End of School Printable Bookmarks


Hi, it’s Natalie here from Katarina’s Paperie. Today, I am sharing these adorable end of school printable bookmarks just in time for summer vacation. They’re the perfect little gift for end of school parties, graduations or just a something for your kids to give to their classmates to help stay in contact over the summer.

It’s amazing that once April arrives, the end of the school year seems right around the corner. When I was a teacher, believe it or not this time of year was always hard on the kids. Although they were excited about the upcoming summer holiday, they were also sad to say goodbye to their friends. Even though many of their closest pals lived in the neighborhood, our school was very big and many kids lived blocks or neighborhoods over. I always wanted to create a way to encourage them to keep in touch with each other over the summer, but never was able to find the time in the end of year chaos.


Fast forward a few years and I finally designed a set of adorable end of school printable bookmarks. Each bookmark features a cute little owl dressed for graduation and saying “Owl Miss You!”. Although I can’t use them with my own students, hopefully they will help your kids keep in touch with their friends this summer. My favorite part is that they are editable. You can type in as much or as little of your child’s information that you want. What a sweet way to stay in touch over the summer break!

You Will Need:

Free End of School Printable Bookmarks
Embroidery Floss or Yarn to Match
Hole Punch

1. Download your free end of school printable bookmarks. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, add the contact information for your child. If your child is younger, it might be best to include your email address and phone number. You could also create a new email account for your child just to keep in touch with their friends.


2. Print out your bookmarks on heavy white cardstock. Cut out your bookmarks.


3. Hole punch the top of each bookmark. To make your tassel, measure out five 6 inch strands of embroidery floss.


Thread the floss through the hole and tie a knot.


These end of school printable bookmarks are perfect for a little gift to fellow classmates. You could even laminate them to make them extra sturdy. And who knows? They might even encourage some summertime reading!

Download your free end of school printable bookmarks here:

Free End of School Printable Bookmarks

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Dressing for a Wedding

Hello again! It’s me, Deidre from Love, The Skinnys. Last month I was talking about Easter Color Blocking. If you still don’t have an Easter dress for this Sunday go check it out! This month I am focusing on the entire wedding season that is sneaking up this very second.

It seems like everyone is getting engaged and sending out their wedding invitations. With wedding season coming so quickly we all need to start thinking about what sort of items are appropriate for wedding attire. And we also need to make sure we have the right items in our closet, or on their way into our closet! Here are my top 10 dresses for wedding guests under $50 and a few rules to go with them.


a. || b.  || c.  || d.  ||  e.  || f.  ||  g.  || h.  ||  i.  ||   j.

So now that I have shown you some dresses that I love, let me show you the top 5 rules to consider what you are wearing to the wedding. These are things I always take into consideration, and on my wedding day I hoped people would also consider.

1. Do not wear white. This one should be very obvious. Whites and creams are reserved for the bride. Let her have her special day and the color that represents it. With all the colors in your closet there has to be something that won’t make you look like the jr. bride. I feel like I shouldn’t even have to mention it, but we had some wedding crashers at our reception in California that showed up and one of the girls was wearing a tight white mini dress… Don’t be that girl.

2. Dress for the location. Be aware of your surroundings. If it is outdoors and potenitlaly on grass, avoid heels. You don’t want to be aerating the grass. If it is indoors in the middle of summer, avoid long sleeves or you might stink up the joint. Pay attention to where the wedding and reception will be held to make the wedding comfortable for you too.

3.  Wear comfy shoes. New shoes at a wedding are only a good option when you know you will be sitting the entire time. But most weddings have a standing only reception, a receiving line, or a dance party at the end of the night. You don’t want to be the guest sitting on the sideline or begging for a chair once the ceremony ends.

4. Avoid sparkles, sequins, and clubwear. Anything too tight, revealing, or attention grabbing is disrespectful. A wedding is a moment to celebrate for the two in love, not to try and grab the attention of all those around you. Be modest in your outfit to show respect to the people that invited you to share their special day.

5. No jeans. This is a wedding, not a day at the mall. Dress for the occasion. It all comes back to respecting the sacredness of someone’s special day. Would you want someone to show up to your party in jeans?

When I was younger I never totally understood the importance of dressing nice for a wedding. I always fought with my parents about changing into a dress. “Why can’t I just wear what I already have on!?” Was always a question. And I always wanted to wear my “cool new jeans” or my “awesome new tee-shirt” so you can imagine how frustrated I was when they would always tell me to go put on a nice dress. But now that I am older and I have had my own wedding I totally get it.


Because the way we dress effects the way we act. And the way we act effects those around us. Beyond those few bad seeds that crashed my wedding, everyone else looked beautiful and appropriate and I was so grateful for that. So why not take the time to get the perfect wedding guest dress to keep in your closet? You don’t have to spend a boat load and you will always show respect and love for those getting married. Do you have any weddings to attend already on the books for this summer?

Easy Easter Lunch for Kids

Hello! It’s Mel again from So Festive! Celebrating is all about simple. Sure, there is still some effort required, but doing small and simple things will life meaningful and memorable.

We threw a Bunny Inspired party and today I’m going to show you what we served for lunch. You don’t have to have a full-blown Easter party to make this for your kids. Whip it up sometime this month before the Easter bunny arrives. It will be a hit!


Presentation is key for kids! The cuter it is, the more likely they are to eat it. This Easter lunch was not only cute, but healthy. Because everything was presented well, they didn’t even realize that it was good for them.


