how to dye voile curtains ombre

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We have no curtains on any windows in the basement, not that we HAVE many windows, but still.  When this month’s challenge for “windows” came up I want straight to my pinterest board for inspiration. Picking lightly ombred curtains was easy, and just the bit of color this room needed!
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Bulky flower hearts felt scarf tutorial

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I made this scarf 2 years ago for the “so you think you crafty” competition.  This was BEFORE pinterest and before my DSLR, so the pictures are pretty bad, and the inspiration was from a quilting magazine….  So I can’t really SHARE it with you, I went through my office looking for the magazine to see if could at least tell you where I found it… nope!
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The Lorax Family Costumes – Onsler (greedy, non-greedy), Swami Swan and Humming Fish

I love Halloween!  I love all holiday’s, but my favorites are Christmas and Halloween!  Last year we did the grab bag costumes since I had just given birth to Baby Boy, but THIS year I wanted to go back to our Family costume themes!  We actually went through a few different costume themes before settling on The Lorax!!!


It was perfect cause we found something for EVERYONE to be that they were all happy with!  All the other themes one of the kids wasn’t happy!  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a theme that 7 people agree on?  in the end Bill and I ended up not doing costumes but I am SO happy with how the kids turned out.
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Baby Boy’s Birth Annoucements

I created and mailed Baby Boy’s birth announcements at the same time as our Family Christmas cards. I figured they were going to the same people might as well save on stamps! But with as much time as both projects took I probably would have been better off doing one of the other. But I did get everything mailed by the 23rd so I BARELY made it before Christmas!


I created a booklet of sorts for his birth announcements, with the edges getting longer with each page so I could put his information on the sides. There were just TOO many good pictures to leave it to just a two dimensional announcement! I used pictures from my maternity photoshoot, the birth pictures Chelsea took as well as the birth story from Kim, his newborn pictures and finally his blessing pictures!
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Oversized Ruffled headband

I made this headband last year for So you think your crafty, it was party of my 7 red items for red week (AKA the week I got voted off). But with the craziness of morning sickness that followed for the few months after that I actually haven’t posted MOST of the crafts I made for the competition! Never too late, right? (some of the ones I DID post were my ruffled quilted stockings and tree skirt, my 6 pillow refashions, my homemade aqua-sand, my ruffled camera strap and my boot-cut to skinny jeans refashion)

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Quilted Ruffle Tree skirt and stockings- Friday Flashback

It’s that time of the year! Tomorrow we’re decorating for Christmas! I know, most of you are already done decorating and have been for weeks. But with so much going on over here (doctors appointments, parties, computer crashes, semester finals-husband, not sleeping… EVER) it simply hasn’t been the priority. BUT I promised the kids when my Husband finished the semester and my party was over we’d decorate, so tomorrow it is.

quilted Christmas tree skirt stockings with ruffle

I have to say I’m most excited about pulling out the ruffled quilted tree skirt and quilted ruffled stockings I made last year. I wasn’t even pregnant last Christmas, just hoping to be soon, so I made 2 extra stockings… Think that last one will ever get used?
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