Gumpaste Ranunculus Tutorial

I’m so excited to share another cake tutorial with you guys.  Gumpaste flowers are SO much fun!  And they really add something special to a cake.  I’ve done Gumpaste Ranunculus a few times recently and I am really happy with how they look!  Such a pretty flower!  I’ve loved the freedom of creating my own wedding cakes recently!

an easy gumpaste ranunculus tutorial
Their are a lot of possibilities as well.  You can do it all one color (like above) or multicolored (like below).  You can make them a little larger when you need to (below) or keep them more realistic and smaller (above).  I can’t show you the full version of the above cake yet, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to share this tutorial with you guys!


I love the darker colors of the ranunculus from this edible sequins cake (see the edible sequins tutorial here) but I think I should have done a few less rows, the smaller one looks more realistic to me.  Next time I’ll do another ombre ranunculus that’s smaller.


Start with your center!  This is a 1 inch styrofoam ball with some 18 gauge covered wire stuck into it.  Get the ball wet, shake off the excess, then wrap it with some of the green fondant (I used avocado for color).

Once it’s wrapped completely I roughed up the top by using another styrofoam ball to create texture.  But you can also use small, sharp, scissors to make some cut marks, both versions work.


I bought this cutter set, but you can see how narrow it is (the petal).  I wanted wider petals for this flower so I actually bought TWO sets and using needle nose pliers I widened an entire set to create fatter petals.  You can see how much wider (and also shorter) they are once I do it here.


Using the same shade of green, or one shade lighter for the ombre effect, cut out small petals just shorter than the height of the center ball.  Once you cut them out using the thick flower foam and a extra large ball tool dimple each petal (6 for each center).


Brush clear vanilla or vodka around the center ball then overlapping place each petal on.  I usually stick the first petal on halfway, wrap around then fill the last petal into the opening of the first petal then lay that first petal down, that way each petal is tucked in.


Moving up a petal size you are going to do the same thing around, but this time with the color!


Using the same sized petal do two more rows!  Easy peasy.


I moved up another petal size for the last few rows.  By this time the petals are large enough that it’s hard to get the same curve out of the petals.  Work in smaller batches for cutting out and using the ball tool at this point because you want soft gumpaste for flexibility so it it curves without ripping.

Then place the curved petals into a spoon while your working so it can hold the shape and start to dry before adding it to the flower. You can do all the petals (if you have enough spoons) at this point.


I did three more rows at this size petal!  You can see by this point the petals are large enough to come all the way around the back to the covered wire!  The petals stay around the same height, but those last few petals start to come lower down the sides, but not too much!


Hang the flower upside down while it dries so it doesn’t open up too much.  the tighter it is the more realistic it’s going to look.


This ombre Ranunculus is actually much bigger, even though it only has 1 extra row (a 2nd green row) it’s because I used the cutters while they were still narrow, making them bigger made a huge difference.

I also left more space between all the rows, while in the orange one the rows are tighter and I love the effect.  I can’t wait to do another ombre one but tighter so it’s smaller and looks better.


So next gumpaste flower tutorial -  do you want to see the Peony, Rose or the Dahlia?

Creating Ombre Fondant

This is just an easy/short tutorial on how to make ombre fondant!  I use this technique all the time to get a wonderful, gradual, color change for a ton of cakes, like this purple cake for Better Homes and Gardens, and the ombre ruffles in the picture below.

How to easily color fondant in an ombre style

Trying to gradually color multiple balls of fondant is tough.  I mean coloring them is easy, but getting the gradual change down can be really hard, and time consuming.  You’ll go too dark one step and not dark enough the next, GAH, it’s frustrating.  So this way is easy.

Start by simply mixing your lightest shade and darkest shade, don’t bother with the inbetween yet.  In this case white and orange.


Then placing them next to each other roll them into a log, leaving one end all orange, the other end all white and the inbetween with create a diagonal line, or a nice gradual increase.  DON’T over work it.


