Fabric Origami Christmas Star Ornaments

I actually made these stars 9 years ago during our Christmas in Japan.  We hadn’t been able to ship anything over, and we certainly didn’t have a tree so I found some gorgeous Japanese fat quarter squares and made these ornaments.  I made about 80 of them and shipped half of them back to family in the states.


For a tree I cut out green card stock handprints, the bottom two rows are my husbands hands, then mine, then The Reader and finally topped off with Computer boy’s hand prints!  We taped them to the window, added a bunch of the ornaments and voila, a bit of Christmas in Japan!
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Mothers day gift- Family subway art pillow case

My parents just sold their business and their house!  They aren’t sure what’s next but whatever they choose to do it will involve some kind of traveling, probably in an RV or motor home.  My folks love to drive, travel and see the world.  And my mom LOVE her felt pillow case to cuddle with in the car.


So instead of some random pillow case I decided to make her something to remind her of all of us while they travel around!
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Teacher appreciation Canvas art

This month is Autism Awareness and next week is Teacher appreciation. Since my children attend a Charter school for children on the autism spectrum I wanted to make my teachers gifts have a slight autism theme to them.


Since the symbol for autism is multi colored puzzle pieces I decided to make those my centerpiece, and found a fun puzzle quote that seemed teacher appropriate as well.
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Oversized Ruffled headband

I made this headband last year for So you think your crafty, it was party of my 7 red items for red week (AKA the week I got voted off). But with the craziness of morning sickness that followed for the few months after that I actually haven’t posted MOST of the crafts I made for the competition! Never too late, right? (some of the ones I DID post were my ruffled quilted stockings and tree skirt, my 6 pillow refashions, my homemade aqua-sand, my ruffled camera strap and my boot-cut to skinny jeans refashion)

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Quilted Ruffle Tree skirt and stockings- Friday Flashback

It’s that time of the year! Tomorrow we’re decorating for Christmas! I know, most of you are already done decorating and have been for weeks. But with so much going on over here (doctors appointments, parties, computer crashes, semester finals-husband, not sleeping… EVER) it simply hasn’t been the priority. BUT I promised the kids when my Husband finished the semester and my party was over we’d decorate, so tomorrow it is.

quilted Christmas tree skirt stockings with ruffle

I have to say I’m most excited about pulling out the ruffled quilted tree skirt and quilted ruffled stockings I made last year. I wasn’t even pregnant last Christmas, just hoping to be soon, so I made 2 extra stockings… Think that last one will ever get used?
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Child’s Silhouette Shirt

It was sweet Niece’s birthday a few months ago and I totally forgot about a gift.  So the night before I decided to break out my silhouette machine and attempt to make her a gift!  I had a blank shirt, and tons of silhouette supplies so I decided to try out the heat transfer material.  But what design to make?  Then I remember that I had my nieces silhouette from back when I made my mom her grandchildren’s charm bracelet. If you want to know how this is how I easily create a silhouette from a pictures here is my old post on it


Ta-da!  A heat transfer silhouette shirt.  She calls it her blue Barbie shirt (since she has a pink shirt with a barbie silhouette on it!)
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