Easy Chocolate Chip Scones

I love breakfast foods. I love sweets and I love breads.  I think scones are pretty darn perfect!  I make a triple batch of these about twice a month and they never last more than 2 days!  I pretty much eat them for breakfast, lunch, snack and midnight snacks until they are gone!


It literally takes longer to preheat the oven than to prepare these for baking.  I toss everything in my bosch and it’s good to go! It’s an easy enough recipe that the kids can help me make them, which is always fun.  They love helping me shape, cut and then top the scones.
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Traditional Liege Waffle Recipe

If you live in Salt Lake I’m sure you’ve been to Bruges or hit up the Waffle Luv truck, RIGHT?  These thick, sweet, yeast dough waffles are HUGE right now so I’m sure most of you have one of these somewhere in your town!

My Daddy loves them and a few months ago asked me to figure out a homemade recipe.  I’ve tried about half a dozen recipes I’ve found online, reading and learning about traditional liege waffle recipes, etc… I finally am IN LOVE with a recipe and ready to share!!


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Corn Fritter Recipe

This is a family recipe I grew up with. One of those special breakfasts that we had for birthday’s, when guests came, mothers day, etc… Thankfully my kids like it as much as I do! Because it’s fried it’s a bit heavy, but I love it!


I like to serve it with butter, homemade maple syrup  and sausage!  My husband things I’m crazy that I add extra butter after it’s been fried, but you can NEVER have enough butter, right?  It’s a bit of work so I make it for Sunday brunch or even Friday nights for Breakfast for dinner.
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Easy Waffle Recipe

You all know my love of breakfast for dinner. We have it at least once a week. Our old waffle maker broke a few months ago so I ordered this new one, a FLIP waffle maker, it’s AMAAAAAAZING!


i had high hopes for the PERFECT thick belgian waffle, but haven’t had the best of luck with waffle makers. You guys… this machine is AWESOME! It cooks fast, hot, and fluffy! Seriously amazing. I’ve tried a few different waffle recipes and it works great with every one I’ve tried! This is my fast and easy to go recipe!
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Crepe Bar Birthday Party

Last month was my mom’s birthday! She and my dad are living here right now, and it’s the first time we’ve been close for her birthday since I was in high school, so it seemed like the perfect time to throw a Surprise party!

Because it’s UTAH, it’s a small world and we all know lots of people here. She has a sampling of friends from like every age and stage of our lives living here so my sister and I invited all the ones we could find.
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Sweet Cream Cheese Strawberry Crepes with Buttermilk Syrup

I first made crepes back in College with a fellow roomie who loves cooking as much as I do!  They were AMAZING!  BUT I didn’t write down the recipe and I couldn’t find a recipe that I liked as much after that… until now!


These are SWEET crepes, more dessert than meal, but we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying them for our back to school/11 month birthday dinner last week!  And I’ll be having these for my own birthday breakfast (next week…)
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