Then cut it in to 5 equal pieces, with your lightest color and darkest color being by themselves (with little or none of the opposite color left on those end blobs).  In this case I left that bit of orange in the big glob of white to add a smidge of color, but if your happy with your light shade you can simply pull that off.


Then knead the colors together!  Voila, way simpler and MUCH faster than trying to achieve this one at a time! You have a great gradual change between each of your blobs, and your ready for decorating!

Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen is clearly the party theme of the YEAR! And Princess is NO exception to that! I don’t think there was even a second choice when it came to her party this year.  I had so much fun planning this party!  I started with a pinterest board, and went from there.

complete Frozen birthday party with themed food crafts and fun #disneyside #frozenfun #topsyturvyparties

The big thing for me was the cake (or in this case, CAKES).  I debated doing a huge cake based on the ice castle, or doing a multi tiered cake representing different characters, but in the end I decided to go with the princess cakes because those tutorials have been so popular in the past and I thought it would be a fun challenge!


I am really happy with how they turned out overall.  I had 5 sleepless nights the week of the party between preparing and a few sick nights with the baby.  Boo. SO the final night I was moving a bit slow so I didn’t QUITE get the cakes RIGHT where I wanted them.  But I bet most people won’t notice the changes I would have made!


I wanted to capture the ombre look of Elsa’s dress, the crystallized lines in the dress and a thin cape.  I wish I had added some sugar crystals to the bodice top and wish I’d been able to get some snowflake stencils on her cape.


With Anna I love how she turned out!  I wish I had looked at the picture one more time and cut a curve to the short portion of her cape, and maybe figured out how to add some small beads around the cape edge, or painted just a bit more detail.  Overall I love her!


When deciding what to make for the food table I debated doing the food theme by character or sticking with all white foods?  I decided I wanted color on my table so I went with creating a different food item for each character!


Could anything be more fun than Olaf?  I was at Walt Disney World last month and got to see some cast members create olaf caramel and chocolate covered apples. BUT I didn’t love the round apple shape, I decided pears would be PERFECT!  And bonus?  Caramel covered pears are AMAZING!


Olaf actually has two, I love how my snow covered water bottles, aka Melted Olaf, turned out!  I guess I could have just done melted snow, but I love Olaf’s sweet silhouette for the labels!


Deciding what to do for the Trolls was super easy, Cake Balls! (actually Oreo Truffle balls, I like the way they taste better).  Using a scoop to keep them all even is the key, and keeping them cool but not too cold.  Then add a stick and dip them in grey chocolate.  When they were dry I used a gorgeous green luster dust to create green “moss” patches!


Hans… oh Hans, I debated leaving him off, but stuck with Sandwiches!  CHOCOLATE sandwiches (nutella) that I cut with a snowflake cookie cutter to keep them cute!  And for Kristoff I wanted to do ice blocks, but real ice blocks aren’t very tasty so I made blue Gelatin “Jigglers” for our ice cubes!  The kids LOVED them!


Sven…  Could it be anything other than carrots?  I guess Olaf could be carrots too, but he has so many options already.  Let’s face it, the kids didn’t love it, but it’s always nice to have something for the adults that are attending with their kids and DON’T want to eat a few lbs of sugar!


These were easy enough for the kids to help me with.  I made a batch of my sugar cookies and died the dough green.  Then we used various sizes of snowflake cookie cutters.  Once they cooled we frosted them with white icing and stacked them.  In fact The Reader did all the frosting and stacking for me, she did a terrific job!


Suckers aren’t always the right fit for a party, but they were PERFECT for this party!  I choose a snowflake shape for these, I added a bit of turquoise to these and while you can’t tell a TON of blue sugar crystals to give it an extra sparkle.  Peppermint flavoring gave it a nice cool flavor, the kids downed these.


I had plans for Snow ball peppermint ice cream and Frozen hot chocolate as well, but I tend to plan too much and some things get left at the end.  We had more than enough food and they weren’t missed!  The Styrofoam pine trees, snow balls and snowy candles just added to the table.

