use small, sharp, scissors to make some cut marks, both versions work.


I bought this cutter set, but you can see how narrow it is (the petal).  I wanted wider petals for this flower so I actually bought TWO sets and using needle nose pliers I widened an entire set to create fatter petals.  You can see how much wider (and also shorter) they are once I do it here.


Using the same shade of green, or one shade lighter for the ombre effect, cut out small petals just shorter than the height of the center ball.  Once you cut them out using the thick flower foam and a extra large ball tool dimple each petal (6 for each center).


Brush clear vanilla or vodka around the center ball then overlapping place each petal on.  I usually stick the first petal on halfway, wrap around then fill the last petal into the opening of the first petal then lay that first petal down, that way each petal is tucked in.


Moving up a petal size you are going to do the same thing around, but this time with the color!


Using the same sized petal do two more rows!  Easy peasy.


I moved up another petal size for the last few rows.  By this time the petals are large enough that it’s hard to get the same curve out of the petals.  Work in smaller batches for cutting out and using the ball tool at this point because you want soft gumpaste for flexibility so it it curves without ripping.

Then place the curved petals into a spoon while your working so it can hold the shape and start to dry before adding it to the flower. You can do all the petals (if you have enough spoons) at this point.


I did three more rows at this size petal!  You can see by this point the petals are large enough to come all the way around the back to the covered wire!  The petals stay around the same height, but those last few petals start to come lower down the sides, but not too much!


Hang the flower upside down while it dries so it doesn’t open up too much.  the tighter it is the more realistic it’s going to look.


This ombre Ranunculus is actually much bigger, even though it only has 1 extra row (a 2nd green row) it’s because I used the cutters while they were still narrow, making them bigger made a huge difference.

I also left more space between all the rows, while in the orange one the rows are tighter and I love the effect.  I can’t wait to do another ombre one but tighter so it’s smaller and looks better.


So next gumpaste flower tutorial -  do you want to see the Peony, Rose or the Dahlia?

Edible Sequins & Gumpaste Flowers Wedding Cake

When my sister mentioned doing an inspiration wedding shoot for fun I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She worked with a ton of local vendors to create this lovely wedding shoot and I got to create whatever I wanted within the overall theme.  Check out the FULL shoot at Chelsea Peterson Photography!  It’s completely gorgeous!


I was giving the colors, the florist picked the flowers and I decided I wanted to try edible sequins!   The cake design came together easily after that.  It’s so fun to be able to design a full wedding cake myself to show off what I can really do!  If you follow me on Pinterest you’ve probably seen all the great metallic cakes I’ve been pinning like mad!


A great time to experiment with new ideas, like edible sequins! I tried about 4 different techniques experimenting trying to create the look I was going for! I am so so SO happy with the final look!  Next week I’ll share a tutorial sharing what did and did NOT work for me to, so you can try it for yourself.


I used the DRESS (holy gorgeous) as inspiration for the cake. It’s a blush Maggie Sottero dress with lace and BLING, so I wanted to bring that to the cake.  I used cake stencils with royal icing to add some bright white details over the blush layer, flowy and lacy without being a full lace layer.


And of course the FLOWERS!!!!  Peony’s, Ranunculus and Dahlia’s were the flowers the florist was trying to get so that’s what I made for the cake.  I made 4 of each, so 12 in all!  I was nervous people wouldn’t know what they were, but it sure was fun to make them all!  But SO time consuming, I don’t think I slept for 3 nights straight.


I’ll link to the tutorials once I have them up!  I am so so SO happy with how they all turned out!  We had two break on the way over, but that’s why I made so many!  Extra’s and back ups are a necessity.  At the last min I decided to add some fondant leaves on green covered wires.  I had never done that before but I felt it needed something and I’m so happy I did!


Cakes like this are a dream to make, and I love how fun and unique wedding cakes can be!  How about you?  I wish I could get married again, I tease my husband, who HATES parties and social events of all kinds, that he’s going to have to suck it up and pretend to enjoy an anniversary party at some point cause I want to have the large cake and big dress again!


And of course the obligatory “this is really a cake” picture.  These models did an amazing job, check out how great they look together after just knowing each other for just 30 mins!  My husband and I have been together for almost 14 years and I don’t think he looks at me as lovingly, certainly not for a picture!

My Craft Channel episode

I have always wanted to be on TV, in fact to this day I wouldn’t say no to my own show… But for some reason I don’t think the Food Network has much need for a show about a one woman cake business done in my small basement kitchen at midnight when my kids are asleep… But hey, if you guys want to see it I’m all for it!


So when the chance came to film an episode of My Craft Studio I jumped at the chance! I was SO nervous, and it went so fast! But it was super fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat~ So who wants to give me my own show?? HA!
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Lit up canvas wall decor- Elmers look for less

A few months ago I got to work with the wonderful people at Elmer’s and throw a craft party! We had a BLAST! Then last month they invited me to participate in a “look for less” challenge. I was so excited, I had a hard time narrowing down the “look” I wanted to create my own version of. But I finally found something (on Pinterest of course).


I fell in LOVE with these pieces by Valerie Boy (as seen on Apartment Therapy). My version… and Valerie-Boy’s.  Her’s is made of powdered metal cut and bent, mine is Canvas, paint and lights! Her’s cost an arm and a leg (and a first born) and mine was a grand total of $25!
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Cascading Wild Rose Wedding Cake

Last week my sweet cousin got married. I’m the oldest of the cousins in my family, and I used to take care of her when we were younger! It’s crazy that she’s old enough to get married! And she made a beautiful bride. When she got engaged I offered to make her cake as my gift (which I do for all my cousins, and husbands cousins although they don’t all take me up on it).


She came over for dinner with her fiancee and mom to talk about the cake design. She had a few inspirational photo’s of her own, and then I pulled out the laptop and showed her my Cake Pinterest board. She wanted to go with all white, and we also wanted the cake that was inspired by her gorgeous dress.
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