Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies

I love shortbread cookies.  But as a kid I thought they were a boring cookie, the only reason to eat one is because it was shaped like the girlscout logo, right?  My mom got a box of Walkers shortbread cookies every Christmas as a “treat” I was like, WHAT?  BUT as an adult I LOVE them.  The subtle flavor, great crunch, and buttery goodness.. Mmmmm


As I’ve made various “fancy” recipes over the years I’ve found I like it simple and classic, no extra flavorings or fillers.  3 ingredients of goodness.  BUT instead of regular sugar I swap it for brown sugar, it’s subtle but AMAZING! No seriously, this is my go too recipe for a subtle sweet treat and I ALWAYS have the ingredients at home!
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Chuck – Angry Birds Cookies Tutorial

If you’ve followed me for any time at all you know I love making cute sugar cookies for themed parties, they are easy to personalize to any theme, and taste great!  The kids love them.


When deciding which bird got to be what food the shape of the birds played a big part.  The triangle shape of Chuck didn’t lend itself to a ton of options, but was perfect for cookies!  And who doesn’t have a triangle shapped cookie cutter??? oh right, me… I used a house shaped cookie cuter I had and cut the roof off!  You can find my recipe for sugar cookies and frosting on my bumble bee sugar cookie post.
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Red – Angry Birds Oreo Pops Tutorial

Yesterday Lego Boy turned 8!  EIGHT! I can’t even believe it, I have 3 kids over eight, insanity I tell you.  Anyway we threw his party the last day of school to try to *up” attendance.  Because we attend a charter school so many of the kids live far away that we don’t often get very many kids at the parties.   So throwing them at a park near the school seems to help.


Instead of another Lego themed party this year he picked “Angry Birds”, no real shock. So I came up with foods representing the 5 first, or main, birds (there are like 9 now) and the pigs and went from there. Today I’m sharing the first one, Red’s (did you know the birds all have names?) Oreo Pops!
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Pool Birthday Party – recipes & labels

Computer Boy turned 10 in January. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday this year he said “can i just have a regular party, not with a theme?” GAH! He decided to have his party at the local recreation center pool and water playground. My kids love to swim, so with 2 feet of snow on the ground we headed off to the pool.


I kept it simple so it didn’t feel like a huge party theme. I used blue ombre waves in the decorating with beach ball colors for the rest.
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Bumble Bee Sugar Cookies

Last week was the reveal of the DIY blogger house at the Parade of Homes in Daybreak, UT.  They asked if I would make 10 dozen bumble bee sugar cookies for the evening!


It took THREE days, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!  And they were a HUGE hit, but honestly I really didn’t like making them, I would much rather make a cake!  So no more orders for cookies or cupcakes- CAKE ONLY!
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Color Flow Airplane Cookies

This week I’m going to be sharing my airplane baby shower all week, today is the cookies, Wednesday the cake, Thursday the invitations and Friday the rest of the party, including the labels! I hope you all enjoy it! It was such a fun party to throw for my sweet cousin.


Take your favorite sugar cookies, but for this method if you want the frosting to dry hard so you can stack them you need to use royal icing, so it’s mostly sugar, and looks AMAZING, but isn’t he most tasty frosting. You CAN use my classic Sugar cookie frosting, making it thick for the outline and thin for filling in, but while the frosting will crust over you won’t be able to stack them. But it does taste better in my opinion….
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