Free Printable Summer Vacation Countdown Calendar


Hi, it’s Natalie from Katarina’s Paperie.  I’m so excited that summer is officially here.  We’ve been busy sipping ice cold lemonade, making homemade popsicles and playing outside from morning till night.  I love summer!


One of my favorite parts of the season is our annual summer vacation.  We always try to get away with the kids – at least for a little bit.  It always seems that the vacation is over in a blink of an eye, but waiting for it to get here takes FOREVER.  If my family is anything like yours, we are not very patient either.

countdown-calendar-paper-chain-loopsSo to help make that wait time seem a little shorter, I created a free printable summer vacation countdown calendar.  I’ve added a summer touch to the traditional paper chain countdown calendar – summer patterns and bright colors.  To countdown, just have your kids pull off one paper loop a day.  They can even count the remaining pieces to reinforce math skills and help them answer the age old question – Do We Go Yet?

You Will Need:

Free Printable Vacation Paper Chains

Free Printable Vacation Countdown Calendar Signs - Choose between hot pink or lime green

Paper Cutter or Scissors

Glue Stick or Stapler

1.  Print out your free printable summer vacation countdown calendar.  Cut out the number of paper chains you will need.  I recommend creating a calendar to count down 2 weeks prior to your trip, but you could use more or less.


2.  Download your free printable vacation countdown calendar sign.  Cut out the Do We Go Yet? sign.  Use scissors (or a razor blade) to create a slit for the first paper chain.


3.  Slide the first paper chain into the slit.  Attach in a loop with a glue stick or stapler.  Attach additional paper strips to create your calendar.


Place your calendar in the kitchen, playroom or another location where everyone can see it and join in on the fun.

Happy Travels!

Download your free printable summer vacation countdown calendar and sign here.


Frozen Snow Globe Rings

This was the craft I was most excited about for the party!  Create your own snow globe rings!  These are great because you can put ANYTHING in them!  I bought extra so the kids and I can play around and have fun!

an easy tutorial to create your own snow globe rings

First you want to start with the ring!  I got mine from this cute Etsy Shop – Ingredients for Lovely.  I bought the ring base and glass globe sets sized 20mm ring base, 30mm diameter of globe.


Then I wanted the kids to create an ice mountain type look to the inside of the ring, so using E-6000 glue I helped the kids glue a bunch of turquoise and clear rhinestones to the center


Make sure the glass globes will still fit around whatever you put in the center.  SERIOUSLY, check before it dries!  Once your sure it fits let the center dry completely.


Now to decide on your filling.  I love the mini Styrofoam balls that I  used on the invitations.  I got mine from a travel pillow!  But you can use glitter, iridescent flakes, etc…


Squeeze some of the filling into the globe.  I will say DON’T overfill it, it’s surprising how little you need to get the look you want


Now add some glue to the edge of the glass globe and place it in the ring base, now HOLD IT until it dries enough to leave it.  IF you use the styrofoam a word of warning,  if you seal it (air tight) when you glue it together the balls will shrink and get stuck to the bottom and not move anymore.  SO I just add glue to one side and the other making sure to leave a bit of space for air


Princess loved these rings as much as I did!  She experimented with all the different fillers, her favorite was the iridescent flakes, but she added a TON, you can’t even see the rhinestone “ice mountain” anymore!


My favorite?  I grabbed a dandelion from the backyard and shoved about half the fuzz into a ring!  Seriously love it!  Going to enlarge my ring base so I can wear it as a statement piece!


What would you put into a snow globe ring?  I think I’m going to try succulents next?  Just need to figure out a way to be able to add moisture to it when it needs it.

Frozen Snowflake Hair Clips

Time to share the crafts!!!  The girls loved this one.  I had plans for the girls to each design their own snowflakes and decorate them for hairclips to wear, like the snowflakes in Elsa’s hair… but the girls had other ideas…

make your own felt hair clips with snowflakes, buttons, rhinestones and more, a fun and easy craft for your frozen birthday party

They had so much fun decorating the felt with markers and creating their own designs.  Not a single snowflake in the bunch!  We had a pumpkin, fairy, butterflies, and just random shapes as well!


