Coconut Bread

My sisters and I all have amazing in-laws.  And they’ve each brought something new to the table… Get it, TABLE! BWAHAHAHA (I’m hilarious)!  Okay, anyway, my middle sister’s mother in law introduced this AMAZING coconut bread to me years ago.  The first time I had it I was changed forever.  I love to make this bread.


In fact My sisters in-laws like bread so much they opened a bread store.  Actually the bought a well known franchise.  Then they added this coconut bread recipe to the menu, it was a huge hit.  SUCH a huge hit that the franchise added it to the menu for ALL the stores!  This is the original, straight from the source, recipe.
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Easy Chocolate Chip Scones

I love breakfast foods. I love sweets and I love breads.  I think scones are pretty darn perfect!  I make a triple batch of these about twice a month and they never last more than 2 days!  I pretty much eat them for breakfast, lunch, snack and midnight snacks until they are gone!


It literally takes longer to preheat the oven than to prepare these for baking.  I toss everything in my bosch and it’s good to go! It’s an easy enough recipe that the kids can help me make them, which is always fun.  They love helping me shape, cut and then top the scones.
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Thanksgiving recipes

Have you enjoyed having Thanksgiving recipes this week?  Would you like me to do more holiday based posts? Or do you like just one recipe a week mixed in with other items?  Next week will be more Mustard recipes I created for the contest!  Don’t forget to go vote, I have a $50 Target Giftcard Giveaway as an incentive to vote for me (and I’ll add another $50 GC every 100 votes!)


I didn’t want to make an ENTIRE Pre Thanksgiving meal myself, AND I didn’t want to try to squeeze in 12+ recipe posts in one week! So I thought by inviting some other amazing local foodies we could get a great spread, and we could all bring our favorite items!
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Corn Bread

As much as we love soups we love cornbread too. When we were first married my husband was in charge of making it, so this is actually the recipe HE came up with after making it so many times for me.


I like cornbread with all cream based soups and chowders! What do YOU like cornbread with? You can also stir in canned corn kernels if you like that, but our kids aren’t fans so we don’t.
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Pink Heart shaped Valentines pizza!

I don’t do a LOT for most holiday’s. But I grew up with colored food. Pink milk, eggs, etc… I already shared my pink scones and for dinner this weekend we decide to go with a pink heart shaped pizza for dinner!

I MEANT to dye the dough too, but forgot to add the red until it was too late. I LOVE my bread machine pizza dough recipe, it’s PERFECTION. The key to getting colored dough (which I’ve done for quite a few holiday’s including our green shamrock St Patrick day pizza a few years ago!)

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