How to Paint Rusted Metal

Hello, friends! I’m Cher from Designs by Studio C to share a few tips on how to paint rusted metal. Rust is formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of moisture, and eats away at metal. If you have a few metal pieces such as a wheelbarrow, metal hook, or metal planters that are really rusty, they can be saved and fixed up – I am here to show you how!


The project I am using as examples is my wheelbarrow which has quite a bit of rust on it! I started by scrubbing the pieces with a scrub brush and soapy water. The brush will remove the dirt that may have accumulated on the piece as well as help loosen some of the rust. I forgot to take a photo of the wheelbarrow before I took it apart but trust me, it was a mess!

If there are any holes in the rusted piece, the holes can be patched by using a product such as Bondo! Check out my how to use Bondo post on my blog today! Bondo is a compound that can fill holes, scratches, or large dents in metal (as well as other materials).


It wouldn’t hurt to give the pieces a good sanding with sandpaper before using primer. Start with 80 grit, then work your way to a finer grit (maybe 100, then 150). Wipe away the sanding dust with an old rag or t-shirt, then apply a coat of primer. I normally use Rust-Oleum’s Rusty Metal Primer… I like the coverage and have never had a problem with rust coming through the primer or paint.


Once the piece is thoroughly dry (wait at least 24 hours), a coat of spray paint can be applied. Spray a light coat with sweeping strokes and let it dry. Apply a second coat for better coverage. I also like to use Rust-Oleum’s spray paint products – especially 2x Ultra Cover spray paint! It is durable, has great coverage, and holds up really well! I painted my trailer with the Rust-Oleum spray paint a year ago and it still looks like new! If possible, wait at least 24 hours between coats, then another 24 hours before use.


If the project has many pieces, like my wheelbarrow, it can now be reassembled! That was pretty easy, right? Have any rusty projects that are ready for a new life?


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Fabric Paint and Stencil Home Decoration

This is a sponsored post by I Love to Create and Tulip For Your Home. All opinions are 100% my own.

It’s SPRING!  Time to shake off winter and update our homes!  I love to bring new color into the house in small ways (I can’t afford to make BIG changes).  Like painting curtains, changing your mantel, etc…


So when the chance came to try out these fun Stencils and fabric paints from “I love to create”/Tulip I was excited to give it them a try!  These will work on all fabric’s, curtains, rugs, canvas, furniture and more!


First off…  you don’t want the fabric to bleed through the layers so put some wax paper in the middle of your paper, or underneath your project!

tulip-fabric-paint-stencils-pillowcase-wax paper

To get crisp lines from your stencil, whatever the shape, you want the stencil to stic, well to your surface.  This adhesive spray is AMAZING!  you don’t need very much either.  Spray it lightly onto the BACK (the dull side, the shiny side is for paint) of the stencil, leave it for just a bit and it will get tacky.


Then stick it to your pillow/surface.  I sticks really well too!  I laid it in place softly, then pulled the pillow tight underneath and pressed it down!  Then using a paper plate, or more wax paper using a roller spread the paint over the stencil.


Wait a min or two then pull the stencil up (you don’t want to let it dry).  If you use too much of the adhesive spray you’ll have a hard time pulling it up.


Let it dry completely then you can lay over another stencil and use more fabric paint to add a secondary image!  BTW make sure after the first time you use the adhesive you remember to hold it upside down and press the button to clean the nozzle.  I didn’t do it and it clogged, ARGGGG rookie mistake!


Peel it away… I love that it didn’t peel up or mess the original paint layer!  And while I wasn’t surprised the stripes had nice straight lines I wasn’t sure what the crown would do?  I love the metallic paint too!  A nice pretty shine without being obnoxious!


And done!  I actually made this one for my girls bedroom… but NO ONE wants to see that room.  I’m thinking about making a few more than using the same stencil on some new curtains.  I love turquoise and metallics!  How about you? What colors are you loving right now?


Want more cool projects? Check iLoveToCreate for inspiration!

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Snow covered water bottles – Melted Olaf

You guys know I love spray painting water bottles, right? Remember the Gold C3-P0 water bottles from our Lego Star Wars party?  Or the Black Bomb bird water bottles from last year’s Angry Bird’s party?  LOVE how easy it is to dress up water bottles.

I spraypainted the water bottles with fake snow to create a frozen effect for a frozen birthday party

I debated what to do for these!  I tried using crystallizing spray first, BUT it didn’t work out, BOO!!  Would’ve looked AMAZING if it had!  Oh well.  Instead I bought this one step “flurry” texture spray paint I picked up.  It has the coolest effect!  Start with taking off the labels then spray away!


