Airplane Party Printables

A year and a half ago I threw this amazing airplane baby shower for my cousin. I love how it turned out, it’s still one of my favorites, but I never got around to sharing the printables! I get requests often though, so I finally sat down and finished them this week!


First up are the invitations! I used my silhouette machine to cut these out and add perforations, but you can always hand cut them and leave the perforations out. I love how they turned out, and the base of the whole party!
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Airplane Baby Shower

UPDATE: the printables are ready!

Now for the full Airplane Baby Shower Reveal!  It was SUCH a fun party to plan and throw, and so much fun for my sweet cousin to come into town so we could all love on her and be happy for her upcoming baby!


Again- we went with the Airplane shower because her Dad worked as an air traffic controller and her husband works for Delta, so lots and lots of flying are in this kid future!  We designed the table to look like grass on either side of a runway…  and I love how the table turned out!  I wrapped a few of my puzzle boxes in green wrapping paper to add height without sticking out.
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Airplane baby shower boarding pass invitations

The mom to be’s dad worked as an air traffic controller her whole life and now her husband works for Delta so when we started talking about a shower our favorite theme was airplanes.  And what better invitation than an airline boarding pass???  (BTW Badger is there last name)


I mixed a few planes to create the flying cartoon image, but created my own cloud, flight lights and the airplane silhouette I used.  It was really fun.  I took a picture of a ticket and used my photoshop to lasso the shape of the tickets.


I wanted to use two pages, so I could really staple it…  AND so the front wasn’t cluttered with all the information, like where she was registered and the QR code that went to the facebook event page to make it easier for people to RSVP


I cut out the tickets with my silhouette machine and also perforated the tickets.  Not that I expected anyone to rip it off, but just for fun…  The secret to an over the top party is to leave no detail overlooked!  Plus as long as I was already cutting them out perforating took no extra time!

When I get back from SNAP I’ll work on creating printable’s for all you guys!

UPDATE: the printables are ready!

Airplane Baby Shower
Airplane baby shower
Airplane Color Flow Cookies
Airport Traffic Control Cake Tower
Airplane Boarding Pass Invitations
Airplane party printables

Airplane baby shower control tower cake

Deciding on a cake for the shower was probably the hardest part. Do I do a plane… like EVERY other airplane shower? But what can I do that’s unique? Since we were setting the table up with “grass” and a runway I decided to do an airport control tower! Kind of silly, kind of fun. The father of the mom to be is an air traffic controller, and the dad to be works for an airline, so I knew the tower would go over well!


I built the base just like the ice cream cake base, 2 circles connected with a dowel in the center. And warm rice krispy treats wrapped around the dowel, wrapped in parchment paper to hold the shape and cooled. Then I frosted it and covered it with fondant. The cake itself is 5 layers and the 2 edges carved down.
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Color Flow Airplane Cookies

This week I’m going to be sharing my airplane baby shower all week, today is the cookies, Wednesday the cake, Thursday the invitations and Friday the rest of the party, including the labels! I hope you all enjoy it! It was such a fun party to throw for my sweet cousin.


Take your favorite sugar cookies, but for this method if you want the frosting to dry hard so you can stack them you need to use royal icing, so it’s mostly sugar, and looks AMAZING, but isn’t he most tasty frosting. You CAN use my classic Sugar cookie frosting, making it thick for the outline and thin for filling in, but while the frosting will crust over you won’t be able to stack them. But it does taste better in my opinion….
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Argyle baby shower invitation tutorial

argyle baby shower invitation finished

I made these last month for the baby shower of a close friend.  It’s her first boy, so we had to celebrate!  She doesn’t have a nursery, but she was making a blanket in brown and blue, so I figured it was a great chance to work with an argyle pattern I’d been hoping to use!

argyle baby shower invitation pieces

I started by cutting out two different shades of blue card stock.  I just have a normal paper cutter, so I just angled the paper to get the shapes I wanted.

argyle baby shower invitation information

I also printed off the invitation on the blue card stock and cut it out too!

argyle baby shower invitation

Next I glued it onto the brown card stock (cut into 4ths)

argyle baby shower invitation embossed stamp

Next up stamp embossing!  I have embossing powder in the same shade of blue!!!

argyle baby shower invitation sewing lines

Now for my favorite part…  Sewing the details onto the card.  Using a darker shade of blue thread I first created a diamond shape.

argyle baby shower invitation sewn lines


argyle baby shower invitation sewing machine lines

Now to X through the design.

argyle baby shower invitation done sewing

Almost finished!

argyle baby shower invitation finishing strands

Pull the threads through the holes and knot and trim each end.

argyle baby shower invitation finished

And all done!  Put them in envelops and mail them and your all ready for the party!