that old man- things kids say

At our recent family reunion camping trip we had some really funny moments of “things kids say”. My favorite one was Lego Boy yet again. He’s at that age where he’s still figuring out how all the family relations work together. Like last time “I don’t have a mother“, so we’re working on it.

At the reunion we were sitting around the fire the first night and Lego boy asked where G’ma was. Since we LIVE with my husbands parents he’s used to one set of G’ma and G’pa P already. But we don’t get to see my folks very often so he was confused.

(BIL, Dad and Sister)
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I don’t have a mother- Things Kids Say

I’m going to be starting a new theme on Sunday’s. Not every Sunday, just when something comes up! Things my kids say! Mostly this is for my own records and memories. I used to have a good memory and these are the things you never think your going to forget, and yet you do! Time goes on and it’s gone! So I’m going to start with something Lego Boy said on Mothers day. To give you just a BIT of background Lego Boy is my most EXPRESSIVE boy, in voice, and especially in his facial expressions. He has the BEST eyebrows EVER, and the cutest little speech impediment! And check out those chocolate brown eyes. I just love this sweet little boy.


We were in the car driving to my SIL’s house to celebrate with my husbands family. On the way we called my mom and sang “happy mothers day to you” (to the tune of Happy Birthday). Afterwards I passed the phone around to each of the kids and let them each talk to G’ma. My oldest claimed to have made up the song. So my mom was already laughing when it was Lego boys turn. Now because of his speech issues he’s hard to understand most of the time for other people. Not only in person, but over the phone it’s even harder so I was listening very carefully so I could interpret for my mom when my turn came.


I heard Lego boy say “I don’t have a one of those” pause “I don’t have a mother”… Huh??? That’s news to me? I couldn’t wait to talk to my mom and hear just what they were talking about!

So here is how it went!

G’ma- “did you sing to your mother for Mothers day?” (the young kids sing in church to the mom’s every year)
Lego Boy- “I don’t have one of those”
G’ma- “what don’t you have?”
Lego Boy- “I don’t have a mother”
G’ma- “you don’t? What about your mom?”
Lego Boy- “I have a mom and dad, not a mother”
G’ma- “well a mom is the same things as a mother”
Lego Boy- “ohhhh I did not KNOW that!”


You have to hear is sweet, speech impaired voice to truly appreciate it, but it was just adorable.

Then last month on Fathers day he told me “A father is the same thing as a Dad!” so proud that he figured it out for himself! Oh I love love LOVE my sweet sweet boy.