Kermit and Constantine Cake #MuppetsMostWanted

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I love the Muppets, I always have, I own EVERY movie they have made and my kids love watching them too!  The latest movie, Muppets Most Wanted is no exception, it’s HILARIOUS!  Mrs. Piggys is, of course, a favorite.  I have always had a thing for pigs, and she’s just great, a strong woman who goes after what she wants, and she wants it all.  Gotta love her!

a full tutorial on how to create this kermit and constantine cake muppets most wanted

But this movie is all about Kermit and his Doppelganger, Constantine, the worlds number 1 criminal!  It’s seriously so cute!  My kids have already watched the Blu Ray 4 times since it came in the mail (on sale August 12th, yay)!  And I have found my self singing the songs all weekend!  I think my favorite scenes are with the singing prisoners, Tina Fey is brilliant as always…

Oh no wait… Ty Burrell and Sam the Eagle, Aaaaaaah, their song is AWESOME, and I love their scenes together.  Seriously brilliant, and he’s always so funny, such great comedic timing.  And of course Ricky Gervais is fantastic.  I love the blooper reel, he just keeps laughing through scene after scene!


Makes me think about how fun it would be to be a part of a  Muppet film (any film would be fun, but how much more fun would this be!!!). My husband and I played a game, name the most celebrities (I won).  You know they all had a blast!

SOOO I decided to make a cake and I let me my kids help me design it!  I debated doing a wedding cake (yet another Piggie and Kermit wedding, love her dress!). They all voted for Kermit, but I couldn’t just do Kermit… We had to have Constantine there too. So we did both!


For a challenge I decided to make them standing. Yup, standing on those skinny legs with a heavy body.  So the issue became how to make it stand!  I decided by connecting them so that two legs becomes 4 so we would have more stability.  I put them back to back so each side of the cake is a different view.

Wooden circle with a notch – lily-pad base
4 dowels 12 inches long
2 wooden ovals (3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches) – bottom
4 dowels 3 1/2 inches tall
1 wooden figure 8 (two ovals together 6×10 inches) – waist
2 dowels 3 1/2 inches tall
2 wooden circles (2 1/2  inch) – neck
20 nails


Cover the wooden flat shapes with foil, tape them down. The structure is like the bones of our frogs.  Nail the lily pad, legs and bottom together, along with the middle dowels. the rest (the waist, upper dowels and neck) we’ll attach later.  But you can see it all together here…

Supplies -
Cakes -(for each frog, so double)
2 eight inch cakes (totaling 3 1/2 inches tall)
wonder mold pan (cut it to 3 1/2 inches tall)
4 inch cake
6 inch cake
half a ball pan cake

2 batches of ganache
5 lbs green fondant
4 paper straws
8 pin
some yellow fondant
some white fondant
some black fondant
vodka or clear vanilla


On the left is how I’ll stack the cakes (although I forgot the 4 inch cake “neck”), and on the right is the 2 eight inch and wonder mold’s stacked and carved into a body shape.


Slide it down the dowels add ganache, and add the second cake.  Do this for both bodies and add the waist board and nail it to the dowels (notice the next dowel tier is already attached).


Slide the wondermold cake down now!  Frost with Ganache, let it set and smooth it down.


Cover both bodies with fondant (I used one piece and wrapped it around, but you could use 2 pieces if that’s easier for you.  Attach the “neck” circles and we’re ready to add the heads!


This is where things changed a bit, Constantine has more of a sneer (left) while Kermit is happier (right).  So I tried to carve them differently.  Also they both have strong cheeks, with deep crease lines.  They have a triangle shaped head, rounded.

Carving is a bit of a learning curve.  The best advice I can give is to “glue” the pieces together with ganache.  Then freeze the cake.  Carve frozen and just a little at a time.  Don’t go for the big cuts right away.  You can always cut more, you can’t cut less.  Once your happy with the shape cover it with ganache and let it set!


Next up, covering the heads with fondant, and using a dull tool mark the smile lines and cheek lines.  Do this while the fondant is fresh and still soft so you won’t crack or rip the fondant.


For Constantine this is the time to create that sneer (and of course the cheek lines too).  The sneer shape is awesome, watch the movie a few times before you create it, he has a great sneer.  In fact I spent most of the movie trying to figure out how someone’s hand could create that sneer.


For the arms, I needed something lightweight, so I went with paper straws.  I bend them in the middle, then I covered them with green fondant (use vodka/clear vanilla to make the fondant tacky and stick) and let them dry.


I used pin’s to attach the arms, Kermit’s by his side, and Constantine’s in front of his body.


On the left you can see the pin head in the straw, and the pin going into the body.  I rolled out some fondant and cut the hand shape, then dried them.  Constantines around some tennis balls, and Kermit’s around a rolling pin.


