Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen is clearly the party theme of the YEAR! And Princess is NO exception to that! I don’t think there was even a second choice when it came to her party this year.  I had so much fun planning this party!  I started with a pinterest board, and went from there.

complete Frozen birthday party with themed food crafts and fun #disneyside #frozenfun #topsyturvyparties

The big thing for me was the cake (or in this case, CAKES).  I debated doing a huge cake based on the ice castle, or doing a multi tiered cake representing different characters, but in the end I decided to go with the princess cakes because those tutorials have been so popular in the past and I thought it would be a fun challenge!


I am really happy with how they turned out overall.  I had 5 sleepless nights the week of the party between preparing and a few sick nights with the baby.  Boo. SO the final night I was moving a bit slow so I didn’t QUITE get the cakes RIGHT where I wanted them.  But I bet most people won’t notice the changes I would have made!


I wanted to capture the ombre look of Elsa’s dress, the crystallized lines in the dress and a thin cape.  I wish I had added some sugar crystals to the bodice top and wish I’d been able to get some snowflake stencils on her cape.


With Anna I love how she turned out!  I wish I had looked at the picture one more time and cut a curve to the short portion of her cape, and maybe figured out how to add some small beads around the cape edge, or painted just a bit more detail.  Overall I love her!


When deciding what to make for the food table I debated doing the food theme by character or sticking with all white foods?  I decided I wanted color on my table so I went with creating a different food item for each character!


Could anything be more fun than Olaf?  I was at Walt Disney World last month and got to see some cast members create olaf caramel and chocolate covered apples. BUT I didn’t love the round apple shape, I decided pears would be PERFECT!  And bonus?  Caramel covered pears are AMAZING!


Olaf actually has two, I love how my snow covered water bottles, aka Melted Olaf, turned out!  I guess I could have just done melted snow, but I love Olaf’s sweet silhouette for the labels!


Deciding what to do for the Trolls was super easy, Cake Balls! (actually Oreo Truffle balls, I like the way they taste better).  Using a scoop to keep them all even is the key, and keeping them cool but not too cold.  Then add a stick and dip them in grey chocolate.  When they were dry I used a gorgeous green luster dust to create green “moss” patches!


Hans… oh Hans, I debated leaving him off, but stuck with Sandwiches!  CHOCOLATE sandwiches (nutella) that I cut with a snowflake cookie cutter to keep them cute!  And for Kristoff I wanted to do ice blocks, but real ice blocks aren’t very tasty so I made blue Gelatin “Jigglers” for our ice cubes!  The kids LOVED them!


Sven…  Could it be anything other than carrots?  I guess Olaf could be carrots too, but he has so many options already.  Let’s face it, the kids didn’t love it, but it’s always nice to have something for the adults that are attending with their kids and DON’T want to eat a few lbs of sugar!


These were easy enough for the kids to help me with.  I made a batch of my sugar cookies and died the dough green.  Then we used various sizes of snowflake cookie cutters.  Once they cooled we frosted them with white icing and stacked them.  In fact The Reader did all the frosting and stacking for me, she did a terrific job!


Suckers aren’t always the right fit for a party, but they were PERFECT for this party!  I choose a snowflake shape for these, I added a bit of turquoise to these and while you can’t tell a TON of blue sugar crystals to give it an extra sparkle.  Peppermint flavoring gave it a nice cool flavor, the kids downed these.


I had plans for Snow ball peppermint ice cream and Frozen hot chocolate as well, but I tend to plan too much and some things get left at the end.  We had more than enough food and they weren’t missed!  The Styrofoam pine trees, snow balls and snowy candles just added to the table.

I added boxes for height, giving it a mountain feel and used this AMAZING Ofelia blanket from Ikea to top the table.  It stretches huge and has great  texture like snow!  AND the backdrop… I love love LOVE my huge paper snowflakes I created for my backdrop!


We had a VERY long short table for the kids crafts and activities.  I covered it with fake snow and these Styrofoam snowballs the kids helped me make and a few of the smaller paper snowflakes.  Since we invited 18 little girls I planed a LOT of crafts and activities and we didn’t even get to half (but you never know, girls can go through crafts SO fast)


Felt hair clips (my plans were to create snow flake shapes for the girls to be like Elsa, but we let them cut their own and not a single girl did snowflakes!).  AND my favorite, these snow globe rings!  LOVE! They match our invitations too, just perfection.


We also did epsom salt painting, the girls loved seeing their painting designs go from looking like water to lovely crystallized designs.  Then since it was spring we made our own fake snow!  My kids ADORE this fake snow and we’ve made it quite a few times since the party!


So the birthday girl loved the party, she had a great time, and that’s all that really matters, right?  She had guests from school, the neighborhood and family so it was an odd mix, but because we kept everyone busy it went great!  They all shared, took turns and were a joy!  I think I’m going to enjoy seven!

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Frozen Snow Globe Rings

This was the craft I was most excited about for the party!  Create your own snow globe rings!  These are great because you can put ANYTHING in them!  I bought extra so the kids and I can play around and have fun!

an easy tutorial to create your own snow globe rings

First you want to start with the ring!  I got mine from this cute Etsy Shop – Ingredients for Lovely.  I bought the ring base and glass globe sets sized 20mm ring base, 30mm diameter of globe.


