Lego Head birthday cake

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So after our wonderful weekend with Computer boy’s baptism and family party we had a day of rest before his friend party!!! It was such a busy week and weekend I decided to go with the same party as last year to ease. Same Invitation, same foods, same games. Since he’s in a different school this year no one but he and I knew any better. And now YOU! BUT I decided to change up the cake.

lego head fondant birthday cake

It was SUCH a fun cake to make. My son loved the lego head, and I loved how well it turned out. Even the lego logo turned out great for me. The head is carved cake, the top and bottom pieces are fondant covered cardboard circles.

fondant lego decal on lego head cake

For an additional activity we added making our own lego crayons for party favors!

Lego crayon party favors

UPDATE: I get at least one email every week asking how I made this cake, so I created a tutorial, check out my Lego head cake tutorial!

Chocolate dipped Marshmallow frosted Chocolate cupcakes
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Ashlee has been cake decorating for 8 year, and blogging for 6+. She has 5 children ages 2-12 that she enjoys throwing parties for. She loves to bake, cook, crochet, knit, do home improvement, graphic design, photography and writing.
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  1. That is awesome!! I have a friend whose son is obsessed with Lego’s right now. I wish she lived closer to you, so I could have you make one for his bday! (they live in Ohio). I’m seriously impressed! My cakes come in a box… ;)


  2. Dagný Ásta says:

    OMG I LOVE this cake!!! my son and his father will go crazy when I show them this post *haha* I’ve been thinking about making just a big lego block cake for my son’s 4th birthday but now you got me wondering *HAHa*

  3. wow, that looks just like a lego head! I thought the same thing about the letters before you even said it, they are just perfect! love it!

  4. So, so cute! And I love the lego crayons too. You throw the best birthday parties! :)

    • Thanks Kara~ I do love a good birthday party. This one was super laid back, it was nice to do the same birthday 2 times in a row, most of the work had already been done for me!

  5. I love it! My boy is having a lego birthday this year. How did you make the cake? Where did you find the lego mold for the crayons? Thanks!

  6. I *love* this cake! And the crayon favors too! Where did you get the molds for the crayons?? I’ve been making them in star shapes. My hubby and I were both huge Lego-lovers (still are, really) and that is just perfectly awesome!

  7. That is SO cute!! My son LOVES Legos, he would get such a kick out of that!

  8. So adorable! I love it!

  9. You had me at Lego. I saw you over at Sew Chatty and I had to link over. My son is head over heals for Lego. What a great idea. I have to try this for his birthday. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at Thanks so much.

  10. wow – I’m so impressed! I love the cake! You did a fantastic job.

  11. Love this! Very cute and creative!

  12. Wow! I’m going to have to bookmark this for my son’s birthday. Found you @ Tip Junkie.

  13. This is too cute. I came over here from Sew Can Do. I posted a cake as well. If you have any pointers on fondant, I would appreciate it.

    • You did a great job! Working with high quality fondant makes all the difference. I don’t like Wilton’s fondant, (I love a lot of their products, but their fondant and gum-paste isn’t the best). I also HATE working with marshmallow fondant. It is really REALLY hard to work with, it’s too soft, and doesn’t hold up well on carved cakes, or anything with detail. I like working with satin ice, and I’ve heard good things about duff’s fondant but haven’t tried it yet.

      Also for putting it on your cake, roll it onto a cake mat and keep it pretty thick, pick up the mat and spread it over the cake, then peel off the mat. It’s the easiest way to transfer fondant onto a cake!

  14. This cake really did come out awesome. I would love for you to come and link up to my blog party. It opens tonight at 8pm EST. Thanks.

  15. UH-mazing!! Seriously, I am super impressed!

  16. As usual, I’m in love with your cakes. What a fun party!! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

    • ohhhh Thanks Cheryl! It was a super fast last min cake, but it turned out great! Now birthday season is almost upon me.. I have NO idea what to do for the next 3 parties!

  17. this is completely and totally cool…what little lego lover wouldn’t want this? which brings me to my question. it’s my grandboy…all nearly 4 years of him and obsessed with legos. i know he would LOVE this cake. my daughter and are are not cake decorators so……we kinda need you to lead us, guide us, walk beside us and help us find the way to this extraordinary cake. i’ve been looking through the comments here and as michael’s is about THE only place i know that has fondant…we may be forced to that, although i think i saw duff’s stuff there, but just not sure on the fondant. can i find the cake matt at michael’s too? this little guy’s birthday is at the end of april and i live in tacoma, wa. just not sure where to find the things you use up here. i don’t want to shop over the internet, either. the only thing i do know is that i’m supposed to put on a crumb coat before the fondant…at least i thought that was what i was supposed to know. help. please? because i suspect that you aren’t in the portland, or area to buy one of these lovely things from. thanks sooooo much for your individualized help. if you could just email me directly, that would be so great. thank you for such inspiration as this and for being such a smarty to think it up.

