Angry Birds Birthday Party

I had such a fun time creating this Angry Birds birthday party for Lego Boy!  He’s such a fun kid, and making hime happy is always so much fun!  Every aspect was a BALL! Lego Boy has been talking about Angry birds for years now and I LOVE how this turned out.


I decided to make the food all bird/pig themed.  There were SO many options and foods that can be used so I narrowed it down to two food items for each bird, one really unique and one more simple (shape and color).  Then added food items for the pigs, the blogs and even the TNT!
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Angry Birds Birthday Party Invitations

The first part of any party is the invitation!  It’s the first anyone will see of your theme, and get an idea of what to expect! At my kids charter school for kids on the spectrum invitations tend to get lost.   I usually get them about 2 weeks AFTER the party happens.

I wanted something unique the kids would be excited to take home.  Something really fun and memorable, that MIGHT actually make it to their parents and up the chance we’ll have attendees!
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Angry Birds Birthday Cake

When I first start talking about birthday party themes with my kids we start with the cake design.  Lego boy drew this design out himself!  He wanted each tier a different bird.  I wish I still had the sketch to show you, it was so cute!  Originally he wanted EVERY bird a different tier, there are over 9 now, GAH!


So we cut it down to the original five!  These tier sizes are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12  inches.  I had SO much fun making each layer.  I started with the thin, small details for each bird, the red under eye are on The Blues, the cheek spots on Red, the grey eye circles on Bomb and the cheeks on Matilda. Then I cut out the eyes for each bird by hand and then their beaks (thicker this time).  
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Matilda – Angry Birds Cake Pops Tutorial

Today is all about cake!  We’re starting with the cake pop’s I made!  I thought these egg shaped birds, Matilda, would make cute cake pops!  But you could do any of the birds really easily!  I love how these turned out.


Because I was dipping these in white candy coating I didn’t want to use chocolate cake, so I used yellow cake and cream cheese frosting to make these.  I just made a 9×13 pan of a box mix (works better than my from scratch cakes, you guys know how much I hate boxed mixes, right?).
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Chuck – Angry Birds Cookies Tutorial

If you’ve followed me for any time at all you know I love making cute sugar cookies for themed parties, they are easy to personalize to any theme, and taste great!  The kids love them.


When deciding which bird got to be what food the shape of the birds played a big part.  The triangle shape of Chuck didn’t lend itself to a ton of options, but was perfect for cookies!  And who doesn’t have a triangle shapped cookie cutter??? oh right, me… I used a house shaped cookie cuter I had and cut the roof off!  You can find my recipe for sugar cookies and frosting on my bumble bee sugar cookie post.
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Red – Angry Birds Oreo Pops Tutorial

Yesterday Lego Boy turned 8!  EIGHT! I can’t even believe it, I have 3 kids over eight, insanity I tell you.  Anyway we threw his party the last day of school to try to *up” attendance.  Because we attend a charter school so many of the kids live far away that we don’t often get very many kids at the parties.   So throwing them at a park near the school seems to help.


Instead of another Lego themed party this year he picked “Angry Birds”, no real shock. So I came up with foods representing the 5 first, or main, birds (there are like 9 now) and the pigs and went from there. Today I’m sharing the first one, Red’s (did you know the birds all have names?) Oreo Pops!
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