Then I wanted the kids to create an ice mountain type look to the inside of the ring, so using E-6000 glue I helped the kids glue a bunch of turquoise and clear rhinestones to the center


Make sure the glass globes will still fit around whatever you put in the center.  SERIOUSLY, check before it dries!  Once your sure it fits let the center dry completely.


Now to decide on your filling.  I love the mini Styrofoam balls that I  used on the invitations.  I got mine from a travel pillow!  But you can use glitter, iridescent flakes, etc…


Squeeze some of the filling into the globe.  I will say DON’T overfill it, it’s surprising how little you need to get the look you want


Now add some glue to the edge of the glass globe and place it in the ring base, now HOLD IT until it dries enough to leave it.  IF you use the styrofoam a word of warning,  if you seal it (air tight) when you glue it together the balls will shrink and get stuck to the bottom and not move anymore.  SO I just add glue to one side and the other making sure to leave a bit of space for air


Princess loved these rings as much as I did!  She experimented with all the different fillers, her favorite was the iridescent flakes, but she added a TON, you can’t even see the rhinestone “ice mountain” anymore!


My favorite?  I grabbed a dandelion from the backyard and shoved about half the fuzz into a ring!  Seriously love it!  Going to enlarge my ring base so I can wear it as a statement piece!


What would you put into a snow globe ring?  I think I’m going to try succulents next?  Just need to figure out a way to be able to add moisture to it when it needs it.

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Frozen Fake Snow

Can you have a Frozen party without snow????  Nope!  Even though it was a beautiful warm day out, like Olaf, we needed some cool snow to enjoy!  So HOW do you make your own snow???

great sensory play with fake frozen snow, it's easy to make and fun to  play with

I tried about 4 different recipes before I was happy with one!  I have to say it’s easy and so freakin amazing!  For those of you whose kids have sensory issues like mine you will LOVE this!  Even my husband couldn’t stop playing with it!


Frozen Fake Snow

Frozen Fake Snow


  • 32 oz of corn starch/
  • 1 can of shaving cream
  • Peppermint Extract (optional)
  • Iridescent Flakes (optional


  1. pour the cornstarch into a bowl or onto a pan (or 2 pans)
  2. spray the shaving cream onto the cornstarch
  3. mix the two together (with yoru hands, it's so fun)
  4. when your happy with the texture add the peppermint and glitter if you want
  5. ENJOY
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It’s such a cool texture!  And it just get’s better.  We left back some of the cornstarch and shaving cream so we could add more of one or the other if we needed too.  It’s amazing how it’s powdery but cool, and still can be formed too!


It’s great by itself, but for an extra SHINE we added a ton of glittery iridescent flakes, although I don’t know that it really did anything, but the girls THOUGHT it did and they loved taking turns sprinkling it into the snow!


If you want to be able to form snowballs add a bit more shaving cream…  Princess was pretty thrilled with her Snowball!


and when it crumbles it’s pretty darn cool too!  Baby Boy couldn’t keep a ball for very long (but how precious are those cute hands???)


This is an activity we’ll be doing often!  the kids couldn’t get enough, we’ve done it a few times since the party, it’s great outside and easy to clean up!  Just let it dry and sweep it up, or shake it off!

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Frozen Snowflake Hair Clips

Time to share the crafts!!!  The girls loved this one.  I had plans for the girls to each design their own snowflakes and decorate them for hairclips to wear, like the snowflakes in Elsa’s hair… but the girls had other ideas…

make your own felt hair clips with snowflakes, buttons, rhinestones and more, a fun and easy craft for your frozen birthday party

They had so much fun decorating the felt with markers and creating their own designs.  Not a single snowflake in the bunch!  We had a pumpkin, fairy, butterflies, and just random shapes as well!


I made sure to have plenty of bling avaliable for the girls, felt, markers, felt snowflakes, snowflake buttons, crystals and more…


Each of the girls drew their own designs which the other mom’s helped them cut.


I was in charge of the hot glue gun, we didn’t want to leave the hot glue to too many people so we had just one.  The girls were great at taking turns and sharing!


We added more felt to the other side to catch it on the alligator clip and the girls were ready to go.  A few even made more than one clip!

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Comfort Weighted Blankets – review giveaway

As a mom I’m always trying to find ways to help my kids with their difficulties. Every mom does, right? My kids just happen to have Aspergers so their difficulties are different than the average child.

Part of the issues for kids on the spectrum is sensory issues. Touch, taste, smell, sound and site. They are more sensitive to one or all of the senses. Computer boy has been overly sensitive since he was a baby. We had a few years where we couldn’t even touch his hair without him freaking out. Sound and light have always been a problem for him. We used to travel with his sheets because he couldn’t stand the feel of anything else.


He grew out of some of it, but he still can’t stay in the house if any smell is too strong AND he can’t stand elastic around his waist, he is the skinniest thing ever but he wears size 14 underwear. And he has a hard time sleeping, he usually gets up around 3 (I know because that’s usually when I go to bed) and can’t get back to sleep.

