Saint Patrick’s Day Party Favors

Hello Im Topsy Turvy readers! I’m Mel from So Festive! and I’m so excited to be a new party and holiday contributor here on the first Wednesday of every month. I love any excuse to celebrate, big or small. And I’m going to share simple ideas to make your holidays, parties, and life a bit more festive.

Do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? I think it’s one of those holidays that either is a big deal or isn’t for most people. We wear green, have a visit from the Little Leprechaun, and have a green dinner.

Regardless of you celebrate, here’s 2 simple Saint Patrick Day party favors you can make in a flash.


Here’s what you’ll need to make the Saint Patrick’s Day pot of gold. Who doesn’t love gold. Or chocolate?


To make your pot of gold:

1. Spray the outside of a baby food jar black and let completely dry. (About 20 minutes).

2. Fill the jar completely with gold chocolate coins, or stuff it with crinkle gift wrap shred like this:


3. Then fill with chocolate coins and tie with a piece of ribbon to give it a nice finish.


To make the shamrock place setting, you’ll need: 


And here’s how you do it:


If you aren’t having a dinner party, you could still have kids make these for an afternoon craft. The possibilities are endless!

little-leprechaun-gifts pot-of-gold

See what the Little Leprachaun brought us last year over on my site. There’s also another easy Saint Patrick Day Pot of Gold Idea that you might like.

Hope you have a festive Saint Patrick’s Day!

Pot O’ Gold cake tutorial

Last year I shared my Pot O’ Gold cake, but I shared it the DAY of St. Patrick’s day so I figured there was no reason to share the tutorial. But THIS year there is still time so here it is!!!


Even a year later I’m still THRILLED with how this cake came together! This and my pumpkin are easily the best holiday cakes EVER (if I do say so myself) still trying to come up with the PERFECT Christmas cake….
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St Patricks day- Pot of gold cake & crochet baby top hat

Happy St Patrick’s day!  My sister throws a fun party for her little girls and their friends every year for St. Patrick’s day.  Since they now live in UT we got to go this year!  It’s potluck style so I brought a pot full of luck!  HA HA HA HA!!!!!  I crack my self up!!!  I’m HILARIOUS (Baby Boy is sickish and so full of snot right now he’s not nursing or sleeping very good so I’m over the top tired…  And when I get tired I’m pretty sure I get more funny!)!


No really, this is a Pot ‘O Gold… CAKE!  Yup, cake, I am TICKLED by how good this one turned out!  I even took pictures of the whole process but figured since it’s too late this year I’ll pre-post it for NEXT year, but I still wanted to share at least the finished pictures with you!  I just used chocolate coins, but it would have also been fun to use fondant coined painted with gold edible spray paint, but honestly the kids like the chocolate coins better!
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Homemade Root beer- Family Time

It’s St. Patricks day this week!  And while we don’t drink beer we do enjoy ROOT beer!!!  And my favorites?  Root beer floats!


Did you know you can make root beer at home?  There are a few variations and recipes out there, one is even on the back of the root beer extract recipe.  BUT we’re scientists at our house, so we went searching for a version made with dry ice!  Fun to make AND fun to drink!
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This week for dinner- St. Patrick’s day Pizza’s

 green st patricks day pizza chicken alfredo pizza done
We made Green Shamrock shaped chicken alfredo pizza’s!  We actually made three, but only 2 fit at the table at a time.  The right is the kids pizza, with chicken, green onions, garlic, mozzarella and parmesan.  On the left is a more grown up version adding mushrooms and spinach to the mix.
st patricks day pizza dough green bread machine
I have to say I love my bread machine.  I don’t use it as often and I should or even want too!  I forget about bread until it’s too late WAY too often.  Which is sad because I love bread!  Anyway, I have a great machine with a dough setting.  We’re actually big enough now that I really need a larger machine, but we’re making due without leftovers these days.  I actually do 1 1/2 of this recipe and with the 6 cups of bread flour that’s pushing it!  Last time my sweet hubby started the dough for me while I was out doing errands and didn’t know where I kept the bread flour.  It was WAY less dough that way, and just not nearly as wonderful, so stick with the bread flour.  To get the color I dyed the water before I put all the dry ingredients in.

Bread machine pizza dough
1 ¼ C water
2 Tbsp olive oil
4 C bread flour
1 ½ tsp salt
½ tsp sugar
1 tsp bread machine yeast
Place in bread machine in order of manufacturer’s directions- liquid first or dry first. Start dough setting. Knock back dough, roll out two 12 inch rounds.

So with the 1 1/2 recipe I get 3 pizza’s out of this dough.  So knock down the dough and separate it into three balls.  To create the shamrock shape this is what I tried.  I thought they worked out really well!  I rolled it out a bit to create a circle.
st patricks day pizza green dough rolling out
I cut two short notches to create a stem and two longer notches to create the third leaf.
cut shape green shamrock st patricks day pizza doughedit
I tried to squish the corners back into the dough a bit so it wouldn’t just turn into a circle with notches…
st patricks day green pizza dough shamrock
and rolled it out.  This dough is amazing, especially if you like your pizza dough thick.  It’s wonderful.  But it doesn’t create the best thin crust in my opinion, a bit tough for that.  Maybe if I cooked it longer…
st patricks day pizza dough green shamrock rolled out
Anyway, cook the pizza dough at 425 for 5-6 mins (and on a pizza stone, try it, there is no turning back it’s terrific!), they won’t be all the way done, but that’s how we want it, since we’ll be cooking it with the toppings more latter.  While that’s cooking make the alfredo!  You can use store bought if you’d rather, but I have a great homemade recipe that’s easy, foolproof and tastes great!  I added the dye to the milk and cream before I started cooking them.  In this picture the colors off.  I need better lighting for the kitchen pictures.
st patricks day green Alfredo sauce
When the pizza crust came out half done I added the alfredo right too it.  When I first started making this pizza I added WAYYY to much sauce.  I know what your thinking, how can there be such a  thing as too much alfredo???  But it just doesn’t work on a pizza.  It’s surprising how little sauce you really need actually.  Luckily I learned from a pro (thanks Robert) who used to make pizza for a paycheck.
 green st patricks day pizza alfredo pizza
And finally add your toppings.  I like to sauté my chicken and at the end add the garlic and onions to cook just a bit.  I spread that mixture around and top with mozzarella and parmesan.  Really you can add anything, my hubby likes the mushrooms and spinach and I bet some of you out there have great suggestions too!  Through it back in the oven at 425 for another 5 mins to let the cheese melt and the crust finish and your ready to go!
 green st patricks day pizza chicken alfredo pizza
We at ours with a green table cloth, with spinach salad, green cups and of course green milk!  I hope you all had great St. Patrick’s day and even better meals!
 green st patricks day pizza chicken alfredo pizza dinner