I covered the legs with thin green fondant, then rolled out some thick green fondant and cut a flipper shape for the feet!  (you can see I already covered the board and drew lines for the lily pad)


And here you can see the leg’s finished!  I let the hands dry overnight before I attached them.  And they are the most sensitive and tricky piece’s so wait to attach them until just before the unveiling.


The collars, Add some yellow fondant to the green fondant and cut the collars.  Notice Kermit’s collar has longer points and narrower.  Use the vodka/clear vanilla to stick the collar to the body, but leave it of the points, I like to let them curl a bit, add’s some depth.


Here you can see Constantine’s collar (wider and shorter points) and you can see his hands.   He’s EVIL hands, bwahahaha.  I used a fresh fondant blog to attach the hands at the wrists and toothpicks to hold them in place.


Add white large eyes and cut out the “pupil” shape.  Notice Constantine’s eyes are more angled in, more “EVIL”.  And Kermit’s are angled out, it’s a happier look.  Don’t forget to add Constantine’s mole! (I used brown fondant, cause I have every color there is, but you can use black since you’ll have some for the eyes.


You can see Kermit’s hands here, I wanted them to look puppet like so I was very careful with how I set them up for drying.  I attached these the same way, a bit of fresh fondant, vodka and toothpicks (placed into the hand, along the palm then into the cake)


And the unveiling of the cakes!!!!  Baby Boy LOOOOOVED them!  All the kids were tickled by it.  Even my husband loved them.  I am so happy with how it turned out, I love the back to back, there is no real back to the cake, every side and angle is wonderful!  I put them on a turn table so we could easily see whatever side we want.


Baby Boy loved both, not that you can tell with these faces, but he really was thrilled!


Princess loved them too, especially Constantine and his evil smirk.  So when it came time to cut into the cake she wanted the first piece!  We went with HUGE pieces cause, well why not, I have enough cake for 100 servings and only 7 of us… anyone want to have cake come on by anytime the next few days!


And just to prove that it’s all real cake… I do get questions about it all the time!  Don’t forget Muppets Most Wanted is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD August 12th at  Adults and kids alike will laugh and and have a ball watching it together!


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Frozen Princess Cake Elsa

The Frozen Elsa cake! YAY!

This was probably my biggest challenge of all my Princess cakes (see also Merida, Rapunzel and Tiana), but she and Anna turned out pretty great!

Out of all my cakes this is the one I wish I had more time on, the one I’d consider doing again just to get ALL that I want done.  Anyone else doing a Frozen party this year?

tutorial to create your own Elsa princess cake for your Frozen birthday party

There was never a question about which dress to do, but the question was HOW to do it!  It’s a slinky little number, really no room for cake, so of course the skirt needed to be much fuller so there was something to eat.  BUT to give the illusion of slinkiness (is that a word) I went as A line as I could with one deep carved “ripple” to give the illusion of the slit.


Start with a 12 inch Elsa doll (sorry I didn’t have one when I started working on the cakes – they are HARD to find), a Wonder Mold cake and a second cake, an 8 inch round.  The wonder mold cake by itself isn’t tall enough for the dolls legs.  My chocolate cake is very DENSE, which is best for carving, but it tends to shrink a bit too, making it even SHORTER.  So the extra height is necessary (unless you tear the dolls legs off)


Use Ganache to stick the cake layers together.  Then wrap the dolls legs in plastic…

  1. to keep their legs together do they don’t separate while going into the cake
  2. keep the cake food safe, and the doll clean.

Then stick the doll into the cake.  I cut a small hole into the cake first to guide the legs. I like to put the doll in BEFORE carving the skirt usually, but I didn’t get the doll until later and needed to get started.  Nice sharp angle to the carving, not a full skirt, and one DEEP carved area where the right leg slit would be.


Now frost the cake with ganache (to keep it moist, don’t let it sit out).  Once I finally got the doll and stuck her in I was able to add the ganache around the hips to bring it cleanly into the dolls waist.  Again working with ganache is amazing, once it sets you can rub over any part that’s not smooth with your finger and “melt” it smooth.


Now Elsa’s dress is ombre, it starts super light blue and gets darker at the bottom so for the under skirt I used a blue fondant slightly darker.


Next up the under shirt.  On Elsa it’s sheer, but I can’t really create sheer fondant.  So I used a REALLY light blue, almost white and rolled it SUPER thin with my pasta roller.  To get it this thin it needs to be stronger than just fondant so I mix fondant and gumpaste together.