Lego boy was never overly sensitive, but he’s always liked enclosed spaces. We used to find him asleep in his closet, door closed, or even under the bed! He finds it soothing. In kindergarten he practically lived in a body sock. Lately he’s been overly excited and hard to calm down so we’ve been trying EVERYTHING we can.


The reader never had sensory sensitivities, but she has a lot of ADD issues. I don’t think she’s SAT through a complete dinner since… EVER. She sits half on the chair ready to jump up at a moments notice, and has since she was a baby. She usually gets up a few times during a meal AND a few times at night bouncing around the room.

So what can help? We hate drugging our children, I mean I’m grateful for modern medicine and I will use it as a last resort, but I’m nervous to use drugs on children. I don’t think the research has been going on long enough to really test the effects long term and how it effects their growth.


SO what else can we try? During my research I came across weighted blankets as an option. But there are so many options! Fabrics, weights, sizes, and because they are so expensive I didn’t want to spend a ton and have it be the wrong fit. I was thrilled when a friend of mine started comfort weighted blankets so I could ask more questions.


The reason Weighted blankets work is because it’s Deep Pressure, like a firm hug or swaddling. It helps with sensory overload, reduces anxiety, stress and frustration.

The effect of Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) can be similar to a full body massage, relieving aches and pains in muscles and joints. For children or adults that don’t like to be touched this is a great option (personally I’d take the massage but the idea of a massage would have the opposite effect on my husband).


DPTS helps release Serotonin in the brain, which naturally calms and soothes. So it can help calming a child down even in the midst of a major freak out. And even when they aren’t having a melt down it can help with sensory perception, helping them deal with normal day to day anxieties or social situations.

And finally Serotonin transforms into Melatonin, and Melatonin is what helps us feel tired and go to sleep, or re-fall asleep when waking up in the middle of the night! Our kids have difficulty falling asleep and they’ve been taking melatonin for years (under the supervision of our Pediatrician of course).


ANYWAY, so we were anxious to try it and were thrilled to get a medium blanket in the mail to try out. Our main focus was Lego boy so we got one to match his weight (you get the blanket to match the child’s weight) but we also tried it with Computer boy and The Reader over the last few months.

Okay, all those reasons are why I wanted to try it, but it sounds too good to be true, could it really help? What did we think of it when we finally tried one out? We’re totally sold! In fact I’m going to let the two older kids each pick out their own fabric and design their own now!


Lego Boy has been more quick to anger this year and more frustrated and the blanket totally helped. The last week we’ve had LICE at our house so the blanket was all bagged up with everything else and I totally noticed a difference. I can’t wait to break it out again today (thankfully it’s machine washable!)

Computer Boy slept better the nights he got to use it and The Reader actually sat through a meal! (She’s still getting up and jumping all night, hoping getting her her own the right weight will help with that) After watching the Temple Grandin movie my oldest told me she wanted her own hug machine, we can’t do that but this is a great, more manageable, option.


Honestly my husband wants one for night too and I totally have restless leg syndrome so I want to try it as well! My college roommate hated listening to me rub my legs together all night, how cool would it be if this helps that, maybe I’ll get more than 5-6 hours of sleep a night!

Here is a list of diagnosis/issues/syndromes that a weighted blanket as been shown to help:

  • Anxiety
  • Aggressive Behaviors
  • Aspergers/Autism
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Brain Trauma Injuries
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Sensory Processing Disorder

Any sound familiar to you? I’m thinking Christmas for the WHOLE FAMILY right here! Have I sold you all yet?


I have some GREAT news, The amazing team at Comfort Weighted Blankets is giving away a small, 4 lb. weighted blanket!

Comfort weighted blankets | Facebook | Pinterest | instagram | Google plus

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Saint Patrick’s Day Party Favors

Hello Im Topsy Turvy readers! I’m Mel from So Festive! and I’m so excited to be a new party and holiday contributor here on the first Wednesday of every month. I love any excuse to celebrate, big or small. And I’m going to share simple ideas to make your holidays, parties, and life a bit more festive.

Do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? I think it’s one of those holidays that either is a big deal or isn’t for most people. We wear green, have a visit from the Little Leprechaun, and have a green dinner.

Regardless of you celebrate, here’s 2 simple Saint Patrick Day party favors you can make in a flash.


Here’s what you’ll need to make the Saint Patrick’s Day pot of gold. Who doesn’t love gold. Or chocolate?


To make your pot of gold:

1. Spray the outside of a baby food jar black and let completely dry. (About 20 minutes).

2. Fill the jar completely with gold chocolate coins, or stuff it with crinkle gift wrap shred like this:


3. Then fill with chocolate coins and tie with a piece of ribbon to give it a nice finish.


To make the shamrock place setting, you’ll need: 


And here’s how you do it:


If you aren’t having a dinner party, you could still have kids make these for an afternoon craft. The possibilities are endless!

little-leprechaun-gifts pot-of-gold

See what the Little Leprachaun brought us last year over on my site. There’s also another easy Saint Patrick Day Pot of Gold Idea that you might like.

Hope you have a festive Saint Patrick’s Day!