How to Replace Wiper Blades on the Car

Hello, there! This is Cher with Designs by Studio C. With the arrival of Spring and the rainy season upon us (depending on which part of the country you live in) it may be time to change the blades on the car’s windshield wipers. Never done this before? Let me show you how easy it is to replace wiper blades on the car!


Let’s start by finding the correct sizes of wiper blades for the car… Have you ever noticed the books near the wiper blades in the Automotive section of the store? This book is where you will find the correct sizes for your vehicle’s make and model. Find the make of your car (in my case, Ford), the model (Escape), then the year (2005). This will give the correct size you need. Generally, there are two numbers (yes, you will purchase two different wiper blades) because the driver’s side blade is always longer than the passenger side blade. I’m not exactly sure why but my guess is that the longer blade clears a wider area for better driver visibility. Make sense?

Make sure to read the instructions on the package. Most of the blade arms (the part that is attached to the car) are the same but there are a few that are different. The package will show how to use an adapter that is included in the package if it is needed.

Remove the existing blades by pulling it down so that it unhooks from the arm. The blade arms will “hook” onto the center part of the new blade. Make sure to firmly snap it in place (you should hear it “click”) – I learned the hard way and stood on the side of the highway in the dark and pouring rain because my wiper blade came loose. It was not fun and I won’t make that mistake again!



Most cars also have a third wiper blade on the back window. For the model and year of my car, I cannot find a pre-packaged replacement blade. If you can’t either, don’t fret… I’ll share a little secret for replacing that blade.


Buy the shortest and cheapest replacement blade you can find. Remove the rubber strip from both the old and new blades. Use the old strip as a template to cut the new strip to length, then install it in the brackets on the blade. Seriously, it is that easy!



This is a necessary part of the maintenance of the car… Don’t let the wiper blades get torn up like the one on my back window (eek!) before they get replaced!

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