Paint the back with clear vanilla (or vodka, it’s cheaper) this makes it tacky so it will stick to the doll.  Make sure the arms are where you want them, then lay it over the dolls front, neck and arms.  Cut away what you don’t need and wrap the gumpaste/fondant around the arms, cutting where they meet on the underside.  And wrap it around her front and back.  Cut a clean shoulder line around.


Next up roll out light blue fondant, paint it with vanilla/vodka and cover the bodice and top of the skirt with a lighter blue.  Cut the back and bodice area princess style.  Next I used the back of my knife to create cutlines all down the bodice.  Trying to give it the icy, crystalized look her dress has.  I cut the bottom of the light blue area ragged.

I wish I had done one other layer between the two blues to extend the ombre look a bit more.


Next up the addition of luster dust.  This is what’s going to give the overall dress they shiny, icy look.  I used a dark blue along the bottom to help with the ombre effect and Antique Silk all over.  If you just brush it on dry it will add a bit of shine, if you keep brushing it it will get glossy and smooth.


I brushed it over the top of the dark blue and over the entire bodice.  If you get the fondant wet first it will collect and stick even stronger.  So I painted swoops on her sleeves so when I brushed over them it stuck even stronger in those areas, of course it doesn’t show up in the pictures, like at ALL! GAH


Now for the CAPE!  I debated rolling out gumpaste super thin like the sleeves, but thought it would still look to heavy.  I thought about not using anything edible, like using netting and adding fondant snowflakes… BUT I like adding only edible materials.  So I decided to try edible wafer paper.

It’s not sheer but it’s super thin.  Anyway, you can see it has a dull side and a glossy side.  Do NOT get the glossy side wet, it will shrivel badly, you want to work with the rough/dull side.  Cut it in the shape you want first, then add water to just the top.  I added clear vanilla/vodka to the back of the dress to make it tacky/sticky.


now to attach it! Try not to rip it (buy extra sheets, I did use 2, a practice one and a final one.  You can see it did rip a bit… But I the end I was pleased.


Next I  used my steamer to steam the cape bottom and as it got moist it curled up the edges!  LOVE! looks like it’s floating.  Then I used pearl luster dust and brushed it over the cape to get it a shiny.  I wanted to paint on snowflake designs, but when it get’s wet it just falls apart, so I couldn’t.


And with that she was done.  The main thing I’d like to do over is add extra icy bling to her bodice.  I’d add sugar crystals from the princess cut down to a princess waist, hand attaching each one in vertical columns…  Yup just a few hours, but I’d be enthralled with it!


But she’s lovely either way.  AND tasty!  And honestly, isn’t that what everyone wants in a cake, for it to taste good?  What do you look for in a cake?


Elsa and Anna were the centerpieces of the tabletop and I love how they look together!  What do you think? Want more princess cake tutorials?

Frozen Princess Cake – Anna

And finally the cakes!  (Don’t forget to check out my Merida, Rapunzel and Tiana Princess cakes as well)

Today I’m Sharing the Anna tutorial and tomorrow we’ll do Elsa!  Making these cakes was so much fun! Looking back there are a few things I’d change.  The week of the party the baby got sick and I got behind. So I felt kind of rushed through the cakes, I MIGHT actually break my no repeat rule to add the final details I feel were missing from these.

tutorial to create your own Anna princess cake for your Frozen birthday party

So Anna.  The first question is WHICH dress to make.  I debated doing her ball dress, BUT since we weren’t doing ELSA’s ball gown I decided not to.  Her hiking winter dress is actually shorter, showing her ankles and boots, but of course for this I made it full length.  It’s also full than it is in the movie, to leave enough cake to actually EAT!


Start with a 12 inch Anna doll, a Wonder Mold cake and a second cake, an 8 inch round.  I do this because the wonder mold cake isn’t tall enough for the dolls legs.  Also my chocolate cake is very DENSE, it’s best for carving, so it tends to shrink a bit too, making it even SHORTER.  So the extra height is key  (unless you tear the dolls legs off)


Use Ganache to stick the cake layers together.  Then wrap the dolls legs in plastic.

  1. to keep their legs together do they don’t separate while going into the cake
  2. keep the cake food safe, and the doll clean.

I cut a small hole into the cake first to guide the legs. Notice even with the extra height the cake still falls short of her hips, don’t worry about it, I use the ganache to fill it in.

Then start carving around your skirt, I find that carving it makes it look more skirt like and less cake-ish.  Start small, you can always carve away more, you can’t carve less once it’s gone.  Once your happy with them carve the sharp edges to soften the curves.


Once your done carving wipe away the crumbs and frost with ganache.  Make sure to get into all the cracks and fill in the hip area.  Smooth as good as you can, then let it set.  Once it’s set you can rub any points and they’ll “melt” and smooth away!  I love working with ganache!


