Printable Easter Bunny Lollipop Covers


Hi, I’m Natalie from Katarina’s Paperie and I’m so excited to be sharing a free printable every month with you.  With Easter right around the corner, I thought I’d kick off with these adorable free printable Easter bunny lollipop covers.

I’m always looking for fun treat ideas to bring to my daughter’s preschool class.  Ever since we visited the hair dresser for the first time, she has been on a lollipop kick.  She believes that everywhere we go should hand out free lollipops.

When asked recently what she wanted to share as an Easter treat with her preschool class, not surprisingly, she chose lollipops.  Not wanting to show up to school with a pile of lollipops in my arms, I created these cute free printable Easter bunny lollipop covers.  They were inspired by the Easter bunny on our Peek a Boo Bunny Birthday Invitation.  They’re easy to make and the perfect way to share a sweet treat with your special little bunnies this spring.  You could even add them to an Easter basket!

You Will Need: 

free printable Easter bunny lollipop covers

Lollipops (We used Dum Dums lollipops, but the covers are big enough to try Tootsie Pops or even Blow Pops)


Glue Dots

Twine or Narrow Ribbon


Scoring knife (and board if you have one)


1.  Print out a copy of our free printable Easter bunny lollipop covers.


Cut out your lollipop covers.


2.  Score each cover with your scoring knife along the dotted lines.  Fold at the lines to create a rectangular base and the two sides of the bunny.


3.  Attach the lollipop stick inside the back of the cover with a small piece of tape.  Fold the front of the bunny up.


Add glue dots to the top of each ear.  Press the ears together to make the bunny rabbit.


4.  Using twine or narrow ribbon, tie a little bow at the top of the bunny.

5.  If desired, write a short Easter greeting on the back of the bunny.


I can’t wait to deliver these to my daughter’s preschool class in a few weeks.  They’re sure to put everyone in the Easter spirit!


Click here to get the PDF of your printable Easter bunny lollipop covers!

Easter Gifts – Marshmallow Peeps Easter Printables

I am so excited today to share my Easter “peep” gift tags printable’s! AND printables from 6 other amazing bloggers as well. Eeek! what a fun day!

Over the Big Moon invited us to all create printables with the same color palate, thus creating a matching collection!  So smart and so pretty. These are such cute ideas I can’t wait to go print them all myself!

Easter Blog Hop

Scroll to the bottom of the post to get the links to each of these fun printables.  Notice there is another peeps on a stick?  Clearly great minds think alike!  But lets face it, peeps are the BEST Easter treat so it only makes sense.


Peeps hold the record for being the #1 non chocolate treat sold at Easter (and have for 20 years!) BUT I’m changing that!  EVERYTHING is better with chocolate.  Actually Peeps themselves now sells chocolate covered peeps if you want to take a short cut and not do this yourself!


SOOO to make these, you need PEEPS, lollipop sticks, chocolate (I like to us a 2 C pyrex for melting and dipping), 3″x4″ baggie, bakers twine and of course my labels!  I also use a flower foam block I use for drying my cake balls so they already have holes for the lollipop sticks.


This is super easy and my kids loved helping with this.  Skewer all the peeps on the lollipop sticks.


Melt the Chocolate, I have a handy “melt chocolate” button on my microwave so it’s super easy, I melted about 10 oz of my favorite dark chocolate.


Dip your peep all the way in, make sure to get the butt covered!  Pull it out and shake it off (while still part way in the cup, you don’t want to shake chocolate all over your counter).


Place the stick in to something (like I use the flower foam block) and keep dipping!  Isn’t the chocolate gorgeous???  Mmmmm


And let the chocolate Dry!  I use high quality chocolate so mine dried pretty fast and really smooth.  Is it just me? or is chocolate just so so SO pretty?


Once they are dry we can package them up to give to teachers, friends, etc…  That’s when the bags, tags and bakers twine come in handy.


I cut my bakers twine pretty long to tie my bags, then tie the tag on and add a bow!


All done and ready to hand out!  Who would you hand yours out too?  My kids are planning on giving these to school, church and piano teachers and classmates, they are each doing like 2 dozen? But it’s so easy I’m happy to let them do it!


Of course if your just going to give them to your own kids you don’t have to bag them, Princess loved modeling for me and of course loved eating them even more.  But she had to have a PINK tag…


Baby boy wasn’t so picky, he took whatever label he could get off the quickest, after the photoshoot I found a few empty wrappers and half eaten peeps all over the basement!  He’s so sneaky!


Click here to get the PDF of both the outlined and non outlined versions of these easter tags!

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The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Printable Pack

I am SO stinkin excited about this!  When I got invited to participate in this printable bundle pack I was so excited!  And SOOOOO nervous.  I probably went through like 6 designs trying to come up with something WORTHY of this pack and the other designers/bloggers participating.  In the end I picked two designs for my topic – Scavenger hunt.


22 popular bloggers & designers created 22 of the most AMAZING printable packs to make this the most successful & memorable Valentine’s Day (WEEK) you’ve EVER had!!
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How to make Vanilla Sugar – Teacher Gifts

I spoke a few months ago of going to a food blogging conference.  Part of the fun of conferences is meeting new companies that want to work with food bloggers.  I was thrilled to meet a new Vanilla Company called Lagrima!  I’ve been using their vanilla ever since and it’s AMAZING!!!!


I was talking to the CEO a few weeks ago and he mentioned he had a bean problem.  Specifically he has a ton of leftover used beans after making their vanilla!  I told him to send me some and I’d come up with uses for the beans!  First up? Vanilla Sugar for teacher gifts this year!
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Neighbor Christmas gifts labels – free printables

I hope you have enjoyed all the recipes this week!  Last year I made 3 dozen of each sauce for neighbors, and the kid’s make a dozen of the fudge boxes for teacher/leaders! They were all a huge it, and people love that they could put it in the fridge for later and didn’t have to worry about food going bad (since they get so much food trays this time of year)


I loved creating these labels, and of course used bakers twine to tie it all together!  But you could use anything to dress these jars up, ribbon, twine or more.  Also if you don’t want to put the “to: from:” on a string you could always glue it to the jar!
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Thanksgiving Table Settings and Printables

I actually created all these labels and put together this table 2 years ago, but I’m just NOW finally sharing it!  Perfect for our monthly Point of View link party, don’t forget to come link up your tabletop posts!

We had Thanksgiving with my sister, Chelsea Peterson Photography, her family and our parents. It was fun planning out the table ! We first decided on a color scheme, nothing too strange, orange, red, yellow and burgundy!  We wanted both food labels AND place settings with everyone’s name’s, even all the kids.  We also decided to add Mason jars and raffia as well. [Read more...]