Snow Globe Frozen Invitations

I’m so excited to share Princess’s Frozen birthday party this week with you guys!  I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed planning it!  I love planning birthday parties for my kids, they are so much FUN!

easy snow globe invitations frozen birthday party

Frozen was an easy theme for Princess to choose this year.  The hard part was narrowing down all the options!  So the first part, Invitations, they are the first view guests get of the theme, of what to expect from the party.  I love doing hand made, creative, invitations!


I decided to create Snow Globes for the invitations!  The information on the back and the front something from the movie.  I created layers of blue snowflakes (dark to light) in photoshop then I created silhouettes of Anna and Elsa and laid them over the top!


I printed both sides onto card stock (invitation and image) then cut out the circles.  You can use a Silhouette, Cricut or simply hand cut them, they are super simple.


Then I bought some thick plastic sheeting and cut out matching circles, one for each invitation.


For the “snow” I wanted mini styrofoam balls, but I didn’t want to buy a 50 lbs bag, so instead I bought a travel pillow and cut it open!  It created a HUGE mess, they stick to everything… ANYWAY, I poured a little bit into each invitation, topped with a plastic circle then used my sewing machine to sew around the circle!


Then I glued brown curves to the front and back of each invitation to look like the base of a snow globe!  I love love LOVE how they turned out!!!  They went through the mail just fine too!  Always a plus!

Angry Birds Birthday Party Invitations

The first part of any party is the invitation!  It’s the first anyone will see of your theme, and get an idea of what to expect! At my kids charter school for kids on the spectrum invitations tend to get lost.   I usually get them about 2 weeks AFTER the party happens.

I wanted something unique the kids would be excited to take home.  Something really fun and memorable, that MIGHT actually make it to their parents and up the chance we’ll have attendees!
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Airplane baby shower boarding pass invitations

The mom to be’s dad worked as an air traffic controller her whole life and now her husband works for Delta so when we started talking about a shower our favorite theme was airplanes.  And what better invitation than an airline boarding pass???  (BTW Badger is there last name)


I mixed a few planes to create the flying cartoon image, but created my own cloud, flight lights and the airplane silhouette I used.  It was really fun.  I took a picture of a ticket and used my photoshop to lasso the shape of the tickets.


I wanted to use two pages, so I could really staple it…  AND so the front wasn’t cluttered with all the information, like where she was registered and the QR code that went to the facebook event page to make it easier for people to RSVP


I cut out the tickets with my silhouette machine and also perforated the tickets.  Not that I expected anyone to rip it off, but just for fun…  The secret to an over the top party is to leave no detail overlooked!  Plus as long as I was already cutting them out perforating took no extra time!

When I get back from SNAP I’ll work on creating printable’s for all you guys!

UPDATE: the printables are ready!

Airplane Baby Shower
Airplane baby shower
Airplane Color Flow Cookies
Airport Traffic Control Cake Tower
Airplane Boarding Pass Invitations
Airplane party printables

70′s Abba Party- and your invited!

I received “Abba you can dance” for the Wii in order to throw a GNO dance party!!! I am SO excited. It’s going to be a blast- disco balls, black lights and I’ll be making 70′s inspired food (what kind of cake I’ll make is the real question).

Next Friday night at 7pm until you absolutely have to leave! Over in the East Millcreek side of Salt Lake City. As of right now it’s at my place, but thinking of a larger location, I’ll keep you posted! (sorry for the lack of fancy digital invites— my computer is suffering from a NASTY virus and I’m without photoshop, and internet- just have my husbands old laptop)
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Ice Cream Parlor Birthday Party

It’s time to show off my Ice Cream Parlor Birthday party!  I am so excited to share this with you.  I started by collecting ideas and inspiration on a pinterest board.  Then I started creating labels…  I was originally going to use white brown and pink, pretty classic ice cream parlor colors.  BUT I switched to green, mint ice cream green!  Vanilla, chocolate and Mint Ice cream!  My favorite ice cream flavor!  And a different twist on some of the classic color schemes. Thanks again to my sister Chelsea Peterson Photography not only for her help finishing up and setting up, but also taking and editing these amazing pictures for me!


I really REALLY wish my table was just a foot longer.  It ended up being a BIT crowded and could’ve used a tad bit more space, but two tables would’ve been too much…  I WANTED to make a table, but ran out of time, plus what would I do with it afterwards?  We decided to risk having an outdoor party in September.  The worry was rain, but it was actually not only sunny, but INCREDIBLE hot!  SO hot everything started melting!
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Ice Cream Parlor birthday invitation

I love September. Not only is Fall my very VERY favorite time of year, but I love so many things that COME with this season: Corn on the Cob, the State fair, the Circus, MY BIRTHDAY, Pumpkin pancakes, Halloween and Thanksgiving (best food holiday EVER!). The only year I DIDN’T enjoy September was 3 years ago. It was my 30th birthday and Hurricane Ike arrived, my best friend had to canceled her trip to visit me, I had a full body allergic reaction to my sinus medication (oh did I mention my EIGHT week long sinus infection?) and we had a tree crush our roof (which ended in a new roof AND a few months later toxic mold). FUN birthday

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