Airplane Baby Shower

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UPDATE: the printables are ready!

Now for the full Airplane Baby Shower Reveal!  It was SUCH a fun party to plan and throw, and so much fun for my sweet cousin to come into town so we could all love on her and be happy for her upcoming baby!


Again- we went with the Airplane shower because her Dad worked as an air traffic controller and her husband works for Delta, so lots and lots of flying are in this kid future!  We designed the table to look like grass on either side of a runway…  and I love how the table turned out!  I wrapped a few of my puzzle boxes in green wrapping paper to add height without sticking out.


The control tower cake, AND the biggest hit were these cloud cake balls!!!  (a 6 petal cookie cutter, press the cake inside, freeze, cut in half, add to a stick and dip!)


What kinds of food do you think of when you think Airplane?  I created these labels for Pretzels…


and peanuts!  This way people could snack at the party, or take some home as well!


I found these great clam-shell plastic food containers at Gygi’s here in SLC, but I’m sure a local food/restaurant supply store would have them, or of course ordering online!  We made chicken salad sandwiches on croissants and I love the addition of my stickers too them.  I’m still tickled how it all came together!


And of course my airplane color flow cookies


And you can’t have any party, let along an airplane party without bottled water!!!


I also found these plastic cups, the same ones from the airplanes, for the Orange juice (my favorite airline drink, AND the perfect color for our party).  BUT I couldn’t find the right size lids… NEXT time, right?  And with Easter the next weekend I found an abundance of blue cotton candy, so I made these orange planes with a mold and added them to the bags!


I used my silhouette machine to cut out all the clouds and the planes, you can’t see it but I created a mobile that’s hanging from the chandelier to add more clouds and a plane into the sky above the table.  The cartoon plane was an image I found that I changed up to match the other plane, the silhouette of a  plane, that I designed…


Since so many people were coming from different parts of the Mother to be’s life we included name tags.  On top of the wings is a cloud shape space for names…  Another missed picture (I always have those don’t I?) and the gift table (with a maternity pictures from a photoshoot with my sister, Chelsea Peterson Photography)


The prizes for our games were simple, but delicious!  The sad thing is the first time around I actually miss-spelled chocolate…


We threw a maternity Jeopardy game, that was a HUGE hit!  Everyone was laughing pretty hard, and the team that won didn’t have any new or young mothers on it…


And the baby food game, the winner of this one was my 17 year old cousin, she babysits alot!!!  Way to go!


And finally a reminder of the invitations I created for the party!  It was a wonderful evening and I hope my sweet cousin had a great time, cause in the end that’s the whole point of throwing a party!

Airplane Baby Shower
Airplane baby shower
Airplane Color Flow Cookies
Airport Traffic Control Cake Tower
Airplane Boarding Pass Invitations
Airplane party printables

SNAP Conference, The Cake!
Airplane baby shower boarding pass invitations
Ashlee has been cake decorating for 8 year, and blogging for 6+. She has 5 children ages 2-12 that she enjoys throwing parties for. She loves to bake, cook, crochet, knit, do home improvement, graphic design, photography and writing.
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  1. What a beautiful set up! I love the colors. Megan

  2. this is too cute! everything is so awesome! great job on everything!
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the idea for the jeopardy game. Any chance I can get the questions/answers that you used? I’d love to do this for my friend’s baseball themed shower I’m throwing at the end of the month.


  4. Beautiful and so creative! How did you make that grassy field? Tissue paper?

  5. Is there anything cutier than clouds on a stick? I love it!

  6. All your ideas are so great Ashlee! I love the cloud cake pops too!

  7. Ash- amazing is not quite enough to describe this. what a beautifully put together party! I love it all. :)

  8. This is so awesome. Love the colors and the uniqueness of it. The control tower cake and clouds are wonderful.

  9. Those invitations are too cute. You did an awesome job. I’m sure it was a blast. The cake pops look yummmyyy and what a fun but appropriate theme.

  10. Looks like a fabulous party.

  11. Aw! Cloud cakes! Salted peanuts! Airline wing name tags! Swoooon…

    • Thanks! I enjoy planning as much as I enjoy putting it all together! I spent the last few months narrowing it down and designing it all. It was a BLAST!