    • I wish I was in Portland! I grew up there and miss it SO much, the green, the trees, being close to the ocean, I love the city, and th slight humidity! Salt Lake is way to dry and dead to hold my heart like Portland does! But my husband and kids love it here (the mountains) so looks like where here for good! I’ll email you the instructions I recently emailed someone else! Actually maybe I’ll update it here on the post, since I get so many questions about this one! I wish I had taken picture of it while I worked!

      You can use a crumb layer, but I like to use Ganache to cover my cakes, it seals in the moisture, and hellol… it’s chocolate, it tastes way better than buttercream. Also you frost it with room temp ganache, then once it hardens any points or bumpy areas can be easily smoothed/melted with your finger so you have a nice base for the fondant!

  18. My son is turning 23 in a couple of weeks and he still uses his legos. He would freak if he had this for his birthday cake. It’s awesome!

    • HA! I still love them too. I’m so glad my kids are finally the age we can play with them. Before we always had such young babies around we never owned them so the last year has been a totaly blast!

  19. Ashlee, you’re very clever!! :) my son is right into Ninjago Lego at the moment – so guess what kind of birthday party he wants?! you’ve shared some great ideas, thanks! :) Trish.

  20. I’ve featured this today as a Craftastic Monday favorite. Stop by & grab a Featured On button:)

  21. this is amazing! love it!

  22. I love this so much I featured it this week at my Hookin Up with HoH Party!

    Feel free to stop by and grab a button if you’d like!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  23. SO cool! I love this. I couldn’t even imagine baking something like this cake – I’m impressed.

  24. I just made this cake for my son’s 7th birthday and it is my first time with fondant. My only question is how do you smooth the fondant all the way around the cake without it bunching and the bottom?

    • It’s a fun one, huh. There are a few secrets to fondant. At least secrets that work for me! I use really strong cake so it won’t collapse, but I keep my fondant thick, like 1/4 inch thick. That way you have plenty to work with for “stretching” the fondant, also when it’s thick like that you can also PUSH the fondant together to keep wrinkles from forming. I know it doesn’t make sense to read, but next time you play with fondant maybe it will make sense! It’s fun to play with, but takes a few cakes to get the right feel for you!

  25. This is so fantastic! I can’t believe how wonderful this looks. I would love to make this for my son’s 6th birthday – the theme is lego star wars. Can you give me any tips?

    • Thanks so much! I actually just finished a lego star wars party for my son’s 6th birthday! Crazy! I’ll be posting it this week sometime, I made a lego millennium falcon cake for that party! Lots and lots of fun lego star wars foods, crafts and games!

  26. Can you please email me the instructions for the lego head cake? I would love to make it for my son. Also looking forward to your lego star wars party pics.

  27. How far in advance can I make the cake?

    • What part of the cake? You can bake the layers and freeze the cakes a few weeks ahead of time with not problem. The rest depends on what kind of frosting and filling your using. Since I like using Mousse I make the cake as close to the party as I can cut it. Once you add fondant you can’t put it in the fridge at ALL so if the filling and frosting need refrigeration because of milk products your screwed. I finished this cake about 5 mins before everyone walked in. You can get the top and bottom finished ahead of time if, like me, you use cardboard for those two sections leaving just the head. If you DON’T use any milk products in your frosting and filling you can do it the day before, but I would never suggest making a cake more ahead than that, because you don’t want it to dry out. A moist cake is very important to me!

  28. Sorry to keep stalking you but you seem to have a great amount of experience with cakes and I am a newbie! What is the difference between frosting and filling? I understand that I need to crumb coat the cake before I put on the fondant but I don’t quite get the frosting/filling difference.


    • no sorry necessarily! I like Stalkers! Okay- Frosting can be used for frosting the cake as well as filling a cake. But FILLING can not be used for frosting. Things like Mousse, jellies, Bavarian creams, etc… When I’m filling a cake with something other than basic frosting I use a thick version of the frosting to create a dam around the center layer, then fill it with the looser fillings, place the top layer on top and the “dam” will keep the fillings inside. Then coat the cake with a thinner version of the frosting. Personally I do it thicker than a crumb crust so that when people peel off the fondant there is still frosting there for them to enjoy. But not too much or it squeezes out the bottom of the cake when you put the fondant on.

  29. I would love it if you have a chance to email me any instructions or tips for this cake! And any Lego Star Wars party ideas too. We are doing a Lego party on Saturday and he loves Star Wars too so we can mix that in. :)

  30. I love your lego head cake! You’re an amazing cake baker. My 4 yr. old is into lego right now and thinking of throwing him a lego party. Can you email me the instructions on this lego head cake?


  31. Love the cake... says:

    The Lego head cake is exactly what my son wants…any way I can get some instructions?!?

  32. Niiiiice


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