Gold Hand Painted & Ombre Ruffle Birthday Cake

A few years ago I made a cake for fellow blogger as a surprise for her husbands 40th birthday party.  This last I got a fun call from the previous birthday boy.  It was time for his WIFE’S 40th birthday and he wanted to surprise her back with a cake!  I love repeat clients, and I LOVE making cakes for people I know!


We had fun chatting about what she’d like.  He said she loves my cakes (Awwww thanks Mindy) and according to her pinterest board she likes ombre cakes and ruffles!  She loves blue, esp her birthstone, aquamarine!  When I asked if she liked silver or gold he said he has just gotten her a lovely gold watch so I went with that.


When we talked about flavors he said she liked pumpkin and spice, then a few days later he said it pretended to have a dream about making her a pumpkin cake to see what she said… We ended up changing to vanilla bean and strawberry.  I decided to make the top tier vanilla and I made it ombre, 5 layers, various shades of blue/turquoise.  A fun surprise when she cuts into it!


The bottom layer is the strawberry, I love my strawberry cake, it’s not only a gorgeous color, but it’s tasty too!  For this one I covered it with fondant then covered it with strips of gumpaste ruffles, light to dark, in the same blue/turquoise shade I dyed the vanilla cake with so it would match!


For the top tier I decided to rough hand paint a large chevron in edible gold glaze!  I used a dry stiff brush to get a rough edge and did two layers for a darker color.  It’s not quite as shiny as I wanted it, esp not in pictures, but it looked great in person!  I think I’m going to try to watercolor a cake next, I love the new watercolor fad.


Who would you surprise with a cake?  What birthday cake would you pick for yourself?  I’d go with chocolate, of course, with ganache, but the decorating? it’s constantly changing.  I love it all so much!

My other cakes:
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Ruffled Buttercream Birthday Smash Cake

I know I sound like a broken record, but I love decorating cakes for family and friends.  This little 1st birthday party smake cake was for my sweet, chubby, adorable niece!  I actually love how this cake turned out.  I love these vertical ruffles SO much, it’s one of my favorite buttercream piping techniques.  And of course these pictures are taken by the amazing Chelsea Peterson Photography (she also made the cute baby)


The ruffles, smooth top, and all in white? so pretty!  This is with my super secret buttercream recipe.  I’ve been working on it for years, it’s a mix between american buttercream (which is too sweet for me) and swiss merinque buttercream which doesn’t pipe well and is SUPER buttery.  I wanted something between, strong enough for piping, but super smooth and creamy.  Also not too sweet and not too buttery!
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Nine Inch Nails cake – light show stage

I love getting a challenge, my Cousin called and asked if I could make a Nine Inch Nails cake for her husband’s birthday this year.  She said, “do whatever” which is fun, but hard, too much possibilities. so I asked her some questions to get the ideas flowing and she started talking about the “Light Show” concert they attended this year and how great the stage was.


So I started looking up images from the concert. Concert pictures are TOUGH because it’s dark, often foggy, or super bright!  GAH! BUT it seemed like they had a curved backdrop that’s covered in lights and curved light panel that moves up and down.  So I decided to do a stage.
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Trampoline Park Party Cake

I was going through old pictures the other day and I found this cake I made 18 months ago but never shared!  GAH!  I hate it when I forget to share stuff, by the time I do it tends to be out of date.  But my boys (Mr. Topsy Turvy and Computer boy) are celebrating their joint birthday tomorrow at a trampoline park so it seemed to be the perfect time to break it out!


A local Trampoline park (called Hang Time, thus the lettering, oh and that’s their logo of a jumping figure up top)  invited a bunch of us bloggers out for a family day.  We all had a blast, but it is kind of far away from our house so we never got a chance to go back.  Then out of the blue Computer boy started talking about it!  SO party at the Trampoline park it is!
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Jack O Lantern Mickey Mouse Cake

I was tickled when my Sister called and asked me to make my sweet Nieces 4th birthday cake!  I love this sweet girl and love making cakes for my family, makes it more special when I know and love the recipient.  Anyway, I was even MORE excited when she sent me the picture of what she wanted!


They were just at Disneyland so they got to see this fun Jack O Lantern Mickey Mouse and my sweet niece fell in love!  Yay~!  I have so much fun comng up with a design plan for carved cakes! Add a Disney theme and I’m in heaven.
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Tardis Cake Tutorial

My husband’s family loves Doctor Who so when my niece turned 14 last month she asked for a Tardis cake.  As I was working on my cake I came across this already amazing tutorial from Artisan Cake Company (if I still lived in Portland I’d go work with her, she does AMAZING work) and since our cakes were so similar I’m only sharing what I did differently rather than the full tutorial here.


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