Thanksgiving recipes

Have you enjoyed having Thanksgiving recipes this week?  Would you like me to do more holiday based posts? Or do you like just one recipe a week mixed in with other items?  Next week will be more Mustard recipes I created for the contest!  Don’t forget to go vote, I have a $50 Target Giftcard Giveaway as an incentive to vote for me (and I’ll add another $50 GC every 100 votes!)


I didn’t want to make an ENTIRE Pre Thanksgiving meal myself, AND I didn’t want to try to squeeze in 12+ recipe posts in one week! So I thought by inviting some other amazing local foodies we could get a great spread, and we could all bring our favorite items!
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How to Cook a Turkey

I love Turkey, Like seriously one of my all time favorite food!  I make a Turkey as often as I can, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter at least!  So when we decided to do an early Thanksgiving dinner with other bloggers I was thrilled to make another one!


I’ve made around 30+ turkey’s over the last 13 years I’ve been married.  I’ve tried a lot of different techniques to get a flavorful, juicy turkey.  Injecting, brining, roasting, deep frying, basting, stuffed, unstuffed, etc…  Some of these taste amazing, most of them are very dry and ALL of them take a lot of work.
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Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pie Recipe

So I love traditional pumpkin pie, but I really REALLY love this cream cheese pumpkin pie.  My sister made it a few years ago for me and now it’s all I use!  It’s not as heavy as a full pumpkin cheesecake, but it’s creamy with a smooth texture.  AND with the swirls on top it’s pretty!  Although I think my sister get’s her’s prettier than mine!


The one thing I noticed the last time I made it is that while it looked done on top the center of the bottom of the crust was a little underdone, so make sure you check under your pan,  you might need to add a little time.  OR check your oven temp.  I think mine was a little low this time around (it’s usually high so I tend to go lower on purpose and I think I over lowered it)
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Creamy Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Last week In invited some local bloggers to my house for a Fakesgiving.  We all brought some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes to share with you!  I’ll be sharing mine all week and Friday we’ll all link to the rest of the recipes so you can enjoy everything we made!

I love Mashed Potatoes, seriously, soooo good.  And so easy to make! So they were an easy choice for me to make.  Did you know that there are over 40,000 monthly searches of “how to make mashed potatoes”???  Who knew!  So I’m happy to share the way I make them with you guys today!


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Thanksgiving Table Settings and Printables

I actually created all these labels and put together this table 2 years ago, but I’m just NOW finally sharing it!  Perfect for our monthly Point of View link party, don’t forget to come link up your tabletop posts!

We had Thanksgiving with my sister, Chelsea Peterson Photography, her family and our parents. It was fun planning out the table ! We first decided on a color scheme, nothing too strange, orange, red, yellow and burgundy!  We wanted both food labels AND place settings with everyone’s name’s, even all the kids.  We also decided to add Mason jars and raffia as well. [Read more...]