Edible Sequins & Gumpaste Flowers Wedding Cake

When my sister mentioned doing an inspiration wedding shoot for fun I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She worked with a ton of local vendors to create this lovely wedding shoot and I got to create whatever I wanted within the overall theme.  Check out the FULL shoot at Chelsea Peterson Photography!  It’s completely gorgeous!


I was giving the colors, the florist picked the flowers and I decided I wanted to try edible sequins!   The cake design came together easily after that.  It’s so fun to be able to design a full wedding cake myself to show off what I can really do!  If you follow me on Pinterest you’ve probably seen all the great metallic cakes I’ve been pinning like mad!


A great time to experiment with new ideas, like edible sequins! I tried about 4 different techniques experimenting trying to create the look I was going for! I am so so SO happy with the final look!  Next week I’ll share a tutorial sharing what did and did NOT work for me to, so you can try it for yourself.


I used the DRESS (holy gorgeous) as inspiration for the cake. It’s a blush Maggie Sottero dress with lace and BLING, so I wanted to bring that to the cake.  I used cake stencils with royal icing to add some bright white details over the blush layer, flowy and lacy without being a full lace layer.


And of course the FLOWERS!!!!  Peony’s, Ranunculus and Dahlia’s were the flowers the florist was trying to get so that’s what I made for the cake.  I made 4 of each, so 12 in all!  I was nervous people wouldn’t know what they were, but it sure was fun to make them all!  But SO time consuming, I don’t think I slept for 3 nights straight.


I’ll link to the tutorials once I have them up!  I am so so SO happy with how they all turned out!  We had two break on the way over, but that’s why I made so many!  Extra’s and back ups are a necessity.  At the last min I decided to add some fondant leaves on green covered wires.  I had never done that before but I felt it needed something and I’m so happy I did!


Cakes like this are a dream to make, and I love how fun and unique wedding cakes can be!  How about you?  I wish I could get married again, I tease my husband, who HATES parties and social events of all kinds, that he’s going to have to suck it up and pretend to enjoy an anniversary party at some point cause I want to have the large cake and big dress again!


And of course the obligatory “this is really a cake” picture.  These models did an amazing job, check out how great they look together after just knowing each other for just 30 mins!  My husband and I have been together for almost 14 years and I don’t think he looks at me as lovingly, certainly not for a picture!

Silver Leaf fondant and lace wedding cake

I love carving and creating structured cakes, but I also love making gorgeous wedding cakes.  So when my sweet Cousin got engaged I couldn’t WAIT to sit down with her and designing the cake.  We went through more designs on this cake than any other, BUT once you come up with the perfect design you just KNOW it!


It’s a HUGE cake, super heavy, but it looked just lovely!  I love the different height’s on the layers and everyone loved all the different flavors too!  We had coconut with coconut filling, strawberry with lemon cream cheese filling, white with white chocolate and chocolate with chocolate!
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Mini Pleated Fondant Wedding Cake

We had a few family weddings this summer.  I always offer to make the wedding cake, but I don’t always get taken up on my offer.  But making cakes for my family and friends is my favorite things, so I’m always excited and honored when I get to.  When I got asked to make a last minute mini cake for family I was thrilled!


Her dress was a simple Grecian styled dress, with some swoops, pleats and gathering.  With yellow roses decorating the reception!  So I tried to create something as simple and elegant to go along with it.
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Buttercream Lace Wedding Cake

I’ve been working with buttercream a lot this year, but mostly for cute small Smash Cakes.  So when I got a request for a Buttercream lace Wedding cake I was so excited!  I’m a bit out of practice, so it took longer to hand pipe it all, but it was worth it!


The bride was wearing a vintage lace wedding dress, so they sent me this picture, told me the colors were white, ivory and blue and her main flower was a peony.  And they were decorating in lace and pearls.  Other than that I was able to design the rest myself.
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Fondant Rosette Cake

I love making cakes for family and friends! There is something about personally knowing the bride or groom that make it SO worth the time and work and make it something special! When my mom’s best friend’s daughter told me what she wanted I was THRILLED!

I have been DYING to try this rosette technique since the first time I saw it on a cake! It took even LONGER than I thought it would take, but I love love LOVE the end result! BUT I am glad it was just one layer! And glad it was for such a lovely bride and friend!
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Metallic & Turquoise wedding cake & cupcakes

My cousin got married this month!  I love family weddings, spending time with my family is one of the most fun anyone could EVER have.  I laughed more in the few days we spent together then I have in years.  I laughed until I cried, couldn’t breath, the back of my jaw hurt and I almost peed (still have bladder control after 5 kid- TAKE THAT!).


Another fun part of my family getting married is getting to make a wonderful creation for them!  I was hoping for a huge grand cake, but she wanted cupcakes…  Well the bride is always right, and in the end, while I’m STILL not a cupcake fan, I do think it turned out VERY pretty!  And I’m really happy with the whole set up!
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