Then cover your skirt with a purplish navy fondant, making sure to smooth into the cracks.  Because there will be a cake I just wrapped it around and created a clean, straight, seam up the back.  Trim around the base and around the waist, creating the pointed princess waist line


Now for the shirt.  We want to roll this SUPER thin so I do a half fondant half gumpaste mixture and dye it turqouise.  Then use my pasta roller to get it super thin.  Put your arms how you want them brush clear vanilla (or vodka – cheaper) on to the back of the gumpaste/fondant then lay it over the front and arms (sticky side down).  cut away area’s you don’t need to help shape it


wrap it around the arms, shoulders, neck, etc… cut a straight light where the it meets under the arms to hid the lines.  Don’t forget to cut the nice neckline as well (I forgot before the picture but did it later).


for the bodice rather than try to cut it ON the doll and get it to stick I cut the neckline out first adding extra length in the straps and the sides for wrapping it.  Then paint the back with the vanilla/vodka and place it on the doll.  Be VERY careful when doing this, the sticky back side WILL stain your turqouise shirt if you get it out of place.


press it into place in the front, cutting the waistline.  Then wrap it around the back, pressing it into the doll so you don’t get bubbles.  Stretching it a bit where you need to, and cut a nice clean line down the back.

Now the bare bones of the dress are done!  time for the details!


To get the details of the embroidered front of the bodice I used one of my favorite things, adhesive stencils!  There are a lot of options with small details this is the one I used.  Then I colored some icing green and burgundy.  You can use buttercream if you have some, I opted to make a quick batch of royal icing.

Place the stencil going down the center, add the green where you want it, not too thick, and then add a little bit of the burgundy. then pull off the stencil (just make sure, unlike me, you let your black fondant dry completely first or it will pull away a bit.).


I used a clay extruder (that I ONLY use with fondant and gumpaste, NOT clay) for the edging.  Soften some gold fondant by kneading some extra shortening into it, then extrude it through one of the smaller holes.  Attach it to the edge of the bodice using the vanilla/vodka and then for a final step paint it with some gold airbrush paint!


Now for the bottom of the skirt, again you can hand paint but I used another self adhesive stencil and the green and burgundy royal icing again.  I started by doing a center one, then working my way around both sides.  The great thing about the adhesive stencil is it sticks inside the nooks and crannies of the skirt better than a traditional stencil would.


Finally roll out some burgundy/brown fondant.  Cut along piece, rounding the edges, and let it dry a bit (flat or rounded) then attach it down the back to her shoulders.  Once it’s all set roll out another small amt cut a circle with a hold in the center and wrap it around her shoulders.  Then trip the neck and front.


Here is the mistake I made, I cut the fronts square, I SHOULD have cut them rounded!  GAH! and I wish I’d had the time to paint the edges a darker shade. Oh well, overall I LOVE how Anna turned out!


I think they look GREAT together too!  AND the birthday girl love love LOVED them so nothing else really matters!

Nine Inch Nails cake – light show stage

I love getting a challenge, my Cousin called and asked if I could make a Nine Inch Nails cake for her husband’s birthday this year.  She said, “do whatever” which is fun, but hard, too much possibilities. so I asked her some questions to get the ideas flowing and she started talking about the “Light Show” concert they attended this year and how great the stage was.


So I started looking up images from the concert. Concert pictures are TOUGH because it’s dark, often foggy, or super bright!  GAH! BUT it seemed like they had a curved backdrop that’s covered in lights and curved light panel that moves up and down.  So I decided to do a stage.
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Trampoline Park Party Cake

I was going through old pictures the other day and I found this cake I made 18 months ago but never shared!  GAH!  I hate it when I forget to share stuff, by the time I do it tends to be out of date.  But my boys (Mr. Topsy Turvy and Computer boy) are celebrating their joint birthday tomorrow at a trampoline park so it seemed to be the perfect time to break it out!


A local Trampoline park (called Hang Time, thus the lettering, oh and that’s their logo of a jumping figure up top)  invited a bunch of us bloggers out for a family day.  We all had a blast, but it is kind of far away from our house so we never got a chance to go back.  Then out of the blue Computer boy started talking about it!  SO party at the Trampoline park it is!
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Jack O Lantern Mickey Mouse Cake

I was tickled when my Sister called and asked me to make my sweet Nieces 4th birthday cake!  I love this sweet girl and love making cakes for my family, makes it more special when I know and love the recipient.  Anyway, I was even MORE excited when she sent me the picture of what she wanted!


They were just at Disneyland so they got to see this fun Jack O Lantern Mickey Mouse and my sweet niece fell in love!  Yay~!  I have so much fun comng up with a design plan for carved cakes! Add a Disney theme and I’m in heaven.
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