I added boxes for height, giving it a mountain feel and used this AMAZING Ofelia blanket from Ikea to top the table.  It stretches huge and has great  texture like snow!  AND the backdrop… I love love LOVE my huge paper snowflakes I created for my backdrop!


We had a VERY long short table for the kids crafts and activities.  I covered it with fake snow and these Styrofoam snowballs the kids helped me make and a few of the smaller paper snowflakes.  Since we invited 18 little girls I planed a LOT of crafts and activities and we didn’t even get to half (but you never know, girls can go through crafts SO fast)


Felt hair clips (my plans were to create snow flake shapes for the girls to be like Elsa, but we let them cut their own and not a single girl did snowflakes!).  AND my favorite, these snow globe rings!  LOVE! They match our invitations too, just perfection.


We also did epsom salt painting, the girls loved seeing their painting designs go from looking like water to lovely crystallized designs.  Then since it was spring we made our own fake snow!  My kids ADORE this fake snow and we’ve made it quite a few times since the party!


So the birthday girl loved the party, she had a great time, and that’s all that really matters, right?  She had guests from school, the neighborhood and family so it was an odd mix, but because we kept everyone busy it went great!  They all shared, took turns and were a joy!  I think I’m going to enjoy seven!

Frozen Princess Cake Elsa

The Frozen Elsa cake! YAY!

This was probably my biggest challenge of all my Princess cakes (see also Merida, Rapunzel and Tiana), but she and Anna turned out pretty great!

Out of all my cakes this is the one I wish I had more time on, the one I’d consider doing again just to get ALL that I want done.  Anyone else doing a Frozen party this year?

tutorial to create your own Elsa princess cake for your Frozen birthday party

There was never a question about which dress to do, but the question was HOW to do it!  It’s a slinky little number, really no room for cake, so of course the skirt needed to be much fuller so there was something to eat.  BUT to give the illusion of slinkiness (is that a word) I went as A line as I could with one deep carved “ripple” to give the illusion of the slit.


Start with a 12 inch Elsa doll (sorry I didn’t have one when I started working on the cakes – they are HARD to find), a Wonder Mold cake and a second cake, an 8 inch round.  The wonder mold cake by itself isn’t tall enough for the dolls legs.  My chocolate cake is very DENSE, which is best for carving, but it tends to shrink a bit too, making it even SHORTER.  So the extra height is necessary (unless you tear the dolls legs off)


Use Ganache to stick the cake layers together.  Then wrap the dolls legs in plastic…

  1. to keep their legs together do they don’t separate while going into the cake
  2. keep the cake food safe, and the doll clean.

Then stick the doll into the cake.  I cut a small hole into the cake first to guide the legs. I like to put the doll in BEFORE carving the skirt usually, but I didn’t get the doll until later and needed to get started.  Nice sharp angle to the carving, not a full skirt, and one DEEP carved area where the right leg slit would be.


Now frost the cake with ganache (to keep it moist, don’t let it sit out).  Once I finally got the doll and stuck her in I was able to add the ganache around the hips to bring it cleanly into the dolls waist.  Again working with ganache is amazing, once it sets you can rub over any part that’s not smooth with your finger and “melt” it smooth.


Now Elsa’s dress is ombre, it starts super light blue and gets darker at the bottom so for the under skirt I used a blue fondant slightly darker.


Next up the under shirt.  On Elsa it’s sheer, but I can’t really create sheer fondant.  So I used a REALLY light blue, almost white and rolled it SUPER thin with my pasta roller.  To get it this thin it needs to be stronger than just fondant so I mix fondant and gumpaste together.

Paint the back with clear vanilla (or vodka, it’s cheaper) this makes it tacky so it will stick to the doll.  Make sure the arms are where you want them, then lay it over the dolls front, neck and arms.  Cut away what you don’t need and wrap the gumpaste/fondant around the arms, cutting where they meet on the underside.  And wrap it around her front and back.  Cut a clean shoulder line around.