One coat or two, it’s up to you!  Since the bottles are sealed you don’t have to worry about it getting inside, and once you take off the lid you’re left with a nice clean lip to drink from as well!


Add your labels and your ready to go!!!  The guests LOVED them!  Oh and since water is so important I always have a TON of extra water bottles for the guests!


Isn’t it CRAZY how different the labels print up vs the color they are on my computer screen????  Good thing I don’t sell printables, GAH! any advice?  I really wanted these to be a little more turquoise, not straight blue.

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Frozen Party Supplies – Snowballs

Instead of using normal holders for all the food labels I thought it would be more fun to create fake snowballs to hold them!  I also wanted to have some snowballs of different sizes on the tables for extra fun.

I used styrofoam balls and orange peel spray to create snowballs for decorating this Frozen birthday party

If you use a regular spray paint, or snow type paint, will actually eat the styrofoam, so the best way to go is an oil based paint.  I used the same orange peel spray paint that I did for the pine trees.


I put all the balls onto toothpicks and stuck them into a styrofoam box I had lying around.  This was another great job for the kids!  So much of this party was stuff the kids could help me with and it  was SO much fun having their help!


Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area, personally I just did it outside on my long grass.  After two coats I flipped each ball to the other side and did another two layers on the other side!  Once they were done and dry I used a serrated knife to cut a slit into the large balls, perfect for the food labels!


The kids loved them, they are lightweight too so my boys like to toss them around.  I considered gluing them onto a wreath form, but since we had the party outside there really wasn’t a place to put a wreath.  But I’m thinking about making one for next Christmas!

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Frozen Party Supplies – Styrofoam Pine Trees

I wanted to add some height around the table and I wanted to bring color and depth to the table.  I knew I didn’t want an all white table (they are lovely, just not me).  I originally thought about actual decorative pine trees for the table but I couldn’t find any short enough, and not enough of them either.

adding height and color to the Frozen birthday party table these styrofoam cones made great pine trees when you add orange peel and spray paint

When I was at Michaels looking for Styrofoam balls for the snowballs I noticed these green Styrofoam cones and thought… PERFECT!  I wanted them textured and darker though.  You DON’T want to use regular spray paint or even textured spray paint on Styrofoam or it will MELT it


So what CAN you use?  Oil based orange peel spray paint is what I went with!  I did 2 layers on the medium spray (you can switch to thin, medium or thick when using orange peel spray)


once they were dry I used a dark forest green spray paint (just regular, nothing special, not oil based or anything) to get the color I wanted.  I started by spraying them upside down to get under the texture then flipped them back and sprayed them again.  PERFECT!


I love how they added to the table here and there!  (I did use some taller fake pine trees on each side of the table, which I loved, but these were easy to make and a great look.  My husband likes them so much that we are using them in our hoe for decorating now!  CRAZY, he usually hates stuff like this!


I think these will end up on our Christmas mantel.  And I’ll definitely use this technique again!

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Saint Patrick’s Day Party Favors

Hello Im Topsy Turvy readers! I’m Mel from So Festive! and I’m so excited to be a new party and holiday contributor here on the first Wednesday of every month. I love any excuse to celebrate, big or small. And I’m going to share simple ideas to make your holidays, parties, and life a bit more festive.

Do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? I think it’s one of those holidays that either is a big deal or isn’t for most people. We wear green, have a visit from the Little Leprechaun, and have a green dinner.

Regardless of you celebrate, here’s 2 simple Saint Patrick Day party favors you can make in a flash.


Here’s what you’ll need to make the Saint Patrick’s Day pot of gold. Who doesn’t love gold. Or chocolate?


To make your pot of gold:

1. Spray the outside of a baby food jar black and let completely dry. (About 20 minutes).

2. Fill the jar completely with gold chocolate coins, or stuff it with crinkle gift wrap shred like this:


3. Then fill with chocolate coins and tie with a piece of ribbon to give it a nice finish.


To make the shamrock place setting, you’ll need: 


And here’s how you do it:


If you aren’t having a dinner party, you could still have kids make these for an afternoon craft. The possibilities are endless!

little-leprechaun-gifts pot-of-gold

See what the Little Leprachaun brought us last year over on my site. There’s also another easy Saint Patrick Day Pot of Gold Idea that you might like.

Hope you have a festive Saint Patrick’s Day!