Gingerbread house Ivory Homes contest and link party

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Growing up my mom bought this AMAZING gingerbread village that she had out for decoration every year, slowly candies went missing as my sisters and I snuck pieces off.  I’ve always wanted to try a large scale gingerbread project!


So when Ivory homes asked if I’d participate in their contest it was a no brainer to say yes.  My girls helped me decorate everything and we loved it!


I based my home off the Briarwood home plan!   and while it gives you the floor plan on their site, the wall height and roof proved to be my undoing…  It all came together in the end, but my house is much squattier (is that a word) than theirs.


I “stuccoed” the house with royal icing, but I wish I’d left it more gingerbread-y…  We went the frosting and candy route, but after seeing the other entries next year I’m going to use what I do best, fondant…  Is it silly that it didn’t even occur to me to use it this year?


chocolate rocks, the girls helped me pick out all the smallest ones for our front detail work, and for the bricks? red jelly bellies!   I just piped on the “beam” work…


the back was pretty simple, lots of windows, and the double glass doors… how do you make something look like glass without panes?  It ended up looking too open, but I have ideas for that next year as well!


the girls helped me with the black licorice string roof, I frosted it with black royal icing, then laid one strand at a time on, cutting the edges every so often.


the girls also helped me add all the silver balls to be our roof “lights” and The Reader helped hold all the ice cream cones as I worked on the trees. In the end we had a lot of fun!

If you like it I’d love it if you’d go vote for me on the facebook portion of the ivory homes gingerbread contest! I’m number 10 (the others are AMAZING, btw, but of course I want to do better…. ;))


we kicked off the charity contest last friday with a GNO where we all decorated our own itty bitty houses.  I was all candied out at this point so I just enjoyed some basic piping while chatting with the other women and relaxing.  So nice to have the BIG house done!

And on to our link party!  Have you ever done a gingerbread house?  come link it up?


Gingerbread house link party with cash prizes!!
you can link up any and all gingerbread houses… BUT to be eligible to win the cash prizes follow these rules:

  • Create gingerbread house based on an Ivory Home design.
  • Posts need to include contest badge and picture of the Ivory Home it’s based on.
  • Must be 100% edible.

Prizes 1st-$200, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$50
Ends 12/7 midnight

What we Create with -winners - Christmas is coming early
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