Next up roll out light blue fondant, paint it with vanilla/vodka and cover the bodice and top of the skirt with a lighter blue.  Cut the back and bodice area princess style.  Next I used the back of my knife to create cutlines all down the bodice.  Trying to give it the icy, crystalized look her dress has.  I cut the bottom of the light blue area ragged.

I wish I had done one other layer between the two blues to extend the ombre look a bit more.


Next up the addition of luster dust.  This is what’s going to give the overall dress they shiny, icy look.  I used a dark blue along the bottom to help with the ombre effect and Antique Silk all over.  If you just brush it on dry it will add a bit of shine, if you keep brushing it it will get glossy and smooth.


I brushed it over the top of the dark blue and over the entire bodice.  If you get the fondant wet first it will collect and stick even stronger.  So I painted swoops on her sleeves so when I brushed over them it stuck even stronger in those areas, of course it doesn’t show up in the pictures, like at ALL! GAH


Now for the CAPE!  I debated rolling out gumpaste super thin like the sleeves, but thought it would still look to heavy.  I thought about not using anything edible, like using netting and adding fondant snowflakes… BUT I like adding only edible materials.  So I decided to try edible wafer paper.

It’s not sheer but it’s super thin.  Anyway, you can see it has a dull side and a glossy side.  Do NOT get the glossy side wet, it will shrivel badly, you want to work with the rough/dull side.  Cut it in the shape you want first, then add water to just the top.  I added clear vanilla/vodka to the back of the dress to make it tacky/sticky.


now to attach it! Try not to rip it (buy extra sheets, I did use 2, a practice one and a final one.  You can see it did rip a bit… But I the end I was pleased.


Next I  used my steamer to steam the cape bottom and as it got moist it curled up the edges!  LOVE! looks like it’s floating.  Then I used pearl luster dust and brushed it over the cape to get it a shiny.  I wanted to paint on snowflake designs, but when it get’s wet it just falls apart, so I couldn’t.


And with that she was done.  The main thing I’d like to do over is add extra icy bling to her bodice.  I’d add sugar crystals from the princess cut down to a princess waist, hand attaching each one in vertical columns…  Yup just a few hours, but I’d be enthralled with it!


But she’s lovely either way.  AND tasty!  And honestly, isn’t that what everyone wants in a cake, for it to taste good?  What do you look for in a cake?


Elsa and Anna were the centerpieces of the tabletop and I love how they look together!  What do you think? Want more princess cake tutorials?

Frozen Princess Cake – Anna

And finally the cakes!  (Don’t forget to check out my Merida, Rapunzel and Tiana Princess cakes as well)

Today I’m Sharing the Anna tutorial and tomorrow we’ll do Elsa!  Making these cakes was so much fun! Looking back there are a few things I’d change.  The week of the party the baby got sick and I got behind. So I felt kind of rushed through the cakes, I MIGHT actually break my no repeat rule to add the final details I feel were missing from these.

tutorial to create your own Anna princess cake for your Frozen birthday party

So Anna.  The first question is WHICH dress to make.  I debated doing her ball dress, BUT since we weren’t doing ELSA’s ball gown I decided not to.  Her hiking winter dress is actually shorter, showing her ankles and boots, but of course for this I made it full length.  It’s also full than it is in the movie, to leave enough cake to actually EAT!


Start with a 12 inch Anna doll, a Wonder Mold cake and a second cake, an 8 inch round.  I do this because the wonder mold cake isn’t tall enough for the dolls legs.  Also my chocolate cake is very DENSE, it’s best for carving, so it tends to shrink a bit too, making it even SHORTER.  So the extra height is key  (unless you tear the dolls legs off)


Use Ganache to stick the cake layers together.  Then wrap the dolls legs in plastic.

  1. to keep their legs together do they don’t separate while going into the cake
  2. keep the cake food safe, and the doll clean.

