Airplane baby shower boarding pass invitations

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The mom to be’s dad worked as an air traffic controller her whole life and now her husband works for Delta so when we started talking about a shower our favorite theme was airplanes.  And what better invitation than an airline boarding pass???  (BTW Badger is there last name)


I mixed a few planes to create the flying cartoon image, but created my own cloud, flight lights and the airplane silhouette I used.  It was really fun.  I took a picture of a ticket and used my photoshop to lasso the shape of the tickets.


I wanted to use two pages, so I could really staple it…  AND so the front wasn’t cluttered with all the information, like where she was registered and the QR code that went to the facebook event page to make it easier for people to RSVP


I cut out the tickets with my silhouette machine and also perforated the tickets.  Not that I expected anyone to rip it off, but just for fun…  The secret to an over the top party is to leave no detail overlooked!  Plus as long as I was already cutting them out perforating took no extra time!

When I get back from SNAP I’ll work on creating printable’s for all you guys!

UPDATE: the printables are ready!

Airplane Baby Shower
Airplane baby shower
Airplane Color Flow Cookies
Airport Traffic Control Cake Tower
Airplane Boarding Pass Invitations
Airplane party printables

Airplane Baby Shower
Airplane baby shower control tower cake
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  1. Wow! These are incredible.

  2. These are so cute, what a great idea!

  3. The details are amazing! And I love the use of the QR code. Great idea!

  4. Jessica says:

    Are these available to print out yet. And if so how would I be able to print them out. I just love this idea!

    • I’m so sorry, it’s been non stop around here for MONTHS!!! things are FINALLY calming down, but my computer totally crashed, so until I get it fixed I won’t be able to create a share-able version, when I do I’ll let you know!

  5. These are soo cute! Great job with the shower! Please post the printable template soooon! :)

  6. Any luck on getting your computer back up and running? I’m trying to print something similar for my little guy’s 1st bday party. Please and thank you!!

    • Just got the new computer today, I have EVO this weekend, and then I can start installing photoshop, word, etc… catch up on emails, and blog posts that are due and THEN I can work on it, when are you trying to have the party done by?

  7. Yay! We were going to send out invites sometime next month. Your idea is SO cute! What’s the thing you used to cut them out? Is it a cricut type thing?

    • Kay, back from EVO, computer set up… It’s on the list of things to do! I’ll try to get to it ASAP, my to do list is growing by the min, but it’s on there!

  8. Jazzmaine Kizer says:


  9. Tiffany says:

    Hello, this is too cute I am trying to make my own they are coming out good but I am doing it with publisher which is taking me awhile but I am happy with the results!! thanks for the inspiration!!

    • I work with publisher a lot as well and like it, photoshop is MUCH easier for certain things but publisher is great as well! I will be sharing my labels soon, I just need to get them into the right format, so in about two weeks I’ll have the time to do that! it’s getting closer to the top of my list as I cross things off!

  10. THIS IS AWESOME! I am doing an aviator theme baby shower and this would be so amazing!!! I’m not too familiar with your site just yet though. If and when these are available to use, where would I be able to find the file? THIS would be amazing and would be such a life saver to not “re-invent” the wheel, that way we have time to spoil the mommy to be with other fun stuff :)

    • it’s on “the list” I took the summer mostly off and I’m WAY behind on posts… now that the kids are in school I’m playing catch up! trying to get my blog mojo back!

  11. hey i need 100 of them how how will you charger for it ?

    • I don’t usually sell my work. If you have a silhouette, or photoshop I’m happy to send you a blank version and you can add your own details. which format would be best for you.

  12. Loved your shower! Did you make printable of the invitations? Cute ideas!!!

  13. Hi! These are so adorable! I have a silhouette machine too but i’m definitely not as advanced on it as you are. Is this design in the online shop?

  14. Kentrella says:

    Hello, I love your template is there any way to get it sent to me. I throwing a baby shower for my best friend thank you!

  15. Can you please send me a blank invitation?

  16. Hello !! I really love this kind of invitations ,, i Want The same My husband works for Southwest Airlines and we are having a boy so im wondering how I can get this one
    Send me a email with all the information that u need and the price

  17. I’m doing an airplane themed baby shower and this would have been perfect for it! amazing work!


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