Jack O Lantern Mickey Mouse Cake

I was tickled when my Sister called and asked me to make my sweet Nieces 4th birthday cake!  I love this sweet girl and love making cakes for my family, makes it more special when I know and love the recipient.  Anyway, I was even MORE excited when she sent me the picture of what she wanted!


They were just at Disneyland so they got to see this fun Jack O Lantern Mickey Mouse and my sweet niece fell in love!  Yay~!  I have so much fun comng up with a design plan for carved cakes! Add a Disney theme and I’m in heaven.
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Minecraft Birthday Cake Tutorial

I was planning on taking the summer off from making cakes but I kept getting these AMAZING orders that I couldn’t turn down!  I love getting an order that’s unique, challenging and FUN!!!  When Jyl from Mom It Forward came to me for a Minecraft cake I was super excited!!!


We started by looking at what was already out there (pinterest) and there was a lot of the same cake repeated over and over again and Jyl wanted something never done before!  I LOOOOOVE that!  So she told me her son’s favorite pieces in minecraft and two of those, the pig and watermelon, became the cake!
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Mini “Hunny” honey pot cakes tutorial #disneywinnie

This is a post sponsored by Blueprint Social and Disney.  All opinions are my own


First- how totally adorable are those hands???  Okay!  One of my favorite childhood Disney movies is being re-released, The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh!  I love that silly ol bear and his morning exercise, rumbling tummy, and his antics to trick those bees into giving up some honey…
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Tardis Cake Tutorial

My husband’s family loves Doctor Who so when my niece turned 14 last month she asked for a Tardis cake.  As I was working on my cake I came across this already amazing tutorial from Artisan Cake Company (if I still lived in Portland I’d go work with her, she does AMAZING work) and since our cakes were so similar I’m only sharing what I did differently rather than the full tutorial here.


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Ganache – 3 uses – frosting, truffles & pouring

I use ganache more than any other recipe in my arsenal!  So when I was asked to teach at a chocolate extravaganza I though sharing the three uses of Ganache would be perfect!


Lets start out with the basic Ganache recipe – chocolate and cream! Thats it! The normal ratio is 2 parts chocolate to 1 part cream, but you change it up a bit depending on what your making.
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Tillamook Ice Cream Cake recipe

I was given free Tillamook ice cream in exchange for sharing a fun ice cream recipe. blah blah blah…

I love ice cream, and I love cake!  So putting the two together seems pretty simple, huh?   The hardest part was deciding on a flavor of ice cream!  I love Tillamook Ice cream.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Oregon and used to visit the factory every year, or maybe because it’s the creamiest, most delicious ice cream here in Utah!  I currently have 4 Tillamook ice creams in the freezer and 5 different Tillamook cheeses in my fridge, it’s seriously all I buy!

First off you need to start with a cooked and cooled cake layer, not a full cake, just one layer.  I always have a few layers of cake in the freezer, lucky me! Then pick your favorite ice cream flavor!  I bought 5 flavors and then after 2 days the kids and hubby hand broken into 3 of them so it was narrowed down for me.
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