I cut a small hole into the cake first to guide the legs. Notice even with the extra height the cake still falls short of her hips, don’t worry about it, I use the ganache to fill it in.

Then start carving around your skirt, I find that carving it makes it look more skirt like and less cake-ish.  Start small, you can always carve away more, you can’t carve less once it’s gone.  Once your happy with them carve the sharp edges to soften the curves.


Once your done carving wipe away the crumbs and frost with ganache.  Make sure to get into all the cracks and fill in the hip area.  Smooth as good as you can, then let it set.  Once it’s set you can rub any points and they’ll “melt” and smooth away!  I love working with ganache!


Then cover your skirt with a purplish navy fondant, making sure to smooth into the cracks.  Because there will be a cake I just wrapped it around and created a clean, straight, seam up the back.  Trim around the base and around the waist, creating the pointed princess waist line


Now for the shirt.  We want to roll this SUPER thin so I do a half fondant half gumpaste mixture and dye it turqouise.  Then use my pasta roller to get it super thin.  Put your arms how you want them brush clear vanilla (or vodka – cheaper) on to the back of the gumpaste/fondant then lay it over the front and arms (sticky side down).  cut away area’s you don’t need to help shape it


wrap it around the arms, shoulders, neck, etc… cut a straight light where the it meets under the arms to hid the lines.  Don’t forget to cut the nice neckline as well (I forgot before the picture but did it later).


for the bodice rather than try to cut it ON the doll and get it to stick I cut the neckline out first adding extra length in the straps and the sides for wrapping it.  Then paint the back with the vanilla/vodka and place it on the doll.  Be VERY careful when doing this, the sticky back side WILL stain your turqouise shirt if you get it out of place.


press it into place in the front, cutting the waistline.  Then wrap it around the back, pressing it into the doll so you don’t get bubbles.  Stretching it a bit where you need to, and cut a nice clean line down the back.

Now the bare bones of the dress are done!  time for the details!


To get the details of the embroidered front of the bodice I used one of my favorite things, adhesive stencils!  There are a lot of options with small details this is the one I used.  Then I colored some icing green and burgundy.  You can use buttercream if you have some, I opted to make a quick batch of royal icing.

Place the stencil going down the center, add the green where you want it, not too thick, and then add a little bit of the burgundy. then pull off the stencil (just make sure, unlike me, you let your black fondant dry completely first or it will pull away a bit.).


I used a clay extruder (that I ONLY use with fondant and gumpaste, NOT clay) for the edging.  Soften some gold fondant by kneading some extra shortening into it, then extrude it through one of the smaller holes.  Attach it to the edge of the bodice using the vanilla/vodka and then for a final step paint it with some gold airbrush paint!


Now for the bottom of the skirt, again you can hand paint but I used another self adhesive stencil and the green and burgundy royal icing again.  I started by doing a center one, then working my way around both sides.  The great thing about the adhesive stencil is it sticks inside the nooks and crannies of the skirt better than a traditional stencil would.


Finally roll out some burgundy/brown fondant.  Cut along piece, rounding the edges, and let it dry a bit (flat or rounded) then attach it down the back to her shoulders.  Once it’s all set roll out another small amt cut a circle with a hold in the center and wrap it around her shoulders.  Then trip the neck and front.


Here is the mistake I made, I cut the fronts square, I SHOULD have cut them rounded!  GAH! and I wish I’d had the time to paint the edges a darker shade. Oh well, overall I LOVE how Anna turned out!


I think they look GREAT together too!  AND the birthday girl love love LOVED them so nothing else really matters!

Silver Edible Sequins Tutorial

(disclosure this posts includes affiliate links)

I’ve been crazy busy MAKING a ton of fun projects and recipes!  I’ve been on a roll and have been having so much fun!  I have so much to share with you, and I’m starting with sharing the tutorials from this silver sequins and gumpaste flowers wedding cake a few months ago!  Sequins today, flowers up next!

