Fabric Paint and Stencil Home Decoration

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It’s SPRING!  Time to shake off winter and update our homes!  I love to bring new color into the house in small ways (I can’t afford to make BIG changes).  Like painting curtains, changing your mantel, etc…


So when the chance came to try out these fun Stencils and fabric paints from “I love to create”/Tulip I was excited to give it them a try!  These will work on all fabric’s, curtains, rugs, canvas, furniture and more!


First off…  you don’t want the fabric to bleed through the layers so put some wax paper in the middle of your paper, or underneath your project!

tulip-fabric-paint-stencils-pillowcase-wax paper

To get crisp lines from your stencil, whatever the shape, you want the stencil to stic, well to your surface.  This adhesive spray is AMAZING!  you don’t need very much either.  Spray it lightly onto the BACK (the dull side, the shiny side is for paint) of the stencil, leave it for just a bit and it will get tacky.


Then stick it to your pillow/surface.  I sticks really well too!  I laid it in place softly, then pulled the pillow tight underneath and pressed it down!  Then using a paper plate, or more wax paper using a roller spread the paint over the stencil.


Wait a min or two then pull the stencil up (you don’t want to let it dry).  If you use too much of the adhesive spray you’ll have a hard time pulling it up.


Let it dry completely then you can lay over another stencil and use more fabric paint to add a secondary image!  BTW make sure after the first time you use the adhesive you remember to hold it upside down and press the button to clean the nozzle.  I didn’t do it and it clogged, ARGGGG rookie mistake!


Peel it away… I love that it didn’t peel up or mess the original paint layer!  And while I wasn’t surprised the stripes had nice straight lines I wasn’t sure what the crown would do?  I love the metallic paint too!  A nice pretty shine without being obnoxious!


And done!  I actually made this one for my girls bedroom… but NO ONE wants to see that room.  I’m thinking about making a few more than using the same stencil on some new curtains.  I love turquoise and metallics!  How about you? What colors are you loving right now?


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Here are more of the projects made by bloggers for this campaign!

Frozen Party Supplies – Candles

I usually focus on the party FOOD, but to really round out a party you want to take a few moments to think about the decorations too!  Setting the table is what rounds the party out!  I’ve been focusing more on the little touches this year!

create snowy frozen candles to decorate with using epsom salt and mod podge

I came up with a ton of fun projects that are snow based, I can’t wait to share them all!  Snow balls, Trees, etc…  And today adding a snowy effect to candles. It’s SUPER easy and looks great!


No Frozen party is complete without some snowy decorations.  And Candles are always a nice touch!  So I bought a bunch of simple white candles, some Mod Podge and Epsom salt to get started!


Brush the mod podge on the long candles


Roll them in the epsom salt until they are completely covered.


Do the same thing with the squatty candles too


And another roll in the epsom salt…


And they are all done and ready for the party!  In fact my kids love them so much we still have them decorating our house!  I will say they don’t burn too well, the narrow ones leave a funny smell that my husband doesn’t like.

Christmas Rocking Moose with Sharpies

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #StaplesSharpie http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

When the chance came up to make a Christmas project with Sharpie’s I was so inspired!  When I was shopping for Sharpies at Staples they were having a great sale so I actually grabbed about 6 packs!  I got a 12 pack or rainbow for $6 and the metallic 4 packs for $5 and a few more!! You’ll be seeing more Sharpie projects soon!


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Mothers Day gift- Family Tree Canvas

Yesterday I shared the Family subway art pillowcase I made for my traveling Mom…  Today is the family tree art I made for my Mother in law!  She likes browns, golds, and metallic in her decorating so the metallic and pearl colors of the Plaid- Martha Stewart collection paint was PERFECT!


I actually used a lot more from the bag of goodies Plaid Crafts sent me for this project!  I made a few mistakes and there are a few things I’d change if Iwas going to do it again….
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Teacher appreciation Canvas art

This month is Autism Awareness and next week is Teacher appreciation. Since my children attend a Charter school for children on the autism spectrum I wanted to make my teachers gifts have a slight autism theme to them.


Since the symbol for autism is multi colored puzzle pieces I decided to make those my centerpiece, and found a fun puzzle quote that seemed teacher appropriate as well.
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SNAP Conference, The Cake!

I’m not sure if you heard or not, but last weekend was SNAP here in UT! I was tickled and a bit overwhelmed when Tauni asked me to make a cake showpiece for the first night’s dinner! Eeek!


After a few weeks of brainstorming and playing with various designs I decided on this new Topsy Turvy Style of cake, with each layer representing a current trend in the craft world, in SNAP colors!!
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