The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Printable Pack

I am SO stinkin excited about this!  When I got invited to participate in this printable bundle pack I was so excited!  And SOOOOO nervous.  I probably went through like 6 designs trying to come up with something WORTHY of this pack and the other designers/bloggers participating.  In the end I picked two designs for my topic – Scavenger hunt.


22 popular bloggers & designers created 22 of the most AMAZING printable packs to make this the most successful & memorable Valentine’s Day (WEEK) you’ve EVER had!!
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Our Valentines Recap

I waited until the last minute yet again to create the valentines for the kids this year. I pre plan and make a lot of things, small holiday stuff isn’t one of them. (yes I consider Valentines a small holiday).


I took pencils and some pretty scrapbooking paper and created these pinwheels. Since the pencils and paper were all different each one turned out unique! The kids loved them!
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Pink Heart shaped Valentines pizza!

I don’t do a LOT for most holiday’s. But I grew up with colored food. Pink milk, eggs, etc… I already shared my pink scones and for dinner this weekend we decide to go with a pink heart shaped pizza for dinner!

I MEANT to dye the dough too, but forgot to add the red until it was too late. I LOVE my bread machine pizza dough recipe, it’s PERFECTION. The key to getting colored dough (which I’ve done for quite a few holiday’s including our green shamrock St Patrick day pizza a few years ago!)

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk Valentines scones

I’ve mentioned before how much we love breakfast for dinner at our house. These are more like breakfast for snack or dessert! Or lunch, or midnight snack, etc… I make a TRIPLE batch of these and eat them for pretty much every meal until they are gone!


I’ve shared this chocolate chunk scone recipe before with just chocolate, but I SOMEHOW ran out of mini chocolate chips (my go to for scones and pancakes) so I used regular size chocolate chips and as I was getting them out I saw the peanut butter chips and they sounded so good I did half and half!
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Valentines cake

cream cheese icing frosting ruffle cake martha stewart
For Valentines I was actually on a trip visiting my folks, sister and niece’s and nephews up in the great northern tip of Idaho! It was 2 of my niece’s birthday’s, and my first time back up in Coeur d’Alene in 3 1/2 years! Anyway, it also happened to be Valentines, and while my hubby was back at home with the boys the girls and I were happy to spend it with so much family (both sets of MY grandparents were there too, it was my oldest niece’s 8th birthday, which is a big deal for us)
Anyway, I got to make the cake for the family birthday party/Valentines party! I had seen this cake a while ago (martha stewart) and been wanting to try it! I used cream cheese frosting for a better flavor. I started with a thin crumb coat but because it’s so runny and thin I kept the frosting refrigerated, and every few columns I had to put the cake back in the fridge too, so it wouldn’t all puddle off. It would be much easier with butter cream, but luckily it’s a nice and moist cake, so the fridge didn’t dry it out too much.
valentines cake ruffle pink

Valentines hair

Both of my girls have short hair and tender heads. So I tend to try to be nice about it and not “do” their hair every day. But while we were visiting my family it was not only Valentines, but my niece’s birthday and baptism. So with that many special events rolled into one I just had to do something cute. I grew up with SUPER long hair, like down past your bum hair. My mom did it every day in some cute way. But my girls just aren’t into it, and obviously I rebeled since I havn’t had hair past my shoulders since… 1995? In fact I chopped it off again this weekend, the longest strand? 2 inches. ANYWAY, I needed something cute you could do with short hair, and then I saw this!
I only got two hearts on my youngest, and 1 heart on my oldest, but it turned out cute, subtle, but sweet. I liked it!