Learn to make amazing edible sequins with gumpaste and silver airbrush paint

I have been in LOVE with the metallic cakes, especially the sequined ones, I’ve seen all over Pinterest.  So when the opportunity arrived to design my own cake I couldn’t WAIT to give it a shot!


It took some playing, a few fails, but I’m really happy with how it went!  I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial and I’d LOVE to see pictures of any cakes you create using this tutorial! (or if you find that something else works better for you)

So first I tried rolling out a gumpaste/fondant mixture (white).  Then I tried airbrushing it- no bueno, the silver spray paint was like BLUE, NOT silver like I wanted.


So NEXT I rolled out more white and painted it with this silver glaze.  It was a nice shade of silver with a great shine.  BUT the problem with the glaze is trying to paint a second coat messed up the first coat, but I didn’t love just one layer.

BUT I continued on, I let it dry then cut out a ton of circles using a round tip.  FAIL – 1. it took forever, and they kept sticking together, and 2. the edges were WHITE, I didn’t want to take the time to paint each edge, boooo, so nope.


Next up I tried luster dust!  I figured this would cover the sides of the sequins better.  So I rolled the white gumpaste/fondant mixture out, cut the circles then spread it out.  I then poured them into a baggie with luster dust and shook them all around!  This covered all the sides great, BUT it didn’t get shiny!  It was dark and dull, and didn’t reflect the light the way I wanted the sequins too! BOO

I also tried the spray paint with the luster dust, to goopy.  I also tried the glaze with luster dust, nope…. GAH


FINALLY inspiration hit, what if I put the sequins ON the cake then sprayed them?  I still had the problem with the airbrush silver paint looking BLUE.  So instead of spraying WHITE fondant/gumpaste I decided to try GREY gumpaste/fondant.  ALSO to counteract the BLUE in the silver I added a BIT of red and gold (orange-y counteracts blue).

Then I rolled out three different shades of grey, then spray painted the samples with the plain silver, a little of the red/gold and another batch with more red/gold.  Then I took them outside and decided which look I liked the best (I liked the medium grey with the silver with just a TAD bit of the red/gold.


WINNER!  Now came the time consuming part.  Mixing the gumpaste/fondant mixer, dying it all grey and then rolling it out into a TON of sheets and cutting out MILLIONS of circles.  I started rolling out multiple sheets, letting them dry a bit, flipping, then drying a bit more.  Then I stacked the sheets so I could cut 4 at a time.

My finger still KILLED by the end AND it took so much time I spend a few DAYS doing this and still wish I’d  had more.  ANYWAY.  Once you cut them out, spread them out and let them dry.


Next up cover the cakes with the same shade of fondant, then to get the fondant tacky you can either brush it with clear vanilla/vodka OR I ended up using my steamer on my cake to get it tacky (love my steamer!!!).


I steam a section at a time then using the same technique as this sprinkles cake I cover it with the circles working my way around.  Pressing it into the cake a bit (that’s where the fresh fondant on the cake but dried circles works best).  I will say that this is the same color of fondant, the dried circles faded, the result is still great.


I wasn’t happy with one layer so I let it dry, steamed it and did it again.  I WISH I had enough circles to do a THIRD round.  BUT alas, I didn’t have enough.  I will for SURE do more next time, esp the edges.  I think vodka would work better than the steam, I’ll try that too.


THEN I used the silver (with a BIT of red/gold) and airbrushed the whole thing!  YAY, It’s starting to come together!!!  I love how it colors the sequins AND the fondant underneath.


Second layer of airbrushing!  LOVE!!!  It’s not QUITE as glossy shiny as I wanted, but I am SOOOO happy with how it looks!  The end result is to DIE for and the whole cake looks AMAZING!  I can’t wait to try it in gold as well!  Maybe a bronze?


What do you think? What tutorial from this cake do you want to see next? Stenciling on a cake? Or the Peony’s, Ranunculus or Dahlia’s?