Frozen Snow Globe Rings

This was the craft I was most excited about for the party!  Create your own snow globe rings!  These are great because you can put ANYTHING in them!  I bought extra so the kids and I can play around and have fun!

an easy tutorial to create your own snow globe rings

First you want to start with the ring!  I got mine from this cute Etsy Shop – Ingredients for Lovely.  I bought the ring base and glass globe sets sized 20mm ring base, 30mm diameter of globe.


Then I wanted the kids to create an ice mountain type look to the inside of the ring, so using E-6000 glue I helped the kids glue a bunch of turquoise and clear rhinestones to the center


Make sure the glass globes will still fit around whatever you put in the center.  SERIOUSLY, check before it dries!  Once your sure it fits let the center dry completely.


Now to decide on your filling.  I love the mini Styrofoam balls that I  used on the invitations.  I got mine from a travel pillow!  But you can use glitter, iridescent flakes, etc…


Squeeze some of the filling into the globe.  I will say DON’T overfill it, it’s surprising how little you need to get the look you want


Now add some glue to the edge of the glass globe and place it in the ring base, now HOLD IT until it dries enough to leave it.  IF you use the styrofoam a word of warning,  if you seal it (air tight) when you glue it together the balls will shrink and get stuck to the bottom and not move anymore.  SO I just add glue to one side and the other making sure to leave a bit of space for air


Princess loved these rings as much as I did!  She experimented with all the different fillers, her favorite was the iridescent flakes, but she added a TON, you can’t even see the rhinestone “ice mountain” anymore!


My favorite?  I grabbed a dandelion from the backyard and shoved about half the fuzz into a ring!  Seriously love it!  Going to enlarge my ring base so I can wear it as a statement piece!


What would you put into a snow globe ring?  I think I’m going to try succulents next?  Just need to figure out a way to be able to add moisture to it when it needs it.

Frozen Party Supplies – Candles

I usually focus on the party FOOD, but to really round out a party you want to take a few moments to think about the decorations too!  Setting the table is what rounds the party out!  I’ve been focusing more on the little touches this year!

create snowy frozen candles to decorate with using epsom salt and mod podge

I came up with a ton of fun projects that are snow based, I can’t wait to share them all!  Snow balls, Trees, etc…  And today adding a snowy effect to candles. It’s SUPER easy and looks great!


No Frozen party is complete without some snowy decorations.  And Candles are always a nice touch!  So I bought a bunch of simple white candles, some Mod Podge and Epsom salt to get started!


Brush the mod podge on the long candles


Roll them in the epsom salt until they are completely covered.


Do the same thing with the squatty candles too


And another roll in the epsom salt…


And they are all done and ready for the party!  In fact my kids love them so much we still have them decorating our house!  I will say they don’t burn too well, the narrow ones leave a funny smell that my husband doesn’t like.

Welcome our 2014 Contributors

You guys! I was so nervous to put out a call for Contributors 2 weeks ago! What if I didn’t get ANY? Or the bigger question, am I really ready to do this? I’ve been a one woman show for almost 7 year! And I LIKE it!

Back to School pictures – Chelsea

When blogs first started using contributors I was adamantly against it. After all I started reading that blog because I like THAT blogger and their style, not someone else’s? Also? I felt that maybe the larger blogger was taking advantage of a smaller blogger. So I dismissed it.

How to use a wet saw to cut tile – Cher

Then a friend of mine became a contributor, and I began to change my mind! Seeing it from the contributors side, there were some benefits to it that I hadn’t seen. Then Google announced the direction they will be taking their SEO rankings, more weight on social influence, etc… So the more your connected with other sites the better.

Hair History
Dear Hair – Deidre

I started looking into it more by asking bloggers on both sides of thing, hosting and contributing, what they liked and DIDN’T like about contributing. I’m so grateful for those bloggers who took the time to share their impressions and feelings with me. I decided to keep moving forward with the idea of adding a team to the site.

Almond Coconut Granola – Laura

The next worry was more personal, what if I pick people and they HATE working with me? I’ve had a rough patch lately of finding out people I respect think I’m controling and manipulative. I admit I’m somewhat of a perfectionist nd a little OCD, I like things done a certain way… What if I’m a terrible “boss”? OR what if, like I feared, they feel taken advantage of?

Crochet Peter Pan Collars – Lindsay

Anyway, I decided it was worth a shot and I put the post out there. My first fear, that no one would be interested, was unfounded. I was humbled and excited to read the many wonderful submissions. So many bloggers have such great stories to share and tell. It is so hard to pick between multiple GOOD submissions!

20 min bon voyage dinner party – Melissa

I didn’t take adding people to my site lightly and I took my time, reading and rereading submissions, 6 months or more of blog posts, really trying to get a feel for each of the bloggers, trying to not only pick someone amazing from each niche, but to pick people I thought would work together and be a well balanced team.

bow bunting – Missy

Over the last week these gals have been getting to know me, and each other. Getting their about me pages ready and are busy getting their first posts ready to go for you! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do, and go follow their blogs and other social media, you won’t be sorry!!!

teachers thank you cards
Teacher Thank you cards printable – Natalie

ANYWAY, enough rambling here is the 2014 Contributing team!!!! (I linked their names to their “about” pages, or you can click “about” in the navigation bar to see them all)


The first Wednesday of the month will be such a treat! Melissa from So Festive will be doing Parties!!! Little details, larger projects, DIY, Holiday’s and more! Her blog is LOVELY and you all should be following her! Her 2 min tips and A to Z lessons are wonderful!


