Flashback Friday- cross stitch baby gifts

Back in the day, when I was pregnant with my first baby most of my friends and even my sister, were pregnant at the same time as me.  It was fun all being due within 9 months of each other.  So the last few months while I wasn’t working and getting ready to become a mom I got back into Cross stitching in a BIG way.  I made a BUNCH for my own baby (which will come in the next few months) and I made a bunch for my friends as well.  It was so fun imagining all our our lives changing (we were all having our firsts!) as I worked on these.  Of course way back when I hadn’t even heard of a blog, or thought I’d want a record of all the stuff I’ve made over the years.  So one of my wonderful girlfriends took this picture of her cross stitch off her wall!  That makes me feel even better, that she still has it hanging on her son’s wall!   Hopefully I’ll get copies of some of the others over the next few months as well.
cross stitch baby gift flashback friday

Flashback Friday- Cross Stitch

I actually don’t remember when I started this one.  Or even when I finished it.  But it was sometime during my High School years.  I remember wishing it was two little girls, since I have little sisters, not a little brother.  But now it fit’s nicely since my oldest 2 are a girl and a boy.  Since they are only 19 months apart they were always really close.  Then school started, and now it’s not the same.  Hopefully they’ll get over it soon enough and be as close as my sisters and I are when they are older. 
cross stitch moon kids
Anyway, another old Cross Stitch.  Maybe next time I’ll show you the back of one of my cross stitches.  According to my mom they are unusually clean and organized.  Also I need to share my current cross stitch project….

Flashback Friday- First Cross Stitch

I’ve been into crafts my whole life.  Maybe because my mom is very crafty, or the fact that I only have sisters.  But we always enjoyed crafts and lot of them.  When I was young (I don’t remember if I was 8 or 10, mom help me out) I decided I wanted to learn to Cross stitch.  I finished everything but the roses that first year.  The roses?  I finished yesterday so I could post this! 
first cross stitch carousel horse
So here it is FINALLY finished, my very first cross stitch!  I have started and completed MANY cross stitches since this one but it’s nice to have it done, I’ve been carrying it around for years.