Lego Star Wars Birthday party food labels~

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While Lego Boy’s Star Wars birthday party was only my 4th highest views post last year it’s the front runner in emails for the year. I get an average of 5 requests a week for the food labels I created for the party. Because the images are copyrighted to Lego I can’t sell them. And I wasn’t sure about giving them away, not only legally, but also personally. I spent hours and hours and HOURS on these labels and I’m a bit attached to them.


As part of my 2012 goals for this blog I’ve been wanting to utilize my facebook page more/better. SO as an incentive for “liking” my page I’m giving away my Lego Star Wars birthday party food labels! Just go like my facebook page, and download the link. If you already like my page just click on the “Lego Star Wars Labels” tab!

lego star wars food labels

I also have tabs for my airplane party printables, angry bird party printables and my free chalkboard photo christmas cards


and as an aside is there any requests for any other facebook incentive downloads in the future?

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  1. Jamie says

    I’m doing my son’s 7th birthday party with the Lego Star Wars theme in early October. How can I get your food labels? I’m particularly interested in the “Yoda Soda” and “C3PO H2O” labels. I figure I can make some of my own for the dishes I am making. You are really creative and this site gave me many ideas to work with. Thank you.

  2. Hollie says

    I am trying to print your food labels from Facebook but it will only let me see six of them, it is not giving me an option to download them for printing. Thank you so much for sharing these printables they are so cute and fun. Thank you, Hollie

    • says

      what browser are you using? when you click on the “pdf” link it should open up (right in that facebook tab window) the pdf, all the pages, in chrome if you scroll down and hover over the bottom right corner the options to print/save/etc… will pop up. In Firefox you’ll get the save/print options in the top left corner. Once you save you should for sure have all the pages. If not let me know and we’ll keep working on it.