The first Friday of the month will be the AMAZING Laura from Fresh and Happy. You all know I don’t love veggies and healthy food, but she makes it look SO good. Her food is seriously gorgeous and she’s going to be treating us to some amazingness


The second Monday of the month my seriously talented baby sister, Chelsea from Chelsea Peterson Photography, will be teaching us photography, from terms, auto, manual, what to wear in pictures and more! I have learned so so SOOOO much over the last few years from her. She’s a great photographer and a wonderful teacher as well, I’m SO excited!


The second Wednesday of the month I am TICKLED to have Missy from Missy Dear sharing Crafts with us! Missy has a great blogging history in the craft blogging world and we are in for a HUGE treat!


The third Tuesday of the month Cher from Designs by Studio C is UBER talented! Like a degree in DRAFTING talented! And she’s going to share awesome DIY’s with us! From around the house and more! I can not WAIT! I’ve already commissioned her help in drafting some plans for my boys room! It’s going to be EPIC!


The third Thursday of the month is going to be FAAAAAAABulous! Ms. Deidre of Love the Skinny’s will be sharing fashion and more! I was attracted to the way she her natural voice comes out, unedited, and just spewing forth (in a good way). I do it a lot (I think out loud) and it always gets me into trouble, but I appreciate it in others.


The fourth Tuesday of the month we get to hear from the sweet Lindsay from Love City! She love to crochet and knit and creates for her etsy store and blog and her sweet boys. Her blog just exudes happiness, and I love her patterns, I hope you all will too!


and the fourth Thursday of the month we are lucky enough to have the OVERLY talented Natalie of Katarina’s Paperie sharing her incredible printables. Seriously they are so cute and whimsical and I am so in love with her designs!

And of course there is still me! I hope after all this awesomeness you aren’t disappointed when I post. I encourage you to head over to their blogs and welcome them and of course follow on Social media to not miss anything great!

So out of this talented group of ladies and their many talents what are you looking forward to the most?? Any requests you’d like to see or learn?

Looking for Contributors 2014

The time has come” the walrus said… wait… am I calling myself a walrus in this situation? GAH. ANYWAY I’ve been a one woman show here at I’m Topsy Turvy from the beginning. I have loved it, I love everything about it. I love designing, coding, teaching, sharing, posting, etc… ALL of it. BUT blogging is changing, and one women shows are dying left and right. It’s a lot to do, run a full time blog while taking care of my family AND work on NEW and exciting projects!

The good news? I have a ton of new plans for the blog that I think you’ll enjoy, bad news is I’m having a hard time “doing it all”. SOOOO I’m looking for a team. People who love what’s already going on here and want to keep it up with me! I’m looking for a few contributors to each post just ONCE a month.


I’m looking for:

  • People who are crazy talented but don’t want to run a blog (it’s a LOT of work).
  • People who are just starting out and want to learn more about blogging (I love to teach).
  • Or maybe a long time blogger looking to expand your SEO influence by contributing.

I’m not just looking for contributors for the sake of filling up my posting schedule. If I don’t find the right fit I won’t fill it. I’m patient and in no hurry. I’d rather keep going the way it’s always been, just me, than have someone whose not the right fit.


  • One blog post a month 300-500 words
  • With 4-5 pictures (or more if it’s a tutorial), with at least three amazing finished images.
  • You’ll use your own username and password and have your own authorship, I’ll need a headshot, bio and it would best if you have your own google + account


  • Be creative, unique ideas, posts, etc… No stealing, copying, or recreating something that’s been done a thousand times
  • Have a nice camera, DSLR is best, and be comfortable using it
  • Know how to edit pictures or have good editing software (I can teach you how to use it)
  • Feel comfortable writing and have a fun personality that comes out when you write
  • Responsible, able to make deadlines.
  • If you don’t know how to blog be willing and ready and excited to learn the basics


  • Exposure to my audience
  • Learning, photography, blogging, social media, I’m happy to teach and share
  • Social media shares if you have your own blog
  • And some monetary compensation, monthly as well as a bonus for posts that do well
  • Potential opportunities for reviews, sponsored posts and joining me at events and conferences

If any of this sounds fun or a good fit for you or someone you know fill out the info below (or forward this post to someone you think would be amazing). I’m looking for posts on Parties, Crochet or Knitting patterns, Fashion, Printables, Crafts, DIY, Photography OR Any suggestions??? I’m totally open to talent!

Best day ever

Guess what I woke up to???? This AWESOME post about my cakes and shop over at Today’s Creative blog! I got to meet Kim in real life last summer and can I just say she’s so much fun! I’m still a pretty small blogger, and each time I meet a “big” blogger I have to admit I’m always nervous. Some of the traditional Mommy bloggers have been disappointing, but not the “big” craft blogger! They are always amazing. Kim is so kind and REAL! It was so much fun meeting her! I can’t wait to catch up again at Creative Estates in April!