I always like to keep a stash of cupcake papers on hand. Not because I make cupcakes that often, but because they are perfect for compartmentalizing things for kids. You’ll see in our Easter Lunch we included carrots, Annie’s Bunny Crackers, and a PB &J cut into a bunny. The kale is optional, but you can’t tell me that extra bit of green doesn’t make it so much more festive?


That’s all there is to it! Let them eat away, just like little bunnies would. Bunny ears are optional. :)


To see the rest of our Bunny Themed Party, head over to So Festive!

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Printable Easter Bunny Lollipop Covers


Hi, I’m Natalie from Katarina’s Paperie and I’m so excited to be sharing a free printable every month with you.  With Easter right around the corner, I thought I’d kick off with these adorable free printable Easter bunny lollipop covers.

I’m always looking for fun treat ideas to bring to my daughter’s preschool class.  Ever since we visited the hair dresser for the first time, she has been on a lollipop kick.  She believes that everywhere we go should hand out free lollipops.

When asked recently what she wanted to share as an Easter treat with her preschool class, not surprisingly, she chose lollipops.  Not wanting to show up to school with a pile of lollipops in my arms, I created these cute free printable Easter bunny lollipop covers.  They were inspired by the Easter bunny on our Peek a Boo Bunny Birthday Invitation.  They’re easy to make and the perfect way to share a sweet treat with your special little bunnies this spring.  You could even add them to an Easter basket!

You Will Need: 

free printable Easter bunny lollipop covers

Lollipops (We used Dum Dums lollipops, but the covers are big enough to try Tootsie Pops or even Blow Pops)


Glue Dots

Twine or Narrow Ribbon


Scoring knife (and board if you have one)


1.  Print out a copy of our free printable Easter bunny lollipop covers.


Cut out your lollipop covers.


2.  Score each cover with your scoring knife along the dotted lines.  Fold at the lines to create a rectangular base and the two sides of the bunny.


3.  Attach the lollipop stick inside the back of the cover with a small piece of tape.  Fold the front of the bunny up.


Add glue dots to the top of each ear.  Press the ears together to make the bunny rabbit.


4.  Using twine or narrow ribbon, tie a little bow at the top of the bunny.

5.  If desired, write a short Easter greeting on the back of the bunny.


I can’t wait to deliver these to my daughter’s preschool class in a few weeks.  They’re sure to put everyone in the Easter spirit!


Click here to get the PDF of your printable Easter bunny lollipop covers!

Easter Gifts – Marshmallow Peeps Easter Printables

I am so excited today to share my Easter “peep” gift tags printable’s! AND printables from 6 other amazing bloggers as well. Eeek! what a fun day!

Over the Big Moon invited us to all create printables with the same color palate, thus creating a matching collection!  So smart and so pretty. These are such cute ideas I can’t wait to go print them all myself!

Easter Blog Hop

Scroll to the bottom of the post to get the links to each of these fun printables.  Notice there is another peeps on a stick?  Clearly great minds think alike!  But lets face it, peeps are the BEST Easter treat so it only makes sense.


Peeps hold the record for being the #1 non chocolate treat sold at Easter (and have for 20 years!) BUT I’m changing that!  EVERYTHING is better with chocolate.  Actually Peeps themselves now sells chocolate covered peeps if you want to take a short cut and not do this yourself!


SOOO to make these, you need PEEPS, lollipop sticks, chocolate (I like to us a 2 C pyrex for melting and dipping), 3″x4″ baggie, bakers twine and of course my labels!  I also use a flower foam block I use for drying my cake balls so they already have holes for the lollipop sticks.


This is super easy and my kids loved helping with this.  Skewer all the peeps on the lollipop sticks.


Melt the Chocolate, I have a handy “melt chocolate” button on my microwave so it’s super easy, I melted about 10 oz of my favorite dark chocolate.


Dip your peep all the way in, make sure to get the butt covered!  Pull it out and shake it off (while still part way in the cup, you don’t want to shake chocolate all over your counter).


Place the stick in to something (like I use the flower foam block) and keep dipping!  Isn’t the chocolate gorgeous???  Mmmmm


And let the chocolate Dry!  I use high quality chocolate so mine dried pretty fast and really smooth.  Is it just me? or is chocolate just so so SO pretty?


Once they are dry we can package them up to give to teachers, friends, etc…  That’s when the bags, tags and bakers twine come in handy.


I cut my bakers twine pretty long to tie my bags, then tie the tag on and add a bow!


All done and ready to hand out!  Who would you hand yours out too?  My kids are planning on giving these to school, church and piano teachers and classmates, they are each doing like 2 dozen? But it’s so easy I’m happy to let them do it!


Of course if your just going to give them to your own kids you don’t have to bag them, Princess loved modeling for me and of course loved eating them even more.  But she had to have a PINK tag…


Baby boy wasn’t so picky, he took whatever label he could get off the quickest, after the photoshoot I found a few empty wrappers and half eaten peeps all over the basement!  He’s so sneaky!


Click here to get the PDF of both the outlined and non outlined versions of these easter tags!

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The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Printable Pack

I am SO stinkin excited about this!  When I got invited to participate in this printable bundle pack I was so excited!  And SOOOOO nervous.  I probably went through like 6 designs trying to come up with something WORTHY of this pack and the other designers/bloggers participating.  In the end I picked two designs for my topic – Scavenger hunt.


22 popular bloggers & designers created 22 of the most AMAZING printable packs to make this the most successful & memorable Valentine’s Day (WEEK) you’ve EVER had!!
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