  12. Carolyn says:

    I would love a copy of the game also

  13. For my husbands 30th I have got him a flying lesson so shall be utilising some of these ideas thanks.

    • How totally fun!! For our anniversary a few years ago I wanted to sky dive, but it didn’t work out. Honestly I’d probably enjoy flying lessons more than my husband (he has height issues sometimes) but what an amazing birthday present! Let me know if you need anything from me!

  14. Fantastic! Love all the details – you’ve been featured at this week’s Craftastic party. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)

    • Thanks so much for the feature!!! I loved creating this party for my sweet cousin! And it’s so fun when other people get to enjoy it too!

  15. WOW!! I’m such a sucker for airplanes. Little Man’s bedroom is all airplanes. This is just plain incredible! Love every little detail Ashlee!

    • I’m so glad you liked it! It was such a fun shower to throw! Airplanes are so much FUN! If you lived closer I would have dropped of the cloud/plane mobile when I was finished!

  16. What an adorable party! My favorite part is the airplane food!

    • Thank you! I love the airplane food too! When I was debating themes the idea of doing the airplane food is what tipped the scales for me!

  17. This is crazy impressive! My son loves airplanes (in theory, in reality he is miserable when actually in the air!), so this would make a really cute birthday party for him.


    • Thank you!!! I loved creating it, and airplanes are SO much fun… of course I love flying in them though! hopefully as he gets bigger it gets easier!

  18. Melissa says:

    I’d love a copy of the jeopardy game as well. We have tons of showers in our area, and that one has never been done!

  19. Germaine says:

    I’m interest in the boarding pass invitation, how I can get it.

  20. I would LOVE a copy of the game also, please!!!!

  21. Jamie Wentworth says:

    those name tags are great! they are perfect for an even our research foundation is throwing. where can i find them?? thanks so much!

  22. Hi Ashlee!

    I love everything from this party and my friends and are are planning on throwing a similar one for a mamma-to-be. I know it’s been a while since you posted this – but was curious if you were still planning on distributing the printables? We’d LOVE to use some of them in our decor – they are so cute! No worries if not, but thought I’d check since I saw you had mentioned it in the post. Maybe you did and I just missed it too. :)

    Thanks so much!

    • It’s on “the list” GAH! I am so far behind, I have a list of 125 posts that need to be written right now! It’s INSANE! When is your party? I’ll bump it up the list a bit!

  23. Well the shower’s in Jan, so I was thinking about working on them this week or next. I don’t want to rush you at all, so I’ll just wing it! Thanks so much for being willing though!

  24. Well, all of it, but I suppose I wouldn’t need the other printables for until after Christmas – but please, don’t rush anything for me – I just wanted to check. :) Thanks so much!!

  25. Would you post a copy of the Jeopardy game? I’ve been looking for game ideas that are less traditional and more adult. This looks perfect.
    The whole party looks amazing, btw. Super cute, cohesive, and very well put together. It just looks FUN.

  26. I’m throwing my sister an airplane baby shower next month and I LOVE the package of salted peanuts. Where did you find that if you don’t mind me asking?

  27. Would you mind sending me a copy of the Jeopardy game? ( I’m throwing my friend an Airplane themed shower in a couple of weeks and this will be a perfect game to play!

    Thank you!!

  28. samantha s says:

    i was wondering if you have been able to put up the templates for the labels of everything. i love your theme. and my baby shower is in a couple of weeks and i was wanting to print out labels like yours

    • GAH! I have not. I’m not sure how to share them as they have not shape as a printable, it takes the silhouette software with the specialty shape I created to cut out the invitations, and the planes and clouds are custom made silhouette studio shapes… I was hoping Silhouette would carry the shapes for me but I haven’t been able to get them to agree.

    • It’s probably too late for your event, but just in case I put up printables

  29. hi! i’m throwing an airplane-themed baby shower for one of my best friends and i love what you did here. i’m curious to know how you created the “grass”? thanks!

  30. Will you email what you have for this party? I am in love!! I didn’t find anything on your Facebook page (bit I did like it!!)


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