Cake Batter & Sprinkles Chex Muddy Buddies

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Do you love muddy buddies???  chocolate and peanut butter- say no more.  My sister wasn’t sure if she’d like these Cake batter & Sprinkles version! But I think they were a hit!  This recipe is also from The Girl Who Ate Everything (every recipe I’ve used from her I’ve loved!)


I love the bright sprinkles and the white chocolate!  Suck a pretty color scheme.  I made a double batch of these and we enjoyed them all weekend long!  Two parties, family game night and sitting around enjoying conference it was a perfect treat!


[print_this]Cake Batter & Sprinkles “Muddy” Buddies
5 C Chex cereal
10 oz guittard white vanilla apeels
3/4 C cake mix
1/4 C powdered sugar

Pour 5 cups of Chex Cereal into a large bowl.

Melt your chocolate in the microwave or in a double broiler. I love my melt chocolate setting on my microwave! Pour the chocolate over the cereal, stirring and folding (carefully- you don’t want to crush all the cereal!) until the cereal is completely covered. Generously shake sprinkles over mixture and fold them in as well. I didn’t measure, I just sprinkled!

In a gallon sized bag large bag put cake mix and powdered sugar and shake to mix evenly. Pour the covered cereal in. Seal the bag and shake until all the cereal is coated with the powdered mixture. (a great job for the kids!)[/print_this]


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