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I’m sick. REALLY sick. I’m not sure if it’s from coming off the heavy duty pain meds or if the timing is just a coincidence. But I’m sick. I have a fever of 100.5, aches in my bones and spin, stuffy/runny nose, sneezing, foggy mind and so SOOO tired. I feel like walking death . SOOOO I’ll be taking off a few days. From everything, blog, twitter, facebook, life, phonecalls, orders, etsy, EVERYTHING See you on the other side.

VOTE FOR ME- so I can go to BlogHer 10 and see you all in real life!
Ashlee has been cake decorating for 8 year, and blogging for 6+. She has 5 children ages 2-12 that she enjoys throwing parties for. She loves to bake, cook, crochet, knit, do home improvement, graphic design, photography and writing.
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  1. oh no feel better!

  2. Feel better soon!!!!

  3. oh no! This won’t stop you from eating a cupcake, will it? So, will you the be the one in a cast on Monday? :) (at Cupcake Chic)

  4. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for the flattering double feature! I wanted to share – I’m giving away a set of my storybook puzzle blocks on my blog this week – the details can be found here:


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