I made sure to have plenty of bling avaliable for the girls, felt, markers, felt snowflakes, snowflake buttons, crystals and more…


Each of the girls drew their own designs which the other mom’s helped them cut.


I was in charge of the hot glue gun, we didn’t want to leave the hot glue to too many people so we had just one.  The girls were great at taking turns and sharing!


We added more felt to the other side to catch it on the alligator clip and the girls were ready to go.  A few even made more than one clip!

Frozen Party Supplies – Snowballs

Instead of using normal holders for all the food labels I thought it would be more fun to create fake snowballs to hold them!  I also wanted to have some snowballs of different sizes on the tables for extra fun.

I used styrofoam balls and orange peel spray to create snowballs for decorating this Frozen birthday party

If you use a regular spray paint, or snow type paint, will actually eat the styrofoam, so the best way to go is an oil based paint.  I used the same orange peel spray paint that I did for the pine trees.


I put all the balls onto toothpicks and stuck them into a styrofoam box I had lying around.  This was another great job for the kids!  So much of this party was stuff the kids could help me with and it  was SO much fun having their help!


Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area, personally I just did it outside on my long grass.  After two coats I flipped each ball to the other side and did another two layers on the other side!  Once they were done and dry I used a serrated knife to cut a slit into the large balls, perfect for the food labels!


The kids loved them, they are lightweight too so my boys like to toss them around.  I considered gluing them onto a wreath form, but since we had the party outside there really wasn’t a place to put a wreath.  But I’m thinking about making one for next Christmas!

Frozen Party Supplies – Styrofoam Pine Trees

I wanted to add some height around the table and I wanted to bring color and depth to the table.  I knew I didn’t want an all white table (they are lovely, just not me).  I originally thought about actual decorative pine trees for the table but I couldn’t find any short enough, and not enough of them either.

adding height and color to the Frozen birthday party table these styrofoam cones made great pine trees when you add orange peel and spray paint

When I was at Michaels looking for Styrofoam balls for the snowballs I noticed these green Styrofoam cones and thought… PERFECT!  I wanted them textured and darker though.  You DON’T want to use regular spray paint or even textured spray paint on Styrofoam or it will MELT it


So what CAN you use?  Oil based orange peel spray paint is what I went with!  I did 2 layers on the medium spray (you can switch to thin, medium or thick when using orange peel spray)


once they were dry I used a dark forest green spray paint (just regular, nothing special, not oil based or anything) to get the color I wanted.  I started by spraying them upside down to get under the texture then flipped them back and sprayed them again.  PERFECT!


I love how they added to the table here and there!  (I did use some taller fake pine trees on each side of the table, which I loved, but these were easy to make and a great look.  My husband likes them so much that we are using them in our hoe for decorating now!  CRAZY, he usually hates stuff like this!


I think these will end up on our Christmas mantel.  And I’ll definitely use this technique again!

Snow Globe Frozen Invitations

I’m so excited to share Princess’s Frozen birthday party this week with you guys!  I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed planning it!  I love planning birthday parties for my kids, they are so much FUN!

easy snow globe invitations frozen birthday party

Frozen was an easy theme for Princess to choose this year.  The hard part was narrowing down all the options!  So the first part, Invitations, they are the first view guests get of the theme, of what to expect from the party.  I love doing hand made, creative, invitations!


I decided to create Snow Globes for the invitations!  The information on the back and the front something from the movie.  I created layers of blue snowflakes (dark to light) in photoshop then I created silhouettes of Anna and Elsa and laid them over the top!


I printed both sides onto card stock (invitation and image) then cut out the circles.  You can use a Silhouette, Cricut or simply hand cut them, they are super simple.


Then I bought some thick plastic sheeting and cut out matching circles, one for each invitation.


For the “snow” I wanted mini styrofoam balls, but I didn’t want to buy a 50 lbs bag, so instead I bought a travel pillow and cut it open!  It created a HUGE mess, they stick to everything… ANYWAY, I poured a little bit into each invitation, topped with a plastic circle then used my sewing machine to sew around the circle!


Then I glued brown curves to the front and back of each invitation to look like the base of a snow globe!  I love love LOVE how they turned out!!!  They went through the mail just fine too!  Always a plus!